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1827 - 1927 




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of the 

1827 - 1927 

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1927 - 1977 



— 1 



The following sketches are not intended to present pleasing generalities 
only, but to record the real work of the Association through the years. 

2. The sketches are necessarily brief. All routine matters have been 
omitted, but everything of a historic and constructive nature is given. 

3. The annual statistical tables contain a large amount of interesting and 
valuable historical information, but space and the cost of printing forbid 
their reproduction. 

4. We feel that it is a just tribute to the memory of those who toiled and 
planned unceasingly, that their names should appear along with an account 
of their labors; moreover it would not be real history without them. 

5. A study of the Historical Table will answer many questions. 

6. Very few Associations have as valuable a history and it should be more 
fully written. There is just one complete file of the minutes of the Asso- 
ciation. Later it will be in the Historical Collection in fire-proof vault at 
Wake Forest. 

7. A collection of biographical sketches of many who served faithfully in 
the Association would be most valuable. 


- 2 — 


There were individual Baptists among the settlers in North Carolina as 
early as 1690 The first Baptist church was constituted at Shiloh in Camden 
county in 1727 by Paul Palmer. Meherrin church was constituted in 1J29 by 
Joseph Parker. Kehukee in 1742 by William Sojourner; others followed in 
that section. Sandy Creek church was organized in 1755 by Shubal Stearns. 
Wells Chapel (Bultail) was constituted in 1756 by Samuel Newton; Coharie 
(Rowan) in 1759 by Edward Brown; Bear Marsh in -1763 by John Nobles 
and Jeremiah Rhame. The last three were the mother churches in all the 
section now occupied by the Eastern Association. 

The Associational affiliation of this section is as follows: From 1758 to 
1765 the section was in the bounds of the Sandy Creek; from 1765 to, 1794 
it was in the Kehukee Association; from 1794 to 1805 it was covered by the 
Neuse Association; from 1805 to 1827 it belonged to the Cape Fear Associa- 
tion; from 1827 to the present under the Goshen-Union-Eastern Association. 

At the session of the Cape Fear Association in 1826 a resolution was adopt- 
ed to divide the Association making Big Coharie the dividing line, and at 
the same meeting they selected the name Goshen for the new Association. 

Delegates from the churches of the new, or Goshen Association, met at 
Beulah on Oct. 26, 1827, and organized by electing James Mathis Moderator, 
Allen Morris Clerk. Elder John Gornto preached an introductory rermon 
from Matthew 28:19: "Go ye", &c. Prayer by Bro. H. Swinson. A consti- 
tution had already been prepared by Bro. Allen Morris based on that of the 
Cape Fear. This was referred to a committee consisting of the clerk, S". 
Graham and E. Herring. 

Visiting brethren: James McDaniel from the Cape Fear, D. S. Williams 
from the Raleigh Association, and Moye from the Neuse. Elder Jesse Rogers 
was appointed to prepare a circular letter for the next session. Agreed to 
correspond with the Cape Fear, Raleigh, and Neuse Associations. Bro. G. 
Fennell to visit the Cape Fear; Bro. Swinson, the Raleigh, and Bro. Morris 
the Neuse. The next session of the Goshen Association was appointed for 
South West M. H. Friday before the first Sunday in October (Oct. 3), 1828. 
They appointed a day for humiliation and special prayer, also that each 
church hold monthly prayer meetings. The Clerk was directed to send min : 
utes annually to Noah Davis at Philadelphia, agent of the American Tract 

On Sunday sermons were preached by Elders James McDaniel, George 
Fennell, and H. Swinson. 

The Treasurer reported in hand $31.85. Adjourned. 

— 3 — 


Churches, Delegates and Members. 

Bear Marsh — Allen Morris, H. Swinson 51 

Limestone — W. A. Houston, J. Smith 22 

Muddy Creek — Benjamin Padgett, J. Gough 49 

Nahungo— E. Lee, Absalom Best 21 

Island Creek — James Carroll, John Wilkinson 52 

Meadow M. H— P. Pickett. N. James 20 

Concord — G. Sloan, S. Graham 21 

Coharie — James Mathis, C. Butler 

Beulah— John Ingram, V. Vann 20 

Browns M. H. — R. Brown, J. Stephens 47 

New Hope — S. Boone, S. Johnson 48 

Lisbon — Gabriel Herring . 13 

South West — Dennis Aman, G. Gray 51 

Yopps M. H-— J. Gornto, C. Hardison . 76 

Chapel Run — 

Bultail— E. Herring, David Wells 70 

Rileys Creek— W. H. Vann 37 

Wilmington — 

Maple Hill— 

The second session was held at South West in Onslow county. 

By reference to the Historical Table the reader can fim* who filled the 
offices, preached, &c., at each session of the Association. 

The minutes of 1828 contain a valuable obituary notice of Rev. Fleet 
Cooper who died January 28, 1828. 

R. Swinson and P. Southerland were there from Limestone; D. Souther- 
hind. J. Andrews and J. Brown were from Muddy Creek; H. Stallings and 
R. Chesson were from Island Creek; James Matthis and John Forkner were 
from Rowan; Jonathan Gere was from New Hope; Elder George Fennell 
from Lisbon; James King and George Shepherd were from South West; 
Lewis Kennedy was from Yopps; Elder Jesse Rogers represented Bultail; 
James Carroll and Daniel George were from Rileys Creek. 

The preachers present were: George Fennell, L. Whitfield, Jesse Rogers, 
Allen Morris, and Hiram Stallings. 

1829— LIMESTONE— OCT. 2-4. 

Some new names appear in the records: J. Fountain, Howell Best, J. Nor- 
man, E. C. Gavin, Thomas Vann, S. Williams, E. Wells, J. King, J. Buxton, 
J. Croom, and M. Parker. 

The Clerk was directed to keep a file of the minutes for future reference. 
They gave considerable time to the discussion of itinerant preaching. Mes- 
sengers from other Associations: Elder Heath from the Neuse; Brother T. 
Spencer from the Raleigh. They appointed Elder H. Swinson to visit the 
Neuse; Elder A'. Morris the Raleigh; and George Fennell to visit the Cape 

&* -- - 

Swinson, Morris, and Fennell preached on Sunday. 

Ordered 300 minutes printed and distributed. 

A resolution of thanks to the community was adopted. 


Elder Swinson preached an introductory sermon. 

Elder Luther Rice, the Missionary, was present and preached a great ser- 
mon on missions. The people were greatly moved. 

Visiting brethren. Elders Rice, Biddle, Herrington, and Wilson. Letter 
from the Neuse. Elder Herrington was from Cape Fear. 

Hiram Stallings prepared circular letter. 

The churches were asked to provide more financial aid for the work of 
the Association. Elder Allen Morris was desirous of traveling and preach- 
ing; certificate was furnished him. 

On Sabbath sermons by Morris, Biddle, and Rice. 

1831— ISLAND CREEK— OCT. 1-2. 

Committee on Finance: G. Fennell, G. Tool, and W. S'tallings. 

Circular letter was prepared by Stephen Graham. 

A resolution was adopted advising the "Colored brethren not to hold 
meetings among themselves for a year.'' (This was just after the Nat Tur- 
ner insurrection near Murfreesboro.— J. T. A.) 

The finance committee shewed that $36.00 had been handed in. 

H. Swinson's expenses in attending the NeUse $6.00 were paid. 

On the Sabbath Elders H. Swinson, H. Stallings and George Fennell 

1832— BROWNS M. H.— OCT. 5-7. 

A new church called "Culbreaths" was received. Josiah Underwood was 
delegate from the church. 

Committee on Arrangements: Stephens, Brown, Underwood, Maj. Mobley, 
and Col. Sellers. 

Another new church was Maple Bluff. The minutes show eight ordained 
ministers. The Circular Letter was written by George Fennell. 

Correspondents were sent to Cape Fear, Neuse and Raleigh. 

Finances show $31.04. 

Preachers present were: J. McDaniel, G. W. Hufham, George Fennell, H. 
Stallings, H. SVinson, John Crumpler. 


The newly organized church at Moore's Creek was received. This had 
been a popular preaching place for forty years previous to that time. (The 

— 5 — 

Cape Fear Association met at Moore's Creek in 1808. — J. T. A.) The dele- 
gates were Owen Alderman, D. Jones, and E. D. Walker. 

Hopewell, another new church was received; delegates, Wm. Armstrong, 
L. A. Croom, and John Moore. 

(The Wilmington seems to have been newly re-organized and came in; 
delegate, Elder Jacob C. Griggs. In 1808 the newly constituted Baptist 
church was received as a member of the Cape Fear Association. See their 
minutes for that year.) 

The Association paid messengers to other Associations one dollar per day 
while on the trip. 

A plan for collections for old ministers was adopted. 

Visitors: Elders James McDaniel and Philip Harrington from the Cape 
Fear; Elder William DuPrey from the Raleigh; Elder Wm. B. Rhem. 

The Clerk was directed to have printed 500 copies of minutes. 

Finance Committee reported $39.00. 

On Sabbath sermons were preached by Elders W. J. Finley, J. C. Griggs, 
and James McDaniel. 

1834— BEAR MARSH— OCT. 3-5. 

Newly constituted churches, Lebanon and Red Hill, were received. 

Committee on Arrangements. John Oliver, George Fennell. H. Moore, H. 
Swinson, and John Carr. 

Committee on Finance: Henry Swinson and James Carroll. 

Elder W. P. Biddle and F. B. Loftin were present from the Xeuse. 

Elders D. S'. Williams, and G. W. Wallis were given seats. 

The clerk to have printed 500 copies of the minutes. 

The Treasurer reported receipts $68.51. Paid out $34.00. 

Ordained Ministers: David Rogers, John Crumpler. William Wells, Hiram 
Stallings, G. W. Hufham, Robert McNab, W. J. Finley, George Fennell, Wil- 
liam Armstrong. 

The Treasurer was directed to pay Elder John Crumpler $12.00 from the 
Relief Fund. 

Sermons on Sunday by W. J. Finley, George Fennell, W. P. Biddle. Great 
congregation was present. 

Obituary notices of Gibson Sloan and Dr. Stephen Graham. 


Committee on Arrangements: H. Stallings, B. Oliver, H. Moore. 
Finance: James Carroll and John Oliver. 
There is an obituary notice of Elder William Wells. 

Resolved, That the widows of superannuated preachers are entitled to the 
same consideration and aid as the old preachers themselves. 

The Clerk was directed to pay to the widow of William Wells $9.25. 

Messengers were sent to other Associations. 

Treasurer reported: Received $93.02; Disbursed $30.00; balance $63.02. 

— 6 

The Clerk to have printed 1,000 minutes; Wilmington to have 200. 

Resolved, That the first Monday in each month be set aside for prayer for 
the prosperity of Zion. 

Sermons were preached on S'abbath by: G. W. Wallace, W. J. Finley, George 
Fennell, A. W. Chambliss (Wilmington Pastor) and R. McNab. 

Ordained preachers: H. Stallings, B. Carroll, R. McNab, Henry S'winson, 
G. W. Hufham, D. Rogers, John Crumpler, Josiah Underwood, George Fennell, 
A. W. Chambliss, and Wm. Armstrong. 

1836— BEAVER DAM— SEPT. 3-5. 

Committee on Arrangements: D. C. Moore, B. Carroll, F. Millard, Henry 
Moore and David Wells. 

Finance Committee: Benjamin Oliver, H. Matthis, and James Carroll. 

Elders F. B. Loftin and W. B. Rhem came from the Neuse; Elder W. Du- 
pree came from the Raleigh. 

Messengers were sent to sister Associations. 

Elder D. Rogers was given certificate as he expected to travel. 

Treasurer's receipts, $117.83; disbursed $72.61; balance $45.52. 

Paid widow of Elder Wm. Wells $23.31. 

Resolved, that the relief fund be continued. 

Resolved that McNab and H. Stallings travel through the bounds of the 
Association as itinerants. They will be paid. 

Whereas, one Param Puckett has been sowing seeds of discord pretending 
to be of us, -but is really an impostor, that we warn all against letting him 
into the pulpits. 

60'0 copies of minutes to be printed. 

Adjourned. Prayer by Elder Hawley. 

1837— WELLS CHAPEL— SEPT. 29-30. 

At a former meeting the name Nahunga was changed to Johnsons. Cul- 
breths was changed to Pleasant Union. 

S. Williams, E. D. Walker, and D. Wells were a committee of Arrange- 

J. M. Fennell, E. C. Gavin, and F. B. Millard, Finance Committee. 

Elder Wm. Dupree came from the Raleigh; Robert Melvin from the Cape 
Fear, and Elder J. L. Warren from the Neuse. 

Elder McNab made report of his work as Itinerant. 

The Clerk was directed to have printed 600 minutes. 

Each pastor was requested to itinerate one month. 

The American Bible Society was roundly condemned for refusing to print 
edition of the Bible in which Baptists were contributors. That action of the 
Society aroused the denomination generally. 

Treasurer's report showed $116.39; Balance on hand $39.42. 

Reports were read by Robert McNab, W. J. Finley, G. Fennell, G. W. Huf- 

— 7 — 

44 members seceded from the Rileys Creek church because the pastor and 
others were in favor of missions. The Limestone church went off in a body. 

1838— ROWAN— OCT. 5-7. 

Committee on Arrangements: J. Matthis, J. Boykin, H. Stephens, Isaiah 
Thompson, and Lemuel Chestnut. 

Finance: Benjamin Oliver and E. C. Gavin. 

Elder James S. Mimms came in from the Cape Fear. 

Mount Pleasant church, Bladen, was received. 

On Monday Elder David Thames opened the services. 

Elder D. S. Williams was welcomed. 

Appointed to visit other Associations: Felix Millard, J. M. Fennell, Elder 

B. Carroll, H. Moore, W. J. Finley and B. Oliver. 

The churches were asked to send in full statements of all their work and 
their finances as well as members. 

(There was a discrepancy, it appears, in the Treasurer's statement. We 
shall not attempt to correct at this late date.) 

600 copies of minutes were ordered. 

Resolution of thanks to the community was adopted. 

Sermons were preached on the Sabbath: W. J. Finley, Henry Brown, Jas. 
S. Mimms, and David Thames. 

Reports were made by: W. J. Finley, and G. W. Hufham. 

The Circular Letter was written by Elder W. J. Finley. 

1839— JOHNSON'S— OCT. 4--6. 

Committee on Arrangements: Thcmas Phillips, Z. Williams, R. Best, D. 

C. Moore, R. Middleton. 

Finance: E. C. Gavin, H'. Matthis, F. B. Millard. 

Elder Thomas D. Mason, Agent for Foreign Missions, was welcomed. 

A resolution was adopted that no church should ordain any candidate to 
the ministry until he shall have been examined by a committee appointed 
by the Association. 

A resolution offered by A. P. Repiton, was adopted urging all the churches 
in the Association to patronize all the objects of the Baptist State Conven- 

The Association vigorously protested against the action of the American 
Bible Society in refusing to publish the New Testament prepared by Rev. 
Gary, Baptist Missionary in Burma. 

A resolution was adopted strongly advocating Sunday Schools. 

The Biblical Recorder was recommended to the members. 

Messengers were appointed to visit other Associations. 

Delegates to the next session of the Baptist State Convention were ap- 

J. M. Fennell was appointed special treasurer for certain contributions 
by brethren. 

— 8 

The Clerk was directed to have printed 600 copies of minutes. 

The Association was divided into sections for more intensive work. 

A resolution of thanks to the community was adopted. 

STermons on Sunday by H. Swinson, Thos. D. Mason, Amzi Jones. 

William Hbllingsworth was ordained to the ministry. 

Writers: J. Matthews, J. G. Dickson. 

1840— CONCORD— OCT. 2-4. 

Committee on Arrangements: Z. Williams, S. Williams, D. Wells, Wm. 
Swinson, J. Stokes, and G. Sloan. 

Finance. E. C. Gavin, B. Oliver, Owen Alderman. 

Bro. W. P. Biddle was present from the Neuse. 

J. M. Fennell resigned as treasurer. J. L. Boykin was appointed. 

Several churches sent up special funds. 

A committee was appointed to prepare a letter of correspondence. 

Treasurer's receipts $111.74; balance in treasury $59.74. 

Messengers were sent with letters to the several Associations. 

A resolution strongly denouncing certain people who are now trying to 
undermine and prejudice people against us for the time-honored institutions 
which have been handed down to us and which have the sanction of the 
Word of God, as well as the protection of laws of the nation and the state; 
those instigators found no place in the hearts of the members of the Asso- 
ciation. Slavery was referred to. 

On Sunday sermons were preached by W. J. Finley, David Rogers. W. P. 
Biddle. A great ccncourse of people. 

1841— BEAR MARSH— OCT. 1-3. 

Committee on Arrangements: B. Oliver, J. N. Loftin, J. C. Wilson, John 
Carr, and J. F. Kornegie. 

Finance Committee: Arthur Brown, F. B. Millard, Laban Carrcll. 

Elder David Thompson and Pipkin from the Raleigh Association were 


J. L. Boykin resigned as treasurer. 

Messengers were appointed to Associations. 

Felix B. Millard and Elder J. W. West were appointed as delegates to the 
Baptist State Convention. 

The Treasurer's receipts, $78.01; disbursements, $12.50; balance en hand 

The first Sabbath in each month was set apart for concert prayer. 

The Clerk to print 500 copies of minutes. 

The clerk was directed to pay expenses of messengers to the Associations. 

Sermons on Lords Day by David Rogers, Elder G. W. Wallace, and Elder 
David Thompson. 

9 - 

1842— RED HILL— OCT. 1-2. 

Introductory sermon by Elder David Rogers. 

Committee on Arrangements: Elder G. W. Hufham, J. Boykin, David Mat- 
thews, John Vann, and P. Murphy. 

Finance: John Oliver, E. C. Gavin, and Wiley Stallings. 

Elder Robert McNab came as a delegate from the Flat River Association. 
Elder Jesse Rogers from the Cape Fear. 

A new church in Sampson, Salem by name, was received. 

Resolved that every delegate in the Association be required to vote on all 

600 minutes to be printed. 

Resolved, that every male and female member of this Association be rec- 
ommended cnce in every 24 hours to make special prayer to God that He 
would revive the work of grace in our midst. 

Mount Pleasant church asked for a letter of dismission. 

Resolved, that the Southern Christian Repository is an able advocate of 
truth and the churches should take it. 

Elder Robert McNab was employed as Itinerant at $12.50 per month so 
long as the funds hold out. 

Elder David S. Williams came from the Raleigh Association. 

Lewis F. Williams was baptized into the Free Will Baptist church and had 
been ordained by their preachers. It was decided that it was unnecessary 
to re-baptize or ordain him and by resolution of the Association he was rec- 
ognized as a regular Baptist Minister and a certificate to that effect was 
furnished him. 

Isaac W. West was ordained to the ministry. 

Mount Bethel, a newly constituted church, was received. 

By order a collection was taken up on Sunday for the Baptist State Con- 
vention. Amount $10.12. 

Sermons were preached by D. S. Williams, R. McNab, and Elder Warren. 

Reports were written by: James Carroll, R. McNab,. G. W. Hufham, L. F. 
Williams, J. Oliver, W. Stallings, Isham Peterson. J. G. Dickson, L. Carroll. 
J. D. Carroll, Jesse Rogers, and Wm. Hollingsworth. 

1843— BEULAH— SEPT. 28-30. 

The following new churches were received: Bay Church, Bethel, and Rich- 
land Chapel. 

A resolution was adopted to accept Elder Peyton Rackley as a Baptist and 
a regularly ordained Baptist Minister. He had been a member of the Free 
Will Baptist church and had been ordained by them. A certificate was fur- 
nished him. 

A suggestion was raised as to the propriety of uniting the Neuse and 
Goshen Associations. 

Query from Mount Holly church : "Is it proper for Baptist churches in dean 

— 10 — 

ing with offenders, to receive testimony from other denominations and from 
people not members of any church." 

Answer: "It is." 

Treasurer's receipts $112.96; Disbursed, $12.50; balance in hand, $100.46. 

From the Association to Baptist State Convention $17.00. 

The churches were urged to press Missions. 

Proposition to unite all churches (Baptist) between Wilmington, New 
Bern, Goldsboro, &c, in one strong body for more effectual work. 

Messengers were sent to the Neuse Association with proposition. 

Also to "Advisory Council." 

That Elders Finch, Battle, and Fennell prepare Circular Letter. 

Collection for Baptist State Convention was $9.15. 

That Fennell and Dickson go as delegates to the Convention. 

That we heartily endorse the Biblical Recorder. 

Subscriptions for itinerant work $155.00. 

Sermons on Sunday were preached by Elders Robeson, Finch, Battle, and 

Reports were written by: James Carroll, A. J. Battle, George Fennell, J. 
J. Finch, Isham Peterson. 

That was a great constructive meeting. 

1844 — KENANSVILLE— OCT. 7-9. 

A resolution was adopted inviting the Neuse Association and the Advisory 
Council to unite with the Goshen Association. The Neuse had become very 
weak and was fast disintegrating. In deference to the brethren and churches 
uniting with them it was decided to change name from Goshen to "Union" 

Committee on Finance: B. Oliver, F. B. Millard, and G. Sloan. 

Newly constituted churches received. Berea, Goldsboro, and Piney Grove. 

It was decided to employ an itinerant and allow him $25.00 per month for 
the time he shall be engaged. 

A committee was sent to Riley's Creek to learn facts of disorder and to 

Ordered that Bro. L. F. Williams be instructed to write the letter of corre- 
spondence to the Associations. 

Treasurer's report-; Received $185.48. 

Sent by Elder McNab to the Convention $74.05. 

Churches must send their candidates for the ministry to the Association 
for examination. 

Obituary of John Oliver in the minutes for 1844. 

(It was a great meeting; they were working like bees.) 

The above does not include all that was done. 

Reports were written by: James Carroll, R. McNab, S. Senter, Isham Peter- 
son. W. J. Finley, Benjamin Oliver, and J. J. Finch. 

Ordained Baptist Ministers: W. J. Finley, J. J. Finch, W. P. Biddle, R. 
McNab, J. L Warren, J. D. Elwell, G. Fennell, David Wells, A. P. Repiton, 

- 11 — 

G. W. Hufham, L. F. Williams, J. W. West, W. Roberson, H. Swinson, Pey- 
ton Rack-ley, W. Potter, and W. B. Rhem. 

There was a host of strong laymen who were planning for the success of 
the Lord's work in their hands. They did not wait for the preachers to do 
it all. 

1845 — LEBANON— OCT. 3-6. 

New Churches received: Brice's Creek, Mount Zion (Bladen), Fork 

Finance Committee: E. C. Gavin, J. M. Fennell, and D. Jones. 

J. K. Howell and Wm. Dupre e came from the Raleigh Association. 

Elder Wm. L. Hartson was present. 

Treasurer's report: Amount on hand $226.18. 

A committee was appointed to visit certain churches which desire to join 
the Association and if found worthy to enroll them during the recess of the 

David Wells was ordained to the ministry. 

On the Sabbath sermons were preached by Elders W. P. Biddle, A. J. Bat. 
tie, and James McDaniel. 

A Baptist Book Depository was recommended to be opened in Wilmington 

The work of the Convention was endorsed. 

Preachers and churches were urged to run Sunday Schools. 

The Clerk was directed to have printed 1200 copies of the minutes. 

A plan was proposed to lay off the Association into eight sections and that 
the churches in each section look after mission work in that particular 

The Executive Committee was organized. Members: A. J. Battle, S. ?. 
Biddle, D. Jones, T. C. Garrison, James Carroll, H. Moore, H. E. Royal. 

Delegates to the Convention: H. E. Royal, N Faison, and A. B. Alderman. 

Reports were presented by David Wells, E. C. Gavin, G. R. French, B. 

1846— WILMINGTON— OCT. 2-5. 

Elder R. Furman, of New Bern, preached the Introductory sermon. 

The church at Washington, N. C, and Warren M. H. were received. 

The newly constituted church Piney Grove (Sampson), Boykins Chapel. 
Pleasant Springs (Sampson) were received, as was the old church at Thun- 
der SNvamp (Wayne). 

On Sunday Elders G. W. Wallace, L. F. Williams, and R. Furman occu- 
pied the pulpit. Collection $53.45. 

There was trouble between Mount Holly church and Elder A P. Reptton. 
The church had excluded him. The Association declined to interfere. 

Bethlehem church was in trouble. 

Executive Committee: A. J. Battle. B. Oliver, D. Jones, H. Moore, H. E. 
Royal, F. B. Millard, J. D. Carrol, J. M. Fennell, and Lewis Highsmith. 

Forty dollars were sent to the State Convention. 

— 12 — 

Thanks were expressed to the people of Wilmington. 
Messengers were appointed to other Associations. 
1300 copies of minutes to be printed. 
The Bible Society was encouraged. 

Writers of reports: Laban Carroll, C. D. Ellis, A. J. Battle, J. J. Bryan, 
G. W. Wallace. 


White Oak, newly organized, was received. 

Finance Committee: H. E. Royal, C. C. Oats, and Jesse Jackson. 

Another committee sent to Rileys Creek. 

A letter and delegates from the Advisory Council: C. Wooten, Elder P. 
Mewborn, W. Davis, J. B. Pridgen, Shade Wooten, B. Herring, and W. Pipkin. 

Elder J. J. Finch addressed the Association on Home Missions. 

On Sunday there were sermons by A. J. Battle, A. Jones. James McDaniel, 
and M. R. Fory. Collection $25.00. 

B. Oliver, W. P. Biddle, D. Jones, H. E. Royal, and H. Moore were appoint- 
ed a committee to prepare a paper setting forth our principles and vindicat- 
ing them from reflections which have been cast upon them. 

A resolution was adopted admonishing the churches not to invite J. L. 
Warren into the pulpits on account of his conduct. 

A. Biggs Alderman was ordained to the ministry. 

M, R. Fory was ordained. 

Delegates to State Convention: S. S. Biddle and A. B. Alderman. 

Reports were read by H. E. Royal, A. J. Battle, N. Askew, M. R. Fory, 
W. B. Rhem, B. Oliver, and W. P. Biddle. 

There were in the Association 43 churches, 2l ministers and 3300 members. 

1848— WHITE OAK— SEPT. 29-30. 

A great session was held at White Qak. Visitors were present from the 
Raleigh Association, the Cape Fear Association, and the Advisory Council. 

Falling Creek and Piney Green, newly constituted churches, were received. 
Concord and Parkers Chapel (formerly Free Will Baptists) asked to be re- 
ceived. A committee was appointed to visit the churches and if found to be 
of good standing among themselves and sound in the vital doctrines, to enroll 
them. W. P. Biddle, J. McDaniel, M. R, Fory, George Fennell, and J. D. 
Elwell composed the committee. 

Prof. White and others spoke on missions and commended M. T. Yates, 
our missionary. Collection $32.00. 

Committee reported on Concord and Parkers Chapel and they were en- 
rolled. Also their pastor Elder" Jacob Utly was thoroughly examined before 
the Association and was recognized as a Baptist minister. 

Dr. W. A. Shaw was ordained on Sunday. 

A resolution was adopted to pay more attention to the religious instruct 
tion to the colored people. 

— 13 — 

A motion wis adopted to encourage every member to lay by one cent each 
week for the use of the Association. 

A resolution was adopted requesting the church clerks in making reports 
to distinguish between white and black, male and female. 

1500 copies of minutes to be printed. 

On S'unday great sermons were preached to the vast congregation. After 
the sermons the Lord's Supper was administered while the whole audience 
vas melted to tears. The impressions of the occasion were not soon forgot- 
ten. It was a high-water-mark in the Association. 

(The above is a brief statement of the work done. — J. T. A.) 

1849— MOUNT GILEAD— OCT. 5-8. 

At Mount Gilead in 1849 there was an array of unusually strong preachers 
and laymen. James McDaniel, D.D., J. M. C. Breaker, M. R. Fory, W. P. 
Biddle, C. C. Gordon, Dr. J. D. Elwell, Hugh McATpin, David Wells, G. W. 
Hufham, G. W. Wallace, A. B. Alderman, N. Askew, Jacob Utley, George 
Fennell, Stephen S'enter, Lewis F. Williams, William Jones. 

Among the laymen were Benjamin Oliver, C. C. Oates, J. L. Boykin, Ar- 
thur Brown, J. C. Stephenson, H'. Moore, D. Cashwell, S'. Wooten, C. D. Ellis, 
Lewis Highsmith, L. Carroll, S. S'. Biddle, J. W. Millard, W. B. Wells, Z. 
SJade, John Dawson, G. R. French, Amos Herring, M. Lamb, Lott Croom, 
James Herring, Reuben Newton, S'. J. Wheeler (of Murfreesboro), and a hun- 
dred others. 

Messengers came from the Raleigh, Cape Fear, Chowan Associations, and 
the Advisory Council. 

Olive Branch, a new church, was received. 

A resolution was adopted suggesting that the ministers and deacons hold 
a fifth Sunday meeting for informing the deacons as to their duties, and 
that young preachers may be instructed also. 

A committee was appointed to report on the advisability of establishing 
a Mission Station in Jerusalem. 

Twelve trustees were appointed for Chowan Institute at Murfreesboro. 
Trustees: W T . P. Biddle, J. C. Stephenson, C. C. Oates, Arthur Brown, G. W. 
Hufham, B. Oliver, Wm. Smith, J L. Boykin, L. Highsmith, John Dawson, 
G. R. French, and Amos Herring. 

Elder James McDaniel will publish a Baptist paper, The Intelligencer, in 

1500 copies of minutes ordered. 

Sunday was another great day. S'ermons by J. M. C. Breaker, William 
Jones, and M. R. Fory. H. R. Kornegay was ordained to the work of the 

The Lord's Supper was administered by Elders McDaniel and Biddle. 

— 14 — 

1850— BEAR MARSH— OCT. 4-6. 

New churches came in — Snow Hill, Little Creek, French's Creek. 

Piney Green gets a letter to go to the Raleigh Association.. 

The brethren strongly stress education, especially for preachers. 

It was suggested that the churches close their pulpits against A. M. Rock- 
well who has spoken disparagingly against the Association. 

The death of the great missionary Adoniram Judson was announced. 

Executive Board: B. Oliver, C. D. Ellis, G. R. French, D. Jones, J. D. Car- 
roll, W. Smith, J. L. Boykin, L. Carroll, and G. W. Hufham. 

For the support of Itineracy $300 was pledged. 

The old plan of having a Circular Letter had been abolished some years 

Sermons were preached on S\mday by Elder H. Minor of Goldsboro, J. M. 
C. Breaker, and W. P. Biddle. 

The selection of Baptist hymn book was discussed. 

Alfred Guy was ordained. 

An effort was started to build a Baptist church in Beaufort, N. C. 

Treasurer's report: Receipts, $968.52; paid out $852.52; balance on hand 

Those who presented reports: C. D. Ellis, G. W. Hufham, W. P. Biddle, G. 
W. Wallace, D. Jones, Henry Moore. S. B. Carraway. 

50 churches; 3.659 members. 

1851— LITTLE CREEK— OCT. 3-6. 

Away to one end of the territory is Little Creek. 

The newly organized church at Beaufort was received. 

Schools were represented : Sedgwick Female School at Raleigh, represent, 
etl by Dr. T. E. Skinner; Oxford Seminary, by J. J. James; Chowan, by Dr. 
Wheeler; Wake Forest, by J. S. Purefoy. 

L. F. Williams appointed Historian to gather minutes and material for a 

A committee was appointed looking forward toward an Associational 
school which finally resulted in the Warsaw High School. 

Visitors: Elder Wm. Jones, J. S. Purefoy, J. G. Barkley, Elder A. Jones, 
Dr. S. J. Wheeler, Elder P. Mewborn, C. Wooten, M. Carr, Elder W. Johnion, 
J. Brown. 

The Bible Society located in Wilmington is doing fine work and dispensing 
many copies of the Bible and Testament. 

Missionary L. H. Shuck's little son was at Wake Forest and contribution 
was made to assist him. 

The Association recommended the use of the Baptist Psalmody for service 
in the churches. 

$18.00 was sent to the widow of Rev. A. Guy. 

The treasurer has handled $728.30. 

On Sunday Elders W. Johnson, J. J. James, and James McDaniel preached. 

Reports were presented by Benjamin Oliver, J. L. Boykin, D. Cashwell, 
H. R. Kornegay, W. P. Biddle, G. S. Best, W. M. Kennedy, and J. D. Carroll. 

— 15 — 

1852— NEW HOPE— OCT. 1-4. 

Shiloh, a newly constituted church, came in. 

Executive Committee was about same as last year. 

The churches, Goldsboro, Snow Hill, Little Creek, Greenville, Hancocks, 
and Parkers Chapel were granted letters to unite with the Pamlico Asso- 

Elder J. A. Reynoldson from Virginia, and H. McAlpin from the Cape 
Fear, were present. 

Committee to look into the advisability of establishing a school prepara- 
tory to Wake Forest, W. P. Biddle, W. M. Jordan, B. Oliver, Wm. Hooper. 
J. C. S'tevenson, George Fennell, G. W. Hufham, C. D. Ellis, J. G. Dickson, 
G. W. Wallace, M. Minor, and Lewis Highsmith. 

Elder A. B. Alderman was appointed to go as special messenger to the 
Cape Fear Association. 

Sermons on Sunday were delivered by Elder W. P. Biddle, Elder William 
Hooper, and Elder W. H. Jordan. After the sermon was over the Lord's 
Supper was administered to the waiting Christians who were deeply touched 
by the solemnity. 

"How can we better instruct our colored brethren'' was discussed at 

The Ministers and Deacons meetings were endorsed. 

The churches Were requested to appoint some member to act as agent to 
collect money for missions. 

Those who wrote reports: J. L. Boykin, W. P. Biddle, W. M. Kennedy, 
Benjamin Oliver, G. W. Hufham. 

1853— MOORES CREEK— OCT. 1-3. 

Committee on Finance: L. Highsmith, J. L. Boykin, H'. E. Carr. 

Committee on Business: B. Oliver, W T . H. Jordan, H. E. Carr, and Lewis 

Committee to supply the stage: G. W. Wallace, Owen Alderman, and Al- 
fred Alderman. 

Difficulty in Mount Gilead reported settled. 

$100.00 was collected to assist Beaufort build their church. 

Executive Committee. B. Oliver, L. Carroll, J. D. Carroll, L.. Highsmith, 
C. D. Ellis, J. L. Boykin, and G. W. Hufham. 

The Clerk was instructed to have 1500 copies of minutes printed. 

L. F. Williams turned over to the Association the minutes he had collect, 
ed; the Association gave him a vote of thanks. The plan was to have them 
bound as soon as the file was complete. 

The citizens about Strickland's Depot sent a message that they would 
help start the High -School if located there. 

Writers on all the subjects had been appointed the year before. 

Messengers were appointed to the neighboring Associations. 

A presbytery was appointed to examine and ordain G. M. L. Finch. 

— 16 — 

On Sunday it rained, but sermons were preached by W. H. Jordan, L. F. 
Williams, and A. Guy. 

Reports were read by J. L. Boykin, L. Highsmith, C. D. Ellis, B. Oliver, 
George Fennell, L. F. Williams, G. W. Hurham. 

A fine biographical sketch of Elder William P. Biddle appears in the 

1854 — BEULAH— SEPT. 29-30. 

Two new churches, Corinth and Fort Barnwell, were received. Union 
Chapel and French's Creek had ceased to exist. 

The following were appointed a Committee to meet at Warsaw on Oct. 31, 
1854, with power to act to hear all parties and propositions concerning the 
proposed High School: B. Oliver, J. D. Carroll, J. T. Moore, W. H. Jordan, 
L. Highsmith, C. D. Ellis, J. L. Boykin, W. J. Taylor, C. J. Oates, S.J. Fai- 
son, D. J. Middleton, D. C. Moore, W. M. Kennedy, J. G. Dickson, G. W. 
Hufham, Amos Royal, H. E. Carr, J. L. Carlton, A. M. Faison, F. B. Millard, 
Owen Alderman, Jesse Jackson, S. S. Biddle, J. C. Stephenson. J. R. Ezzell, 
C. C. Oates, Amos Herring, S\ A. Vann. John Vann, M. C. Blount, and G. W? 

A resolution was adopted to form a more intimate relation with the Bap- 
tist State Convention in its mission and educational efforts. 

Rev. T. H. Pritchard was present representing Wake Forest College. The 
Association raised $500.00 to establish a scholarship at W. F. C. 

Excellent reports on various topics were read by: Amos Royal, G. W. 
Hufham. W. M. Kennedy, L. F. Williams, G. W. Wallace, B. Oliver, W. H. 

1855— CONCORD— OCT. 5-7. 

The newly constituted church at Clinton was received. 

Dr. W. M. Wingate of Wake Forest; Dr. T. H. Pritchard, Agent, and J. 
J. James, Editor Biblical Recorder, were present. 

Executive Committee: B. Oliver, C. D. Ellis, H. J. Hobbs, L. Carroll, H. E. 
Carr, L. Highsmith, and D. J. Middleton. 

A Colporteur was appointed to sell and distribute good denominational 

L. F. Williams was instructed to advertise in the Biblical Recorder for 
missing minutes. 

Twenty-seven Trustees for Warsaw High School were selected. An agent 
was appointed to collect funds for the school. 

A resolution was adopted that each church should raise one dollar per 
member for the endowment of Wake Forest College. 

It was found necessary to raise $3,000.00 to be able to open Warsaw High 
School on January 1, 1856. A member of each church was appointed to press 
the matter. 

It was proposed that the Association should see that a revival meeting 

— 17 — 

be held in each church of this Association. 

Elder Carter, agent of Chowan Institute, was present. 

A brother Ranney from the First Church was ordained to preach. 

On Sunday Elders James, Wingate, and Kornegay preached. 

Reports on various topics were read by: L. F. Williams, G. W. Hufham, 
13. Oliver, S. S'. Biddle, W. M. Kennedy, EL R. Kornegay, George Fennell. 

1856— BOYKINS CHAPEL— OCT. 2-4. 

The newly constituted church at Warsaw was received. 

Elder J. B. Taylor of Richmond, represented the S. B. Convention. 

Rev. J. L. Pritchard, of Wilmington, first mentioned. 

Moses Baldwin, Agent Baptist State Convention was present. G. Lewis, 
of the Recorder, and John Mitchell, from Wake Forest. 

$1,400.00 was raised for Warsaw High School. Moses Baldwin engaged 
to work for the school. 

Query from Bethel church: "Is the washing of feet a church ordinance?" 
Ihe Association answered: "In our opinion it is not." 

Collection for Elder Stephen Guy's widow amounted to $46.25. 

Collection for Elder David Rogers, $23.50. 

The collection on Sunday, according to order of the Association, was given 
to help build the church in Clinton, and was $71.66. 

The writers for the Association were: Benjamin Oliver, G. W. Wallace, 
W. M. Kennedy, J. L. Pritchard, H. R. Kornegay, O. M. Matthews, A. B. 
Alderman, H. E. Carr. 

On the S'abbath Elders John Mitchell, Moses Baldwin and John L. Pritch- 
ard delivered sermons. 

1857— WARSAW— OCT. 1-3. 

Several new and prominent names appear in the minutes this year. 
B. F. Marable, Dr. S. S'. Satchwell, J. S. Walthall and others. 

Smiths Chapel was received. 

A great many committees were appointed to write en the usual topics and 
for other purposes. 

Visiting brethren: From the Raleigh Association: J. J. James, T. E. STkin- 
ner, A. B. Alderman, J. Howell, J. S. Purefoy, W. M. Wingate, B. F. Marable. 
and J. B. Taylor, all of whom were welcomed to seats. 

A collection of $265.00 was taken for domestic missions. 

Dr. Wingate, Dr. Skinner and J. L. Pritchard made eloquent appeals for 
Wake Forest. 

A resolution was adopted changing the time of meeting from Thursday 
to Tuesday and to remain till the business was through. 

A collection of $1,375.00 was taken for Warsaw school. 

Executive Committee: Benj. Oliver, C. D. Ellis, Laban Carroll. 

An impostor, David M. Lee was denounced. 

Collection taken up for C. C. Gordon. 

— It 

J. Dunn Hufham, J. P. Faison, and George S. Best were ordained to the 
full work of the ministry. 

Trustees of Warsaw High School selected. 

Discussion as to support of superannuated preachers. 

On the Sabbath sermons were preached by Elders J. J. James, W. M. Win- 
gate, J. S. Walthall, H. T. Weatherly, and B. F. Marable. 

H. T. Weatherly was ordained First Sabbath in February, 1857. 

The reports were all interesting and valuable. The writers were B. Oliver, 
C. D. Ellis, A. M. Faison, B. F. Biddle, Dt. S. S. Satchwell, S. S. Biddle, H. 
E. Carr. J. L. Pritchard, J. B. Taylor, J. S. Walthall. 

1858— BEAR MARSH— OCT. 5-8. 

Two new churches came in: Antioch in Duplin, and Canaan in Sampson. 

Visitors: Dt. Samuel Wait, A. B. Alderman, and E. A. Best from Pamlico, 

Full force of committees were appointed. 

A' church at Woodenton, Lenoir county, sent in a petition. This petition 
was deferred "until a committee of ministers could visit and re-organize the 
church. The name of J. Nl Stallings first appears. 

A. W. Wilcox, of Washington, N. C, was ordained. 

The same Executive Committee was continued. 

A collection of $44.30 was taken for Foreign Missions. 

Elder B. F. Marable preached the Charity sermon; collection was $32.00. 

A committee was appointed to look into the destitute condition of the 
widow of Elder C. C. Gordon. The churches were requested to send con- 
tributions to the "Relief Society". 

The committee on Warsaw H'igh School reported. 

A collection of about $300.00 was taken to aid in sending preachers into 
destitute places. 

Reports on the usual topics were piesented by: Benjamin Oliver, J. L. 
Boykin, Joseph Boone, J. L. Pritchard, G. R. French, G. W. Wallace, H. E. 
Carr, L. F. Williams, B. F. Marable, J. N. Stallings, Joel Loftin, L. High- 
smith, J. W. Williams. 

1859— BEAVERDAM— OCT. 4-7. 

Three new churches were received: Woodenton, Haw Bluff, and Wood- 
ville in Carteret county; and Union Chapel also was received. 

Visitors: A. P. Repiton, Haynes Lenon, R. M. McRakin, J. K. Purefoy. J. 
J. James and others. 

A fine obituary of Elder George Fennell was inserted. 

Thanks were returned for the use of the Methodist church. 

A Historical Committee was appointed. 

Elder J. L. Pritchard preached the Charity sermon. Collection amounted 
to $52.26. 

Dr. J. F. B. Hayes presented the necessity of the Southern Baptist Semi- 

— 19 — 

nary and made an earnest appeal for support. The Association responded 
hi giving $950.00 to aid the Seminary. 

There was objection to the use of "Union Sunday School Books". 

An appeal was made for funds for Warsaw High School. $900.00 was 
quickly raised. 

The Executive Board was same as last year. 

$3"0.00 was sent to the widows of Elders Gordon and Guy. 

The writers of papers for the session: Elder David Wells, G. W. Hufham, 
(Obituary of George Fennell), H. E. Carr, D. J. Middleton, J. N. Stallings, 
H. McAlpin, L. F. Williams, Benjamin Oliver, C. D. Ellis L. Highsmith, J. 
S\ Walthall, B. F. Marable, J. L. Pritchard, J. P. Faison, James M. Wooten, 
and Whitfield Grady. 

1860— LEBANON— OCT. 9-12. 

Visitors: Elders J. J. James, J. S. Walthall, T. E. Skinner. 

New churches, Prospect and Chinquapin, were received. 

Elder A. J. Emerson was in the Association. 

An extra Denominational sermon was preached by Elder J. S. Walthall 
which sermon was published in pamphlet form. 

Practically the same persons composed the Executive Committee. 

Dr. Skinner spoke very forcefully about the education of girls and pre- 
sented the merits cf Edgeworth School in Raleigh. 

Rev. J. D. Hufham read a most valuable historical sketch of the Baptist 
beginnings in the section occupied by the Union Association. It is given TH 
full in the minutes for 1860. 

The churches Pleasant Union and Salem were granted letters to unite 
with the Cedar Creek Association. 

Elder W. B. Jones preached the Charity sermon. Collection $30.47. 

J. N. Stallings was ordained to the ministry. 

Elder B. F. Marable was at that time Corresponding Secretary of the Bap- 
tist State Convention. 

The writers were: B. Oliver, H. E. Carr. W. B. Jcnes, A. D. Cohen, Amos 
Royall, J. R. Ezzell. T. K. Faiscn, J. T. Moore, B. F. Marable, and J. D. 

1861— PINEY GROVE— OCT. 8-10. 

The Civil War had begun. Matters were in a tense condition. 

Visitors were few. Dr. A. M. Poindexter, Agent of the Foreign Mission 
Board, was present. 

The church at Union in Lenoir county, was received. 

Elder A. D. Cohen offered a resolution that we spend much time in prayer 
for our boys at the front and for our cause. 

Elder A. M. Poindexter, D.D., preached the Denominational sermon. 

The Executive Committee during the past year has bought and sent to 
the soldiers a great many tracts and Bibles. 

Tn response to Dr. Poindexter's appeal for missions $33.10 was handed him 

— 20 — 

for the object. Bro. G. A. Newell presented 1,000 copies of a tract written by 
a minister of this Association. The Association expresses thanks to Bro. 
Newell and accepts the offer and will make free distribution where it will 
likely do most good. 

J. D. Hufham was editor of the Biblical Recorder. 

Reports were presented by B. Oliver, C. D. Ellis, A. D. Cohen, H. E. Carr, 
J. L. Pritchard, J. W. Collins, C. Jernigan, R. Herring, Isham Royal, J. D. 
Carroll, and W. B. Jones. 

1862— MOUNT GILEAD— NOV. 11-13. 

One new church, Nat Moore's Creek, was received. 

Visitors: Rev. Wm. Royall, of Wake Forest; Elder Elias Dodson; Elder 
A. B. Alderman, Moderator of Cedar Creek Association; Rev. B. F. Jessup; 
Rev. N. B. "Cobb, Colporteur Agent. 

A strong Board of Trustees for Warsaw High School was appointed. Elder 
W. B. Jones was the Principal. The school was doing well. 

The ordination of Brother A. Flowers, Jr., was deferred, until ne could 
further qualify himself. 

Dr. Royall made a modest but eloquent appeal for Wake Forest. 

Eider N. B. Cobb made a pathetic appeal for literature for our soldier boys 
iu the camps. $126.30 was handed to him from collection for the purpose. 
$13.55 was handed to J. D. Hufham to send Biblical Recorder to soldiers as 
far as it would pay. 

Elder J. D. Hufham preached the Denominational sermon. 

The churches were requested to report an accurate account of all funds 
collected and used by the respective churches for any and all purposes. 

As there was no invitation for the Association for next year, the Execu- 
tive Board was asked to make arrangements. 

Writers: H. E. Carr, Arthur Brown, C. D. Ellis, A. J. Emerson, and others. 

The minutes carry a good obituary of Elder George W. Wallace. Also of 
Col. Frank J. Faison, killed in battle. 

Other ministers present not mentioned above. B. F. Marable, W. M. Ken- 
nedy, L. F. Williams, G. S. Best, H. McAlpin, J. N. Stallings, G. W. Huf. 
ham, A. Guy. 

1863— BEULAH— OCT. 6-8. 

Visitors: J. L, Carroll, G. W. Camp, from Pamlico; Elder C. D. Bogart, 
Chowan; P. D. Gold, C. J. Nelson, J. T. Albritton. 

A letter from soldiers in Gen. Clingman's Brigade asking for the prayers 
of the Association in helping them to live the Christian life. They inclosed 
$58.00 for the use of the Association. 

Elder B. F. Marable preached the missionary sermon to a large crow'd. 

A minority of the members of Thunder Swamp church had been turned 
out by the majority. A committee went into the whole matter and advifod 
those who had been imposed upon to meet and go on as the church. The 

— 21 

Association expelled Thunder Swamp church as it was not true to our Bap- 
tist faith. 

N. B. Cobb made appeal for funds to supply soldiers with religious litera- 
ture. An appeal was made for funds to send the Recorder to the soldiers; 
$145.00 was raised. 

The Trustees of Warsaw High School reported. Prof. Isham Royal wa$- 
Principal of the school. 

The question of Army Missions was considered. $450.00 was quickly 

The Executive Board was requested to send some ministers to administer 
to the needs of the soldiers spiritually. 

Special prayer was made for our oppressed Southland. 

There is a fine obituary of Elder John Lamb Pritchard, written by Dr. 

Some of those attending that session were: S. J. Faison, Moderator, Isham 
Royal, Clerk. A. M. Faison, Treasurer, J. N. Stallings, G. A. Newell, Owen 
Fennell, Lewis Highsmith, Amos Royal, N. B. Cobb, Owen Alderman, J. D. 
Carroll, Joel Hines, Laban Carroll, J. M. Millard, R. F. Boykin, J. M. Mosley, 
Benjamin Oliver, B. F. Marable, McAlpin, Best. Hufham, Kennedy, J. G. 
Dickson, G. R. French, J. P. Faison, and a hundred more. 

1864 — BOYKINS CHAPEL— OCT. 4-6. 

The Association met in the gloomy days of 1864. The attendance was 
diminished by war conditions. 

There were present as visitors: Elder G. W. Camp from Pamlico, J. L. 
Carroll and W. H'. Howard. 

J. L. Stewart's name appears for the first time. 

In a letter Dr. SI S. Satchwell urges the Association to press the work of 
educating the children of soldiers and the spread of the Biblical Recorder. 

A resolution was passed highly commending the work of the Executive 
Board. $565.00 was contributed for colportage. $215.00 was contributed to 
send Recorder to soldiers. 

Fine obituaries of Elder David Wells and Elder Nathan Askew. 

The usual topics were discussed. Messengers came from other Associa- 
tions and the Association appointed delegates to visit them in return. 
Elder W. M. Young pastor of the Wilmington church, preached a great ser- 
mon on missions; the collection was $295.33. 

The Warsaw High School was facing strenuous conditions like all other 
enterprises. There were present many of the choicest spirits eager for the 
welfare of Zion. 

1865— MOORES CREEK— OCT. 3-4. 

The di'sheartened, foot-sore Confederate soldier had but recently returned 
to find his home shattered, civil affairs administered by aliens, the former 
slaves vaunting themselves in the new conditions thrust upon them. There 
was danger lurking in every quarter. An old brother who had long been 

- 22 - 

faithful in the work of the Association, seeing his son and others who had 
been bravely fighting the overwhelming armies of the "UNION", offered a 
little resolution without ostentation, That the name of the Association be 
changed to the Eastern. It was quietly done. 

Three churches asked to be admitted: Jacksonville, Onslow county; Pleas- 
ant Hill, in same county; and Tuckahoe, Jones county. 

An important question arose, sent from the Wilmington church, how shall 
we proceed about the colored members? 

Executive Committee: Benjamin Oliver, C. D. Ellis, Lewis Highsmith, 
Laban Carroll, D. J. Middleton, H. E. Carr. and J. H. Stevens. 

The Trustees of Warsaw High S'chool were appointed. 

The usual objects were presented and discussed. 

J. D. Hufham, editor of the Recorder, presented a bill of $90.00 due on 
printing minutes. 

Prof. Isham Royall, Principal, presented report on Warsaw School. 

The presence of Union troops had demoralized the people. 

The Relief Society was doing fine work. 

Elder J. E. King preached the Associational sermon. 

1866— UNION CHAPEL— OCT. 9-11. 

There were two consolidations of churches: Lebanon was absorbed by 
Wells Chapel, Smith Chapel and Prospect combined. 

Corinth was dismissed to Cedar Creek Association. 

Rev. J. L. S'tewart preached the Denominational sermon. 

A Historical Committee was appointed: the committee was composed of 
J. L. Stewart, I. Royal, J. R. Oliver, L. F. Williams, W. M. Kennedy, J. N. 
S'tallings, and H. R. Kornegay. 

Messengers were appointed to neighboring Associations: Pamlico, Cedar 
Creek, and Cape Fear. 

Elder H. McAlpin preached. 

Elder J. B. Barlow preached the Missionary sermon. 

The reports on the various topics show that the writers had made special 
study of the subjects. Benjamin Oliver, Executive Committee; H'. E. Carr 
J. P. Faison, S. S. Biddle, J. D. Carroll, G. P. Moore, Lewis Highsmith, David 
John MiddMon H. Kornegay, J. N. Stallings, Benedict Matthews, Whitney 
Royal and a number- of speakers. 

C. D. Ellis, Treasurer of "Ministers' Relief Society", reported on hand, 
cash and notes $2,138.30. 

The Warsaw High S'chool was struggling for existence, but was doing 
excellent academic work. 

1867— BEAR MARSH— OCT. 8-11. 

The Association was composed at that time of 46 churches and 4,927 mem- 
bers, and 20 ministers serving as pastors. 

Visitors: Dr. W. T. Walters representing W. F. C; J. L. Carroll, from th© 

— 23 — 

Flat River Association; Dr. J. B. Hardaway, of the Southern Baptist Con- 
vention, and perhaps others. 

Elder Lewis F. Williams died June 13, 1867^a man of great worth has 
passed away. Dr. James G. Dixon, of Bear Marsh, and J. T. Moore, of Moores 
Creek, died during the year. 

Again the subject of spiritual instruction to the colored people was serious- 
ly considered. No definite plans were made. 

Old Brother Benjamin Oliver still reports for the Executive Committee. 

Many new fields had been occupied and the Board had done a great deal of 
constructive work in destitute fields. 

Elder H. McAlpin preached the Missionary sermon. 

The School at Warsaw seemed to be in more prosperous condition. 

The Treasurer of the Ministers Relief Society reported only $989.50. He 
did not show how he had spent the difference from last year. 

The usual reports were discussed. The writers were: S. J. Faison, John 
C. Hines, John Vann, J. D. Carroll, L. Highsmith, J. M. Millard, A. R. Her- 
ring, J. R. Marable, J. B. Hardwick. J. M. Wooten, J. L. Boykin, W. W. 
Larkins, J. L. Stewart, J. N. Stallings, W. M. Young, W. M. Kennedy. 

1868— BEULAH— OCT. 6-8. 

Fifty-eight churches composed the Association; nineteen were not repre- 
sented at all, six others only by letter. Sixteen preachers had to minister 
to these churches with 4,605 members. 

J. H. Mills, of the Biblical Recorder, and W. T. Walters from Wake Forest 
were welcomed to seats. 

The Executive Board was doing great things for .the work. They were 
sending preachers to needed points, and helping others. They assisted in 
paying the pastor's salary in Clinton. Clinton is now (1927) repaying many 
fold in helping other churches. 

White Oak Church was dismissed to the Cedar Creek Association. 

The Association repudiates Asher Flowers. Flowers tried to secure ordi- 
nation to the ministry, but did not pass examination on several occasions. 
He then was supposedly ordained by some preachers not connected with the 
Baptist denomination. His church had expelled him for this action. The 
Asssociation sustained the church — Falling Creek. 

From time immemorial the brethren have been trying to discover some 
effectiive method of raising needed funds for the local churches, &c. A 
strong committee made suggestions. 

The entire amount raised for the Associations for 1868 for missions was 
$221.83. There has been great development since that day. 

Elder J. C. Hiden had just come to the Wilmington church. 

Some of the men who reported or spoke at that session were. J. H. Mills, 
W. T. Walters, W. A. Kingsbury, J. T. Albritton, J. L. Stewart, J. N Stair 
lings, B. F. Mitchell, F. B. Millard, J. Loftin, S. Peterson, S. J. Faison, Dr- 
J. C. Hiden, H. J. Hobbs, Giles Clute, G. S. Best, J. R. Oliver, J. L. Boykin, 
B. Matthews, T. M. Hughes. 

— 24 — 

1869— LISBON— OCT. 5-7. 

Dr. J. C. Hiden, the new pastor at Wilmington, preached the Missionary 
sermon to a vast throng. 

Visitors present: J. H. Mills, J. L. Carroll, A. B. Alderman and others. 

A newly organized church at Mount Olive was received. 

Benjamin Oliver reported for the Executive Board. This Committee 
seems to have been really the Association in action during the years. The 
Association passed resolution of appreciation for their work. 

A collection was taken up for the ministerial students at W. F. C. 

The question of itinerant preaching received important consideration. 
Those local evangelists served a good purpose in their day. They were us- 
ually men who could be secured at small salaries and were not the strong 
preachers; consequently the best results did not always follow. 

One church sent to the Association with a mild demand that they send 
them a pastor; nothing was said about a salary for him. 

Ahout the usual personnel attended that session. 

1870— WELLS CHAPEL— OCT. 4-6. 

Union, a newly organized church in Lenoir county was received and Rev. 
Geo. W. Sanderlin, the pastor was welcomed. 

Trenton, Jones county, was received. 

Several visiting brethren reported. 

Sermons were preached by Dr. J. C. Hiden and Dr. G. W. Sanderlin. 

Rev. H'. R. Kornegay had become infected arid was preaching universal 
salvation. The Association passed a resolution expelling him from the 

It has been a pleasure to review the reports of the committees of those 
times to the Association. There were giants in those days. 

1871— NEW HOPE— OCT. 3-5. 

At that time the Eastern Association covered a large territory. There 
were 53 churches with 4,224 members. The second church in Wilmington, 
Long Creek, and Myrtle Grove were received. 

For some time there had been a question of dividing the Association on 
account of the long distances it was necessary to travel to attend the meet- 
ings. Also it was thought that two Associations could reach the people and 
their sympathies better. Old Brother Oliver asked how it could be divided 
fairly. Almost any line that may be taken to make the division will leave 
practically all the strong churches on one side and weaker churches on the 
other. So they did not divide at that time. 

The same Executive Board was continued. There never was one more 
efficient in the State. 

Dr. T. M. Pritchard, Dr. J. C. Hiden, and J. N. Stallings preached strong 
sermons. But few Associations were blessed with as strong force of laymen 
and ministers as was found in the old Eastern Association. 

— 25 — 

The Waisaw High School under the supervision of Prof. Isham Royall 
did a great service, but it had hard work to make headway under financial 

Numbers of young men went from that section to Wake Forest and other 
schools who have been of great value to the denomination as well as to the 


That session was held so far away from the center of activities that many 
churches were not represented. 

Three ne^ly constituted churches in Onslow county were received: Middle 
Sound, Enon, and Finey Grove. 

Rev. C. Durham. J. B. Richardson, J. H. Mills and other representatives 
were present. 

The Executive Committee presented a fine report of constructive work. 
New fields in Onslow, Carteret, Jones, find Craven. 

Serums were preached by Elders J. C. Hiden, A. D. Cohen, J. D. H'ufham, 
and B. G. Covington. 

The reports were unusually good, presented by Benjamin Oliver, Levi 
Thorn, W. M. Kennedy, J. C. Hiden, J. N. S'tallings, J. T. Albritton, Asa B. 
Alderman, Benedict Matthews. W. E. Sutton, J. M. Wooten, I. Royall, D. K. 
Kornegny. D. J. Middletcn, J. D. Roberts, S. Peterson. John C. Hines, Isaiah 

1873— SHILOH— OCT. 7-9. 

The newly organized church at Morehead City was received. 

Elder J. J. McLendon, of Edentcn, preached at 2 P. M. 

Elder C. Durham preached. 

The Executive Committee continued to help weak churches. Browns wf.s. 

Committee on Systematic Giving reported by H. S. Averett. 

Prof. Isham Royall had control of the Warsaw High School. 

Elder Hardy P. Brinson died at Moores Creek. 

Deacon S. S. Piddle died at Fort Barnwell. 

There were 61 churches with 4,474 members. 

The ordained preachers were: G. W. Hufham, Alfred Guy, W. M. Ken- 
nedy, J. N. S'tallings. G. S. Best, H. McAlpin, J. L. Stewart, J. C. Hiden, J. 
B. Barlow, J. M. King, J. P. Faison, O. M. Matthews, J. T. Albritton, J. R. 
Oliver, T. J. Leary. J. TJtley, B. G. Covington, J. D. H'ufham, C. C. Newton, 
S. Wescott, E. A. Best. 

1874— ISLAND CREEK— OCT. 6-8. 

The church in Goldsboro came into the Association. 

Visiting brethren: A. F. Redd, editor of the Biblical Recorder, W. B. Har- 

- 26 

rell, Dr. F. H. Ivey, Rev. G. ff. Jones, Sunday School Agent, Dr. W. M. Win- 
gate, Dr. N. B. Cobb. 

J. C. Hiden preached the Missionary sermon. 

At the suggestion of Dr. C. Durham and W. M. Kennedy a committee was 
appointed to consider the propriety of abolishing the Executive Committee 
and transfer the work to the Baptist State Convention. 

Churches and individuals made pledges to assist beneficiaries at Wake 

Report on Education was presented by F. H. Ivey, C. Durham and S. W. 
Wescott. All of the reports and all of the discussions were of a high order. 
There was a fine spirit for work among the churches and they responded to 
appeals for advance movement in spreading the Associational interests. 

Some of those making reports were: B. F. Mitchell, J. W. Lane, Laban 
Carroll, G. S. Jones, Benedict Matthews, W. A. French, W. B. Harrell, C. J. 
Nelson, H. McAlpin, L. A. Powell, G. A. Herring. 

Telling addresses were made by F. H. Ivey, C. Durham, J. P. Faison, J. 
C. Hiden, C. C. Newton and others. 

1875— BEAUFORT— OCT. 5-7. 

From Clinton to Beaufort was nearly 150 miles. But the preachers and 
many of the delegates went. A Baptist Association had never been held in 
Beaufort and so was a matter of interest to both, the inhabitants and to the 

66 churches with a membership of 4,836; just remember that was fifty 
years ago. 

New churches came in: Fremont, LaGrange, and Mount Calvary. 

The proposition made at the last Association to abolish the Executive 
Committee was promptly voted down. Durham and Kennedy who had advo. 
cated the measure saw that it was not popular. 

A resolution was adopted asking the Trustees of Wake Forest College 
to make public the exact financial conditions of the college. 

Presiding Elder E. A. Yates was introduced to the Association. 

At night Rev. J. L. Stewart preached in the Methodist church. 

By request Rev. H. McAlpin went over and preached at Morehead. 

Rev. C. T. Bailey first appeared as editor of the Recorder. 

Dr. C. E. Taylor brought a message from Wake Forest. 

Rev. C. A. Jenkins came to North Carolina having accepted the Principal, 
ship of the Warsaw High School. Prof. Isham Royall had resigned to open 
a High School at Salemburg. 

The reports and discussions were of the usual high standard. 

1876— MOUNT OLIVE— OCT. 3-5. 

Some new faces appeared at the session at Mount Olive. A. C. Dixon, the 
brilliant young preacher, was fresh from college and ambitious for position 
and leadership. Prof. F. P. Hobgood of the Raleigh Female School, H. 8. 


Spivey, J. B. Taylor of Wilmington, J. L. Britt, W. B. Knight, and others. 
Dr. Chas. E. Taylor was there from Wake Forest; Dr. R. H. Griffith repre- 
sented the Seminary. 

New churches admitted were, Rose Hill, Capernaum, Marys Chapel. 

A resolution was adopted endorsing the effort to raise an endowment of 
$20,000.00 for Wake Forest; and $25,000.00 for the Seminary at Louisville. 

By request all of the pulpits in town were occupied by ministers of the 

Prof. H'obgood made a plea for patronage for The Seminary in Raleigh. 

The Executive Committee made a most telling report. That body of strong 
men had made possible many enterprises which had developed into good 

There was evident lack of harmony in one or two of the churches, most 
of which had been settled in committees; there was some trouble in the 
second church in Wilmington. Otherwise it was a most harmonious and suc- 
cessful session. 

1877— CORINTH— OCT. 9-11. 

Elder J. K. Howell preached in the morning. 

Salem, a new church in Onslow county, was enrolled. 

Browns church was dismissed to help form the South River Association. 

Silently many of the faces so well known and loved through the yea^s 
were slipping away and every year new ones took their places. Those faith- 
ful pioneers, Fennell, Wells, Morris, McDaniel, Wallace, John L. Priteharrt 
and Battle had been called away; but worthy men were stepping in to fill 
the ranks. There were Stewart, Kennedy, Ivey, Dixon, Albritton, Be=>t. 
Britt, McAlpin, Jenkins, Faison, Hufham, Oliver, Newton, Sanderling and 
others who valiantly carried on the work of their fathers. In this the cen- 
tennial year of the Association (1927) the names of all those men of God 
have passed into history. 

Conditions too were changing. Plans and ideas were assuming new form? 
for consideration. Cherished undertakings of former times were giving 
place to newer avenues of activity. 

The Warsaw High School had come into existence with the hcpes and 
prayers of the Association. It had proved a continual financial burden. Much 
gcod had been accomplished, but the cost was great and the future enveloped 
in hazy uncertainty. It was deemed best to sell the property and apply the 
proceeds to other efforts. 

The Ministers Relief Society had collected several thousand dollars and 
had aided several of the older brethren, but. like new bankers sometimes 
do. they loaned it out to others on frozen notes. In 1877 abut $1,016.09 was 
out and not in the hands of old preachers. 

The usual reports were fine and well presented. 

Plans for Sunday School Institutes were before the Association. 

It was a great session of the Association. 

The half century mile post was then passed. 

- 28 

1878— NEW BERN— OCT. 8-10. 

The old town of New Bern entertained the Association. 

Finance Committee: B. F. Mitchell, A. M. Faison, and S. J. Boone. 

Woodville church had been dropped not having been represented, but dele- 
gates came and it was re-enrolled. 

Committees to report as follows: Foreign Missions, State and Home Mis- 
sions, Education, Periodicals, Sunday Schools, Temperance, to revise list of 
Warsaw Trustees, Executive Board. 

Visitors: Dr. W. M. Wingate; Rev. C. T. Bailey, Editor of Recorder; Elder 
G. S. Jones, Agent of Sunday Schools; F. P. Hobgcod, A. C. Dixon, Elder Eluns 
Dodson, Elder W. H". Howard. 

It was decided the Berea Church did right in not receiving an applicant 
from the Free Wills without rebaptism. 

Collection for Ministerial Education $31.87. 

Met at 10 A.M. to hear sermon by A. C. Dixon, of Chapel Hill. 

Dr. J. R. Brooks, Presiding Elder of the M. E. Church, was introduced. 

Warsaw High Stehool, under the management of Rev. J. N. S'tallings, was 
doing fine work and presenting bright prospects. 

The Union Relief Society reported some good work. 

A committee was appointed to visit the Second Church Wilmington, with 
regard to the ordination of Bro. King. 

A committee was appointed to consider the division of the Association. 
J. E. Peterson, Elder C. J. Nelson and J. R. Oliver were the committee. 

Ebenezer was given letter to join South River Association. 

The Reports of Committees were fine and were fully discussed by W. M. 
Kennedy, F. H. Ivey, J. N. Stallings, J. T. Bland, J. E. Peterson, C. J Nelson. 
B. F. Mitchell, J. W. Biddle, J. T. Albritton, C. C. Clark, J. Utley, L. R. 
Highsmith, O. P. Middleton, B. Matthews, J. M. Wooten, W. C. Carleton, 
J. W. Lane, M. E. Britt, W. Hurst, D. J. Middleton, G. S. Best, L. R. Car- 
roll, O. Summerlin, H. M. Croom, J. F. Hill, C. C. Taylor, J. B. Barlow, J. 
M. Hines, J. K. Faulkner, W. S'. Elmore, J. L. Britt, J. T. Eaton, D. F. 

B. Oliver read report of Executive Committee. 

24 ministers, 58 churches, 5,351 members. 


Opening sermon by F. W. Eason. 

Finance Committee: J. L. Boykin, S. E. Loftin, L. R. Highsmith. 

New church, Meadow Bridge, was received. 

"Visitors: F. P. Hobgood. Dr. T. H. Pritchard, C. T. Bailey, H. S. Spivey. 

The church at Masonboro was received from the Cape Fear Association. 

Report of Warsaw High School shows the following faculty: J. N. Stal. 
lings Principal ; F. R. CooDer, Miss Lucy B. Kennedy, Miss Minnie Stallings, 
Miss Kate S'tallings. The school was doing well. 

"Sunday School Board" reported by Giles A. Clute chairman. 

- 29 — 

Sunday School Missionary and Colporteur was employed. 

Report of committee to visit second Baptist Church, Wilmington, was 

Treasurer's report: Received $347.00; balance on hand, $146.50. 

Report of 2nd Baptist Church, Wilmington, was taken up. On examina- 
tion it was discovered that Rev. J. P. King had been ordained In the Brown 
Creek Association; that he held ideas contrary to Baptist views and seemed 
persistent in his notions. A resolution was adopted to send a committee of 
ministers to confer with the church and Bro. King, and if no change is 
made the Association would withdraw fellowship from the church. Elder 
King's notions were hazy and mystical, but erratic and dangerous. 

Collection was taken for Elder T. J. Leary who had suffered great loss 
by storms on the coast. 

Reports were read or discussed by: J. B. Taylor, C. C. Newton, T. H. 
Pritchard, J. K. Faulkner, J. T. Albritton, J. N. Stallings, J. T. Bland, B. H. 
Walker, F. W. Eason, G. A. Newell, J. J. Vann, D. J. Middleton, R. Herring, 
W. M. Kennedy, F. H. Ivey, G. S. Best, J. P. Faison. R. C. S'anderlin, J. W. 
Lane, J. T. Eaton, D. F. Aman, O. P. Middleton, L. R. Carroll, W. H. Avera, 
M. E. Britt, J. P. Cox, J. R. Oliver, B. Matthews, Jerre Roberts, J. L. Stewart, 
J. R. Marshall, J. L. Britt. 

58 churches, 24 preachers, 5.692 members. 

1880— BETHEL— OCT. 5-7. 

The Moderator, J. L. Stewart, preached the Introductory sermon. 

Finance Committee: J. M. Mosley, S'. M. Carlton, and Nathan Weeks. 

New churches: Poplar Grove, Richlands, Peniel, and Olive Branch. 

Visitors: T. H. Pritchard, A. Biggs Alderman, T. Harrison, J. B. Brewer, 
J. D. Hufham. C. A'. Jenkins, N. B. Cobb. 

Report from 2nd church, Wilmington: Elder King was present and was 
allowed to read his own report. He believed in the annihilation of the 
wicked and many other doctrines repugnant to the church and its teachings. 
The Association by resolution withdrew fellowship from J. E. King and the 
2nd Baptist church of Wilmington. This trouble had created considerable 
stir in the Association. It was a strong committee: F. H. Tvey, C. C. Newton, 
F. W. Eason. J. N. Stallings, and W. M. Kennedy. 

Asa Bennett Alderman had been ordained since the last meeting. 

Dr. Pritchard and Dr. H'nfham made great addresses on education. 

Collections were taken for Missions, for Education, Sunday School work, 
for church building at Richlands. 

Report of the Treasurer: Receipts, $428.67; on hand $146.42. 

W T arsaw High School was doing fine work. Cost of board and tuition for 
five months was $51.00. The Trustees names were given each year in the 

The report on obituaries showed the death cf a number of prominent 
members. Among them was Col. Sol. J. Faison. 

The Sunday School Board did a great work in the Association. It put in 
the field a missionary and colporteur — constructive work. 

- 30 - 

58 churches, 27 ordained preachers, 6,405 members. 

Ordained preachers: J. B. Taylor, J. B. Barlow, J. J. Beasley, C. C. New- 
ton, J. P. Faison, H. M. Croom, J. N. Stallings, W. M. Kennedy, G. S. Best, 
G. W. Hufham, J. L. Britt, J. T. Albritton, J. L. Stewart, J. R. Oliver, F. H. 
Ivey, C. J. Nelson, J. K. Faulkner, F. W. Eason, R. C. Sandling, J. T. Leary, 
J. Utley, E. A. Best, Asa Bennett Alderman, D. F. Aman, W. H. Howard, Wm. 
Bland, and O. M. Matthews. 

1881— MAGNOLIA— OCT. 4-6. 

Visitors: C. T. Bailey, Jas. S. Purefoy. F. P. Hcbgood, C. S. Oashwell, and 

The name "Richlands" was changed to Emmas Chapel. 

A committee consisting of L. R. Carroll, F. H. Ivey, and J. N. Stallings 
was appointed to consider the merging of all mission work now conducted 
by the Association with that of the Baptist State Convention. 

All the churches in the town were occupied for preaching on the next day. 

New churches: Colvin's Creek, S'now Hill, and Antioch. 

Sermons were preached by Elders F. H. Ivey, J. B. Taylor, C. T. Bailey, 
and'F. W. Eason. 

An effort was made to raise $800.00 with the prospect of securing Rev. J. 
D. Hufham to serve as Associational Missionary. Immediately $700.00 was 
subscribed, the other to come later. The plan did not materialize. Rev. 
C. '3. Cashwell was employed. 

Rev. Asa Bennett Alderman died that year in Onslow county. 

Elder J. S: Purefoy appealed for funds tc complete Wingate Memorial 
Hall at Wake Forest. There was a small contribution. 

$63.13 had been contributed to help build church at Emmas Chapel. 

Treasurer's report showed collections $480.27, spent $443.63, leaving a bal- 
ance of $37.64. 

The Clerk was allowed $15.00 for his services. He was directed to have 
1500 copies of minutes printed. 

The reports furnish excellent reading matter. 

Sunday School Institutes and Conventions were held during the year. 

Some of those who read reports cr spoke during the meeting were: W. 
M. Kennedy, L. Moore, F. M. Southerland, L. R. Carroll, F. W. Eason, C. T. 
Bailey, G. Hinson. Giles Clute, E. Hewlett, C. H. Bronson, C. S. Cashwell, 
J L. Bland, J. D. Roberts, J. B. Taylor, J C. Williams, W. J. Montford, J. 
R. Oliver, H. M. Oats, R. C. Sandling, A. C. Peterson, H. W. SVinson, F. W. 
Carroll, D. J. Middleton. J. P. Faison, Wm. Bland, J. L. Britt, Oliver Black- 
burn, D. P. Bland, T. O. Kelly, C. C. Newton, G. W. Walker, J. Boon, C. D. 
Sykes, M. M. Killett, T. A. Watson, J. C. Hines, B. Matthews, and many 
more who added to the great success of the Association. 

1882— EM MA^S CHAPEL^OCT. 3-5- 

J. L. S'tewart was re-elected Moderator and F. H. Ivey Clerk. 

Dr. J. B. Taylor preached the Introductory sermon. 

Finance Committee: B. Matthews, F. M. Carroll, W. P. Kennedy. 

— 31 — 

J. T. Bland and L. R. Carroll were reading clerks. 

A. M. Faison was re-eleeted Treasurer. 

Visitors: Elder C. S. Farris, representing the Biblicai Recorder; Rev. 
John Mitchell, D.D., Agent for Chowan College. 

Collection was taken for the help of the Executive Committee amounting 
to $371.50. 

A collection for the State Board of Education was $255.00. 

Reports were read and discussed: Executive Committee, Education, For- 
eign Missions, Sunday Schools, Periodicals, Home Missions, Ministerial Sup- 
port, Obituaries, Sunday School Board, &c. 

At that time 27 young men were at Wake Forest preparing for the min- 
istry. Others were attending schools elsewhere. Some were at the Semi- 
nary at Louisville. Some of these were from the Eastern Association. 

The Executive Committee planned a great work and their efforts were 
crowned with success. Rev. C. S. Cashwell, the missionary, had done a won- 
derful service. 

The list of ministers was about the same' as the year before. 

Although Emma's Chapel is away from the center of the Association 
there was a good attendance and the interest was fine. 

The Treasurer of the Ministers' Relief Fund was directed to pay quar- 
terly to Rev. Jacob Utley such amount as they have for the purpose, not to 
exceed $25.00. 

The Methodist and Presbyterians kindly offered their churches for preach- 
ing while the Association was in session. 

The ministers and delegates were urged to present the needs of the church 
at Morehead City and Catherine's Lake. 

The writers and speakers were about the same as last year. 

1883— BETHLEHEM— OCT. 9--11- 

56 churches were represented on first day; 12 not represented; 97 dele- 
gates answered first roll-call. 

J. L. Stewart was re-elected Moderator 

L. T. Carroll was elected Clerk. 

A. M. Faison was re-installed as Treasurer. 

Churches at Pollocksville and Maple Hill were received. 

Rev. A. C. McMannaway was present representing Home Mission Board. 

Dr. Theo. Whitfield was pastor at Goldsboro. 

Pledges were taken to assist Morehead Church in building. 

The Executive Committee had as missionaries: C. S'. Cashwell, W. B. 
Knight, T. J. Leary, T. A. Reid, and D. F. Aman. 

The Trustees of the Warsaw High School reported. In 1879 the property 
was leased to Rev. J. N. Stallings for a term of years at $75.00 per year, th e 
rental to be applied to keeping the property in shape. January, 1882, J. N. 
Stallings transferred his lease to Rev. C. A. Jenkins who in turn in July, 
1882, transferred the lease to Rev. W. M. Kennedy and son with a debt of 
$350.00. They had a competent faculty and were doing good work. 

— 32 — 

John E. Ray. Corresponding Secretary of the State Convention, was pres- 
ent. Elder C. S. Farris, of the Biblical Recorder, was present. 

Canaan church was dismissed to join the South River Association. 

Rev. John R. Oliver died in May, 1883. 

Treasurer's report: Receipts, $629.55; balance on hand none. 

Those who spoke on reports and other matters. Dr. Theo. Whitfield, Rev. 
A. G. McMannaway, J. T. Bland, J. P. Faison, L. R. Carroll, W. M. Kennedy, 
C. A. Jenkins, Elder T. A. Reid, G. S. Best, J. Si Allen, J. R. Marshall, J. W. 
Taylor, D. S. Kennedy, W. A. Moore, J. T. Byrd, Newton Alderman, W. B. 
Knight, T. J. Leary, S. G. Hall, John E. Ray, D. F. Aman, C. E. Robinson, 
E. B. Jordan, W. P. Woodcock, L. R. Highsmith. 

1884 — POLLOCKSVILLE— OCT. 7-9. 

The Introductory sermon was preached by Elder C. A. Jenkins. 

J. L. Stewart was re-elected Moderator; J. L. Britt was made Clerk, arid 
A. M. Faison was made Treasurer. 

J. S. Bizzell, F. M. S'outherland, and H. M. Oats composed the Finance 

F. W. Hancock and C. A. Jenkins were reading Clerks. 

New churches: Burgaw, Willard, and Bear Branch were received. 

Elder R. C. S'andling preached the missionary sermon. 

Warsaw High School made a very encouraging report. 

Sermons were preached by Dr. Whitfield, Dr. Pritchard, A. J. Hires, in the 
churches of the town. 

Thanks were returned to the other denominations for the use of their 

Good reports were read on the following topics: State Missions, Periodi- 
cals, Foreign Missions. Temperance, Education, Executive Committee, Obit- 
uary, Sunday Schools. 

The following churches secured letters to aid in forming a new Associa- 
tion: Antioch, Bear Marsh, Beaufort, Davis Sliore, Enon, Falling Creek, 
Fort Barnwell, Goldsboro, Kinston, LaGrange, Morehead City, Mount Cal- 
vary, New Bern, Piney Grove (Onslow), Piney Grove (Jones), Pollocksville. 
Snow Hill, Smyrna. Union, Woodville, and Young Bethel. 

A resolution was adopted endorsing the effort to establish a Baptist Or- 

The Treasurer's report: Receipts, $691.00. 

Elder R. T. Bryan was present. He was at work in the Association. 

Some of the actors at the Association: T. H. Pritchard, J. B. Barlow, W. 
M. Kennedy. J. T. Albritton, A. J. Hires, R. T. Bryan, T. J. Leary, Theo. 
Whitfield, W. J. Montford, D. J. Middleton, C. J. Nelson, G. S'. Best, W. H. 
Ernul, W. T. Jones, R. D. Carroll, R. C. Sandling, C. A. Jenkins, J. M. 
Wooten. G. A. Herring, W. B. Knight, J. L. Britt, J. L. Stewart, J. W. Bid- 
die, R. J. Walker, W. B. Oliver, J. P. Jcyner F. W. Hancock, C. S. Cash- 
well, D. S\ Kennedy, O. M. Matthews, J. S. Bizzell, M. H. Oats, L. R. High, 
smith, Dr. J. W. Roberts, L. T. Carroll, and others. 

— 33 — 

1885— MOUNT OLIVE— OCT. 6-8. 

J. L. Stewart, the Moderator, was sick. W. M. Kennedy served. 

J. L. Britt was Clerk and A. M. Faison was Treasurer. 

L. R. Carroll and J. T. Bland reading clerks 

B. Matthews, J. C. Hines, and E. D. Wells formed the Finance Committee. 

Two sets of delegates reported from Magnolia, each set had a letter. A 
committee was appointed to settle the matter. 

Elder J. W. Wildman, from Home Mission Board; W. B. Pope and D. C. 
Kelly, from the Cape Fear Association, were visitors; R. T. Vann came in. 

Elder C. S. Cashwell had revived the Capernaum church. 

Committee on Home Missions: J. W. Wildman, R. T. Bryan, and F. A. 

Elder Thomas Carrick preached at the Methodist church at night. 

John E. Ray, Corresponding Secretary; C. S'. Farris, Associate Editor of 
the Biblical Recorder; W R. Gwaltney, J. B. Brewer, M. M. Hargrove, J. H'. 
Mills and others came in. 

New churches: Caswell and Teachey were received. 

Preaching in Presbyterian church by Dr. R. T. Vann at 11 A.M., and by 
R. T. Bryan at night; Dr. Gwaltney preached at the Methodist church. 

Collection for Home Missions was $150.00. 

The Missionary sermon was preached, by Dr. T. H. Pritchard. A collec- 
tion was taken amounting to $35.00. Pledges for Foreign Missions amounted 
to $460.00. 

Both sets of delegates and each letter from Magnolia were rejected. Un- 
fortunate factions were the cause. The church was recommended to get to- 
gether and ask for the resignation of the pastor and then unite in calling 

The Executive Committee had during the year the partial services of C. 
C. Cashwell, J. P. Faison, W. M. Kennedy, E. S. Alderman, perhaps others. 

Warsaw High School was doing well when on the evening of Feb. 21, 1885, 
the entire property was destroyed by fire. The Principal was prompt to 
secure another building. 

J. H. Mills, by request, spoken on Orphanage. Collection $46.80. 

Pledges for Associational Missions, amount $164.00. 

Collection for State Missions $18 00. 

Pledges for Education $215.00. 

Number of Trustees of Warsaw High School was reduced to 7. 

Claud Peterson desires to enter the ministry but feels it his duty to se- 
cure an education first. The Association encouraged him. 

The clerk was allowed $15.00 for services and was instructed to have 
1,000 copies of the minutes printed. 

Tii-- treasurer renorted receipts $812.82. Paid out $816.02. 

The usual report? ^nd topics were read and discussed. There was more 
n.v. business before t>>e Association than usual all of which was intelligently 
handled and disposed of. The churches and the brethren were fully ready 
for advanced movement in the work before them. 

— 34 — 

There was a number of new strong men in the Association; we refrain 
from reporting the list. 

12 ordained preachers, 46 churches, and 5,292 members. 

1886— CLINTON— OCT. 5-7. 

J. L. Stewart was Moderator; J. L. Britt was Clerk, and A. M. Faison was 
re-elected Treasurer. 

Elder J. B. Harrell preached the Introductory sermon. 

Finance Committee: B. Matthews, W. J. Hollingsworth, and D. J. Cor'oett. 

Preaching in the Methodist church by Elder C. A. Jenkins, in the Presby- 
terian church by Elder G. M. Tolson; and in the Baptist church by Dr. T. 
H. Pritchard. 

Messrs. Kendall and Warnick, of the Methodist church, invited to seats. 

Visitors: C. A. Jenkins, of Oxford Seminary; Farriss, of the ^Recorder; 
J. E. Ray, Corresponding Secretary; Elder W. A. Melvin, I. Royall, Elder 
D. W. Tew. 

The new church at Faison was received. 

Report on State Missions was made and pledges taken for $106.54. 

A resolution was adopted to turn over to the State Mission Board the en* 
tire management of missions within the bounds of the Association. 

R. T. Bryan asked through D. S'. Kennedy for money enough to buy an 
organ for his chapel in China. It was referred to the churches. 

Woman's Missionary Societies were encouraged. 

Treasurer reports, Receipts $689.26; balance in hand $24.06. 

The church at Magnolia had settled their difficulty. 

Lebanon petitioned to become a member of the Eastern Association, but 
there was trouble in the church about it, so it was not received. 

D. S. Kennedy offered a resolution that the Clerk procure a large blank 
book and keep all the proceedings of the Association in it. 

The Trustees of Warsaw High School did not give up the hopes of having 
an Associational school notwithstanding their misfortunes. 

49 churches, 15 preachers, 5,286 members. 

The Association was well attended and was composed of strong and con- 
secrated men earnest in their efforts to promote the Lord's work. 

Ordained Ministers: T. H. Pritchard, J. B. Barlow, J. P. Faison, W. M. 
Kennedy, G. S. Best, J. L. Britt, J. B. Harrell, J. L. Stewart, J. T. Albritton, 
O. M. Matthews, R. C. Sandling, H. S. Spivey, T. J. Baker, W. B. Pope, G. 
M. Tolson. 

1887— WELLS CHAPEL— OCT. 4-6. 

J. L. Stewart was re-elected Moderator, J. L. Britt, Clerk, and Col. A. M. 
Faison was continued as Treasurer. 

Visitors. R. T. Vann, F. P. Hobgood, J. B. Downing, Dr. Stewart DeVane, 
C. Farriss, C. Durham, W. A. Melvin, D. B. Nicholson, Editor Caucasian. 

New churches Siloam and Sharon were received. 

35 - 

At the last session of the Association the Missionary operations were 
turned over to the Board of the State Convention. The S'tate Board now 
states that it is in debt for over $2,000.00 and wants the Association to help 
pay it up. 

The Missionary sermon was preached by Dr. T. H'. Pritchard. Collection 
taken for missions, $27.00. 

Each church was asked to appoint a member to solicit and collect funds 
for tbe State Educational Board. 

Report of the Executive Committee was read by J. T. Bland. 

Warsaw High School was still making headway. Prof. C. H. S'pencer was 
Principal, about 80 pupils were in attendance. The purchase of a boarding 
house nearby was considered. 

Pledges for Foreign Missions were taken, $315.00 was subscribed. 

Another claim of interest was placed upon the Association; the Thomas- 
ville Orphanage came in for attention and support. 

Treasurer's report showed, Receipts, $640.52; balance in treasury $16.74. 
This seems net to include funds handled by Executive Committee amounting 
to $581.16. 

The minutes contain obituaries of Elder G. W. Hufham and several 

At that time it was recognized that there was a discrepancy in the num- 
bering of the minutes. 

At that time there was 50 churches, 16 ministers, and 5,489 members. 

The list of preachers was same as the year before with the addition of 
Elders L. M. Curtis and J. W. Powell. 

W. B. Pope, S. M. Carlton, and O. P. Middleton were appointed to look 
after the Colportage interests. 

1888— WARSAW— OCT. 9-11. 

The officers were same as last year except Col. A. M. Faison the Treas- 
urer, had died in September. W. H. Thompson was elected to fill the place. 

Dr. Pritchard preached the Introductory sermen. 

Dr. X. B. Cobb preached in the Presbyterian church. 

J. T. Bland and L. M. Curtis were reading clerks. 

N. F. Highsmith. B. S. Montford. and J. W. Lane were Finance Committee. 

47 out of 50 churches answered with delegates. 

Mount Zion, a new church, was received. 

Elder C. Durham preached the Missionary sermen; collection $345.00 was 
taken in cash and pledges. 

Elders J. Mitchell and J. W. Powell preached in the Presbyterian church. 

Visitors: Dr. John Mitchell, J. W. Powell, J. F. Love, O. L. Stringfield, 
N. B. Cobb, J. H. Mills, C. Durham. 

$242.00 in cash and pledges were taken for education. 

Reports on the usual subjects were made and discussed. 

Elder O. Miller, colored, appeared bringing greetings from the Kenansville 
Eastern Colored Association and was welcomed by the Moderator. 

— 36 — 

No action was taken on petition from a church at Providence as no dele- 
gate was present. 

Isham Royall read the report on obituaries. Some of those who had passed 
away: Col. A. M. Faison, Treasurer for many years; B. C. Weeks, H. J. 
Hobbs, J. M. Newton. 

$290.00 was pledged for Foreign Missions. 

The new pastors were: Elders H. W. Battle, F. R. Underwood, F. T. 
Wooten, E. D. Wells, and W. A. Melvin. 

Church membership 5,769. 

Total pastor's salaries $6,889.79; Woman's Aid Society $144.90; Total ex- 
penditures $12,750.40. 

1889— CONCORD— OCT. 8-10. 

Officers elected were J. L. Stewart, Moderator; J. L. Britt, Clerk, and 
S. M. Carlton, Treasurer. 

Finance Committee: D. J. Corbett. F. A. Fennell, and C. E. Daniel. 

Reading Clerks: J. T. Bland and L. K. Taylor. 

New churches: Spring Vale, Hermon and Ebenezer were received. 

Some of the visitors were: C. Durham, J. A. Speight, Associate Editor of 
the Biblical Recorder; J. S. Dill, representing the Home Board; John Mitch- 
ell, J. H. Mills. 

Elders D T. Best and W. F. B. Kornegay, messengers from the Eastern 
Colored Baptist Association, were welcomed. 

The Trustees of Warsaw High School reported that it was very difficult 
to finance the school under so many adverse conditions. They had turned 
over the property, in trust, to L. R. Carroll, for him to make the best of it 
for the Association in keeping the school alive. Prof. F. L. Merritt had 
been employed to manage the school. 

Cash and pledges were taken for objects as follows: State Missions, 
$402.00; Home Missions, $150.00; Foreign Missions, $256.00; Ministerial Edu- 
cation. $166.00. 

Some of those who took an active part: Pritchard, W. M. Kenneliy, Albrit- 
ton, Durham, Speight Underwood. Stewart, Britt, Crcom, Meeks, J. S. Dill. 
H. S. Alderman, Matthews, O. Blackburn, Barlow, Theo. Middleton, C. F. 
Southerland, I. Carroll, I. Herring, Carlton, J. W. Johnson, T. J. Jarman, 
F. F. Newton, Best, B. S. Peterson, X. F. Highsmith, L. R. Highsmith, A. 
Hewlitt. T. W. Britt, C. E. Gower, R. R. Bell, J. W. Swinson, J. T. Bland, 
Cary Rogers, W. S. Johnson, O. P. Middleton, C. E. James, W. H. Thompson, 
A. F. Robinson, J. T. Kennedy, and others. 

List of ordained ministers. T. H. Pritchard, J. B. Barlow, J. P. Faison, 
W. M. Kennedy, G. S. Best, J. L 4 Britt, O. M. Matthews, O. P. Meeks, C. E. 
Gower,, H. M. Croom, R. C. Sandling, J. L. Stewart, Henry Duncan, F. T. 
Wooten, and A. A. Scruggs. 

— 37 

1890— RILEY'S CREEK— OCT. 7-9. 

Moderator, J. L. Stewart; Clerk, J. T. Bland; Treasurer, S. M. Carlton. 

New churches: Jacksonville and Catherine's Lake were received. 

Rev. W. E. Crocker preached. 

Rev. C. Durham preached the Missionary sermcn. 

Visitors: C. Durham, C. A. Jenkins, Elder H. B. Humphries from Cape 
Fear; J. T. Albritton, from Atlantic; A. T. Howell. 

There was an obituaiy notice of Rev. J. P. Faiscn. 

Elder W. E. Crocker presented a letter from Missionary D. W. Herring 
to the Association. It was read and Dr. Pritchard was requested to answer 
for the Association. 

The Finance Committee rerorted $578.00 sent up ly churches. 

A collection was taken to assist Catherine's Lake. 

Collection for State Missions was $6.27. 

It was proposed that the Association should raise $2,000.00 additional for 
endowment of Wake Forest College. A committee was appointed to press 
the matter. 

It was decided to apportion $1,000.00 amcng the churches to be raised for 
Ministerial Education. A collection cf $198.00 was taken toward that object. 
The amount pledged was $1,000.00. 

A collection for Ministerial Relief was taken; $139.51 was secured. 

A committee was appointed to report en the condition of the Ministerial 
Relief Fund. 

New pastors: R. E. Peel, J. H. Hildreth, M. C. Walton, H. Duncan, T. M. 
Leary. W. A. Melvin, W. E. Crocker. W. T. Bilbro, A. T. Howell, John W. 
Smith, D. C. Rogers, F. R. Lnderwcod. 

56 churches, 25 pastors, members, 5.672. 

There was the usual personnel among the speakers and writers. 

1891— DOBSON'S CHAPEL— OCT. 6-8. 

Officers: J. L. Stewart, Moderator: Oliver Blackburn, Clerk; S. M. Carltcn. 

Finance Committee: C. E. Daniel, M. C, Walton, and F. M. Southerland 

Reading Clerks: F. A. Fennell and A. D. Ward. 

T. H. Pritchard, L. R. Carroll, O. P. Meeks, and C. E. Daniel were appoint, 
ed a Centennial Committee to co-operate with the State General Committee 
in celebrating the hundredth anniversary of Modern Missions. 

Visitors: M. L. Kesler. Rev. E. J. Edwards, for Carolina Baptist; J. D. 
Newton, and C. Durham. 

Dr. Pritchard preached the Missionary sermon. 

Collection for Thomasville Orphanage. $14.32. 

— 38 - 

Pledges were made by the churches as follows: 

For Ministerial Education $ 180.50 

For State Missions 773 . 50 

For Foreign Missions 502 . 00 

For Home Missions 106 . 50 

Individual pledges to State Missions 159 . 00 

For Ministerial Relief 157 . 00 

Total pledges $1,878 . 50 

Sermons were preached by Dr. Pritchard, O. P. Meeks, R. C. Sandllng, 
M. L. Kesler. 

No reference was made to the Warsaw High School. 

New Pastors: S\ D. Swain, R. E. Peele, C. G. Wells, J. H Dobson, R. M. 
Hilburn, C. W. Hopper. 

Some of the older preachers disappeared from the list. 

1892— EMMA'S CHAPEL— OCT. 4-6. 

J. L. Stewart, Moderator; Oliver Blackburn, Clerk; W. H. Middleton, 

Finance Committee: B. Matthews, F. M. Southerland, and W. J. Fryar. 

Reading Clerks: F. A. Fennell and J. T. Bland. 

Rev. E. J. Edwards represented the Orphanage. 

Rev. J. T. Jenkins appeared for the North Carolina Baptist. 

Prof. J. # B. Brewer was there from Chowan College. 

Elder J. T. Jenkins preached at the Methodist church. 

On motion Albritton, Pritchard, and L. R. Carroll were appointed to find 
minutes of all the sessions of the Association since organization. 

Report on Home Missions was offered by R. E. Peel, A. C. Peterson and 
John Dobson. 

Ministerial Education by J. D. Newton, T. W. Stallings, and S'. E. Johnson. 

Temperance by A. T. Herring, D. N. Page, and John Hollingsworth. 

Centenary of Missions by L. R. Carroll and O. P. Meeks. 

Orphanage by L. R. Highsmith, C. Harrell, and M. C. Waltor. 

State Missions by J. T. Albritton, E. D. Walker, and F. P. Flynn. 

Foreign Missions by O. P. Meeks, J. Marshburn, and G. A. Herring. 

Sunday Schools by W. L. Bilbro, W. H. Middleton, and B. L. Scott. 

Executive Committee by the Chairman. 

Obituaries by Elder J. T. Albritton. 

Periodicals by S. D. Swain, G. G. Best, and Willie Herring. 

Relief Society by C. F. Hopper, W. Sandling, and W. P. Kelly. 

Treasurer's Report by W. J. Montfort, H. Powers, and D. R. Canady. 

55 churches, 23 ordained ministers, and 6,202 members. 

Very little constructive work was done at that meeting. 

— 39 — 

1893— JOHNSONS— OCT. 3-5. 

iSame officers as last year. 

Visitors: I Royall, J. B. Brewer, G. L. Finch, O. L. Stringfield, D. W. Her- 
ring*, R. T. Bryan*, C. C. Newton, A. A. Butler, C. Durham, E. E. Hilliard, 
J. C. Caddell, F. P. Hobgood, J. L. Carroll. 

The following appointment of committees showed something of the work 
of the Association: 

Ministerial Relief: R. C. Sandling, T. Barbee, and T. W. Britt. 

Education: W. B. Oliver, H. B. Giddens, and E. Johnson. 

State Missions: R. E. Peele, C. F. Bloodworth. and J. C. Boone. 

Foreign Missions: R. T. Bryan, L. R. Highsmith, and A. D. Ward. 

Home Missions: D. W. Herring, W. H. Murry. and T. W. S'tallings. 

Orphanage: F. T. Wooten, B. S. Montfort, and L. M. Boykin. 

Periodicals: S. D.Swain, E. H'eldt, and W. B. Lamb. 

Temperance. G. $'. Best, Benedict Matthews, and O. Summerlin. 

Obituaries: J. T. Albritton. Isaiah Carroll, and J. F. Boyette. 

General Education: O. L. Stringfield, J. B. Brewer, and John Royall. 

Auditors: A. D. Ward, J. T. Bland, and R. H. Moore. 

Other committees were appointed for matters of a temporal nature. 

Elder J. T. Albritton reported that he had collected minutes of the Asso- 
ciation from 1844 to 1S66 except four numbers. 

Preaching at night by O. L. Stringfield: in the church at Warsaw by W. B. 
Oliver, and at Magnolia by D. W. Herring. 

J. T. Bland reported for the Executive Committee. 

Preaching next day at 11 by D. W. Herring. 

Preaching at the stand by Rev. W. E. Crocker. 

Four returned Missionaries gave great impetus to the occasion. 

Since the last meeting Rev. J. B. Barlow had died in Wilmington. 

Several familiar names were not en the record. Some had died, others 
had moved from the Association. 

The minutes do not show that much business was done to read 
and discuss reports. Xo doubt the Spirit of God was among the brethren. 

* Home on first furlough from China. 

1894 — LISBON— OCT. 9-10. 

The Association met at Lisbon. The Moderator and Clerk were not pres- 
ent. On account of heavy rains very few were in attendance. 

Elder S .D. S'wain was elected Moderator; Elder A. R. Herring was made 
Clerk; W. H. Middleton was the Treasurer. 

Reading clerks were F. A. Fennell and D. L. Herring. 

Visitors: J. C. Caddell of the Recorder, Dr. John Mitchell, W. D. Harrell, 
Dr. C. Durham, and L. M. Curtis. 

South Side at Wilmington and Providence from the Atlantic Association 
were new churches. 

Pledges for State Missions amounted to $191.00. 

— 40 — 

Several of the reports were read and discussed. 

It seemed from the minutes that the brethren hurried through. Lisbon 
is on a point in the fork of Big Coharie and Six Runs. The rivers were 
rising so rapidly that it was deemed best not to stay. 

All unfinished business was referred to the Executive Committee. 

The ministers present were: S. D. SNvain, R. E. Peele, W. B. Oliver, M. C. 
Walton, Dr. John Mitchell, Dr C. Durham, J. B. Harrell, L. R. Carroll, R. 
W. Harrell, and L. M. Curtis. 

1895— CORINTH— OCT. 8-10. 

Elder S. D. Swain was elected Moderator, Elder A. R. Herring, Clerk ; W. 
H. Middleton, Treasurer. 

Elder A. A. Butler preached the opening sermon. 

Finance Committee: S. M. Carlton, D. L. Herring, and W. B. Hocut. 

Reading Clerks: F. A. Fennell, and C. G. Wells. 

Visitors: J. C. Caddell, Dr. C. Durham, Elder J. B. Boone, from the Or- 
phanage; D. S. Ray, from Yadkins Association; J. B. Brewer. 

Warsaw High School was still struggling to live and serve. 

Contributions were made to help the church at Jacksonville pay the debt 
on the church building. 

The proposed Baptist Female University in Raleigh was before the Asso- 
ciation for consideration and endorsement. 

The new churches, Bowden, Ivanhoe, and Cedar Grove were received. 

Collection of $18.31 made for the Orphanage and handed to J. B. Boone. 

Reports and discussions were as follows: 

State Missions: C. Durham, D. C. Middleton, and R. W. Harrell. 

Foreign Missions: O. P. Meeks, Maury Ward, and L. R. Highsmith. 

Home Missions: M. C. Walton, M. W. Teachey, and A. A. Butler. 

Education: C. G. Wells, D. S. Ray, and L. R. Carroll. 

Periodicals: J. C. Caddell, B. S. Peterson, and J. B. Boone. 

Temperance: A. J. Taylor, J. S. Boone, and O. Blackburn. 

Orphanage: J. B. Boone, W. S. Johnson, and D. N. Page. 

Ministers Relief: L. R. Carroll, F. A. Fennell, and J. H. Swinson. 

Sunday Schools: D. L. Herring, J. C. Boswell, and C. F. Hopper. 

So many of the ministers had changed that a list at that time would be 
of interest. 

Elders: S. D. Swain, C. F. Hopper. E. L. Parker, N. A. Shelly, A. A. But- 
ler, F. T. Wooten, C. G. Wells, M. C. Walton, O. P. Meeks, A. J. Taylor, 
C. D. Peterson, J. L. Stewart, W. L. Bilbro, R. C. Sandling, L. R. Carroll. 
W. A. Melvin, R. W. Harrell, J. H. Hilbreth, J. B. Harrell, W. B. Oliver, 
G. O. Tilley, R. E. Peele, J. L. Britt, W. L. Tart. 

1896— ISLAND CREEK— OCT. 6-8. 

J. L. Stewart, Moderator; A. R. Herring, Clerk; W. H. MiddletQn, Treas- 

- 41 — 

■Sermon by Elder C. G. Wells subject, "Christian Baptism." 

Delegates were present from 54 of the 60 churches. 

Visitors: J. C. Caddell, J. B. Newton, B. Ward, J. W. Nobles, R. W. Griz- 
zard, J. E. White, Arch Johnson, J. B. Boone, N. B. Cobb, Dr. John Mitchell. 

Finance Committee: L. Middleton, C. C. Corbett, and D. J. Corbett. 

Collection for State Missions $14.00. 

Warsaw High School had taken on new life. A grand piano was purchas- 
ed; a Business Department with stenography, type-writers and other ar- 
rangements had been added. 

The Ministers Relief Board was doing a good work. $421.26 had been re- 
ceived and distributed to the beneficiaries. This work had been going on 
in the Eastern Association many years before it was taken up by the Con- 

For many years the body had urged Christian Education. 

Sermons were preached by Elders J. L. Stewart, J. W. Kramer, L. R. Car- 
roll, J. W. Nobles, S'. D. Swain, J. E. White. 

Collection for Foreign Missions, $15.28. 

After the discussion on Orphanage the collection was $10.20. 

This was the period when there was so much confusion stirring among 
the lesser informed members about "sanctiflcation" and "sinless perfection", 
"second blessing", "unknown tongue", and such other shiftless notions which 
had hatched out in a nest of ignorant driftings. 

Resolutions were adopted to withdraw fellowship from those who would 
destroy the churches by tearing them to pieces with such isms. 

The usual topics were discussed. 

1897— KEN ANSVILLE— OCT. 5-7. 

J. L. S'tewart, Moderator; A. R. Herring, Clerk; W. H. Middleton, Treas- 

Visitors: J. C. Caddell, John Mitchell, J. B. Boone, E. J. Edwards, O. J. 
Peterson (from Pilot Mountain), J. E. White, E. W. Sikes. 

Finance Committee. G. E. Leftwich, W. H. Murry, and J. A. Powell. 

Sermons were preached by Elders J. J. Douglass, S. D. Swain, J. E. White, 
W. B. Oliver, J. W. Kramer. 

A resolution was adopted asking the Trustees of the Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary to remove Dr. Whitsett from the chair of Church 

A strong appeal was made to secure funds to help the Jacksonville church 
complete their building. 

Collection for State Missions, $26.89. 

The Presbyterian and Methodist brethren tendered the use of their church, 
es. The kindness was accepted and the churches used. 

The Association had contributed $846.75 to missions during the year. 
That amount did not include special offerings. 

The Finance Committee reported receipts $473.67. 

The Treasurer's report showed that he had handled $590.96. 

— 42 

The report of the Executive Committee showed extensive effort to occupy 
all places where there was prospect of accomplishing for the spreading of 
the work. A number of strong men were in the field preaching at many 

Ministers: J. B. Harrell, S. D. Swain, C. F. Hopper, N. A. Shelly, R. H. 
Gilbert, J. J. Douglass, C. G. Wells, M. C. Walton, O. P. Meeks, J. L. Britt, 
"W. S. Ballard, J. L. Stewart, W. L. Bilbro, W. A. Melvin, R. C. Sandling, L. 
R. Carroll, J. W. Nobles, J. W. Kramer, A. J. Taylor, G. V. Tilley, W. L. 
Tart, J. H. Hildreth, T. H. Levitt, Benj. Ward, R. W. Grizzard, F. H. Far- 
rington, W. B. Oliver, N. B. Cobb. 

Some of the laymen who were active: J. T. Bland, S. G. Hall, G. W. Car- 
roll, B. Matthews, J. C. Boone, J. C. Hines, S. M. Carlton, D. L. Gore, C. E. 
Daniel, F. A. Fennell W. H. Murry, and many more. 

60 churches, 5,069 members. 

1898— SI LOAM— OCT. 4-6. 

J. L. Stewart, Moderator; A. R. Herring, Clerk; Isaiah Carroll, Treasurer. 

New church, Antioch was received. 

Visitors: Arch Johnson, J. C. Caddell, J. E. White. 

Sermons were preached by J. D. Larkins, Benjamin Ward, J. M. Alderman, 
J. E. White. 

Reading Clerks: F. A. Fennell and 8. G. Hall. 

Finance Committee: B. F. Keith, W. J. Fryar, and S. H. Strickland. 

W. H. Middleton resigned as Treasurer and Isaiah Carroll was elected. 

W. L. Bilbro reported for the Executive Committee. It was a good report 
and showed that the committee was busy. 

A resolution was adopted deciding to do its mission work through the 
State Mission Board; sending all mission collection to Raleigh for them to 

The Finance Committee had received $569.20. 

The Treasurer had handled $486.38. 

A letter from Miss Fannie E. S. Heck was read. She gave an idea of 
what the Woman's Missionary Societies were accomplishing in North Caro- 
lina and encouraging the full co-operation of the women of the Eastern As. 
sociation in the work. Of the 60 churches last year only 13 Societies were 

Executive Committee: S. M. Carlton, W. H. Murry, D. L. Gore, D. L. Her- 
ring, and L. Middleton. 

An order was passed that the report on "Woman's Missionary Societies" 
should be printed in the minutes. It failed to appear. 

No new names appeared among the preachers, some were omitted. 

The usual topics were discussed. 

- 43 — 

1899— MOUNT HOLLY— OCT. 3-5. 

J. L. Stewart, Moderator; A. R. Herring, Clerk; Isaiah Carroll, Treasurer. 

Dr. N. B. Cobb preached the Introductory sermon. 

Finance Committee: F. M. Southerland, J. F. Lewis, and W. B. Lamb. 

Reading Clerks: S>. G. Hall, and J. F. Littleton. 

Auditing Committee: C. E. Daniel, J. R. Marshall, and J. W. Hollingsworth. 

Executive Committee: S. M. Carlton. W. H. Murvy, D. L. Gore, J. W. 
Nobles, and L. Middleton. 

Arch Johnson, J. C. Caddell, John E. White, were visitors. 

Money was raised to finish paying the debt on the church house at Jack- 
soiville. John E. "White, for State Board, paid a part of it. 

Cash collection for Orphanage $9.59. 

Sliiloh had excluded 49 members — cause not known; Ivanhoe church re- 
ceived these 49 without any restoration of them in Shiloh church. The 
committee, composed of Elders C. S. Blackwell, J. T. Albritton and N. B. 
Cobb, recommended to the Association as a plan of settling the trouble be- 
tween the churches: 1st. That Ivanhoe church rescind their action in receiv- 
ing the excluded members; 2nd. That the Shiloh church restore the mem- 
bers so excluded and grant them letters of dismission. 

The cause of expulsion seems to have been a triavial one. 

Report on Education made the statement: "Encouraged by the unprece- 
dented number of students now at Wake Forest and in the Baptist Female 
University — 250 and 184 respectively, we are ready to press on." 

An appeal was made to pastors and delegates "To request their Woman's 
Missionary Societies to send quarterly reports to Mrs. J. A. Briggs. Raleigh, 
and to Miss Julia M. Jones, Warsaw. If you have no Society please organize 

The new pastors were. Dr. C. S. Blackwell, J. J. Payseur. R. H. Hewlett, 
J. H. Dobson, and J. J. Adams. 

Several had moved away. 

60 churches; 6,002 members. 

Treasurer's receipts $600.02. 

The reports were gcod and it would be fine if space would allow mention 
cf the part each of the brethren took in the discussions. 

1900— MOUNT OLIVE— OCT. 9-11. 

J. L. Stewart, Moderator; A. R. Herring, Clerk; W. H. Middleton, Treasurer 

Executive Committee: S. M. Carlton, W. H. Murry, D. L. Gore, L. Middle- 
ton, C. E. Daniel. 

Sermon by Elder R. H. Gilbert, of South Carolina. 

Reading Clerks: R. H. Herring and I. E. Ketchum. 

Elder W. C. Newton preached at the Presbyterian church. 

Rose Hill was received as a member of the Association. 

Elder O. L. Stringfield spoke in the interest of the Baptist Female Univer. 
sity. $139.93 was raised for the school. 

44 — 

Those selected to make reports: 

State Missions — N. B. Cobb, B. Ward, B. Matthews. 

Home Missions — R. H. Herring, L. R. S'anderson, and I. E. Ketchum. 

Foreign Missions — R. C. Sandling, A. R. Herring, and C. C. Corbett. 

Orphanage — J. J. Adams, L. B. Boney, and Arch Johnson. 

Ministerial Education — O. P. Meeks, S. A. Strickland, and J. F. Lewis. 

Ministerial Relief — C. E. Daniel, J. A. Powell, and F. M. S'outherland. 

Periodicals — J. T. Albrittcn, J. A. Baker, and J. H. Evans. 

Sunday Schools — S. M. Carlton, Isaac Brown, and H. B. Peterson. 

Miss Fannie Heck reports to the Association that of the 61 churches 15 
have missionary societies. These fifteen societies raised during the year 

Rev. A. L. Betts preached at night in the Presbyterian church. 

Seventeen beneficiaries had received aid from the Relief Fund. 

The Century Celebration movement failed to materialize. 

$10.71 was raised to aid Antioch in building. 

The Treasurer had received $609.30. 

The Finance Committee had received $540.85. 

Pledges on the various objects for next year were taken. $1,11 9.150. 

Practically the list of pastors was the same as last year. 

Some of the visitors were: N. B. Broughton, Arch Johnson, A. L. Betts, 
B. W. Spillman, W. C. Newton, J. E. Peterson, O. L. Stringfield, J. W. Cobb. 

1901— MOUNT GILEAD— OCT. 8-10. 

Moderator — J. L. Stewart; Clerk — A. R. Herring; Treasurer — W. H. Mid- 

Executive Committee: S. M. Carlton, W. H. Murry, L. Middleton, C. E. 
Daniel, Ben. Matthews. 

New names among the ministers: L. Bryant, O. W. Triplett, C. B. Paul, 
J. A. Smith. 

Finance Committee: D. J. Corbett, A. F. Robinson, and H. G. Owen. 

Reading Clerks: L. R. Highsmith and C. E. Daniel. 

The following churches secured letters to organize the Wilmington 
Association. Barlow Chapel, Berea, Bethlehem, Burgaw, Brooklyn, Caintuck, 
Caswell, Emma's Chapel, Haw Bluff, Olivet, Long Creek, Masonboro, Moores 
Creek, Tar Landing, Rileys Creek, South Side, Salem, Wilmington, Wil- 
lard.— 19. 

Visiters: S. F. Conrad, Arch Johnson, J. W. Cobb, D. W. Herring, W. N. 
Johnson, O. Blackburn, R. Honeycutt, J. B. Newton, R. T. Vann. 

Dr. L. Johnson, Corresponding Secretary, came in. 

Collect ion for State Missions was $16.08. That amount was handed to 
f r. L Johnson. 

4 rrsolution was adopted directing the Trustees cf the Warsaw High 
Schooj to deed a lot to the Warsaw Baptist church. 

The report of the Testes of the High School suggested that at tha next 

— 45 — 

meeting of the Association the property be sold k some definite plan be 
S-t oz foot to give it life. 

Report on Education said Wake Forest had 225 students and the Female 
University had 238. 

The report on Woman's Work showed that it was a day when it was sup- 
posed the women could not do much. 

Auditing Committee — D. S. Kennedy, J. C. Gore, and W. L. Johnson. 

Report of the Treasurer — Received and disbursed $544.19. 

Finance Committee reported having received $653.03. 

An interesting report was on "Baptist Young People." 

Notice of the death of Elder J. L. Britt was inserted. 

62 churches; 6,500 members; 28 ministers. 

Some of the writers and speakers: J. D. Larkins, B. S. Peterson, J. M. 
Alderman, G. A. Herring, T. J. Jarmon, W. N. Johnson, S. F. Conrad, O. P. 
Meeks, L. R. Highsmith, D. W. Herring, A. L. Betts, J. D. Hocutt, S. M. 
Carlton, R. T. Vann, E. C. Bobbitt, J. B. Newton, M. C. Walton, C. E. Daniel. 
L. D. Cherry, D. S'. Kennedy, L. B. Boney, W. L. Johnson, M. H. Oates, F. 
F. Newton, D. D. Wells, R. H. Herring, J. H. Evans, N. A. Shelly, J. L. 
Stewart, N. B. Cobb, and others. 

This list of names carries many suggestions of real history. 

1902— HALLSVILLE— OCT. 7-9. 

Moderator, J. L. Stewart; Clerk, A. R. Herring; Treasurer, W. H. Mid- 

Sermon by Elder J. M. Alderman. 

Finance Committee: Thad Jones, W. J. Fryar, C. F. Carroll, C. E. Daniel. 

V. N. Sewell and C. E. Daniel reading clerks. 

Committee to digest letters: N. B. Cobb, J. M. Alderman, W. H. Vanhoy. 

Letters were granted to Bear Marsh, Catherine's Lake, Mount Holly, Provi- 
dence, Teachers, and Wells Chapel to join the Wilmington Association. 

Alum Springs, a new church, was received. 

Faison, a new churcb, was received. 

Editor J. W. Bailey spoke on Biblical Recorder. 

Executive Committee: J. A. Powell, C. E. Daniel, W. H. Murry, L. Middle- 
ton, W. H. Middleton. 

J. D. Larkins read report on Ministerial Education. 

S. M. Carlton read report of Executive Committee. 

J. T. Albritton gave the report on State Missions. 

L. R. Carlton presented the report on High School. 

(The school seemed to have died but wouldn't stay dead.) 

N. B. Cobb read report on Home Missions. 

A. L. Betts presented report on Periodicals. 

The report on Orphanage was submitted by J. W. Powell. 

Digest of church letters was given by N. B. Cobb. 

J. M. Alderman furnished the report on Sunday Schools. 

Woman's Work was presented by J. N. Tolar. 


Report of Finance Committee: Receipts $492.18. 

Report of the Treasurer: Received and disbursed $675.49. 

W. N. Johnson made report on Denominational Institutions. 

The delegates promised to push the interest of Female University. 

A committee was appointed to look after the sale of Antioch Church. 

D. S. Kennedy read a report in which the Young People's Union was treat- 
ed negatively, to say the least of it. 

A resolution was offered to sell Warsaw High School. After some discus- 
sion the resolution was tabled. 

25 churches withdrew to form the Wilmington Association. The lumber 
now stands: churches 34, members 3,088. 

23 Sunday Schools; 1,380 in Sunday Schools. 

1903— ROSE HILL— OCT. 6-8. 

Moderator, J. L. Stewart; Clerk, A. R. Herring; Treasurer, C. E. Daniel. 

Finance Committee — M. Ward, A. F. Robinson, J. T. Kennedy. 

Reading Clerks — Thad Jones and C. E. Daniel. 

Rowan was received from the South River Association. 

The Rose Hill Baptist church was dedicated in the evening. The dedica- 
tory sermon was preached by Rev. J. D. Hufham, D'.D. 

N. B. Cobb preached in the M. E. Church. 

J. N. Tolar preached the missionary sermon. 

Collection for missions $17.00. 

Elder B. Williams and Elder L. Wells, Presbyterian ministers, were in- 
vited to seats. 

N. B. Cobb read the report on Pereidkals. 

Report on Home Missions was submitted by R. C. S'andling. 

Ministerial Education was presented by J. N. Tolar. 

Denominational Institution was presented by Thad Jones. 

Two pointed questions were put before the body concerning the Warsaw 
High School: 

1. Shall the Association keep the property? Yeas, 32; Nays, 14. 

2. Shall we enlarge the Institution? Yeas. 22. 
W. N. Johnson read the report en Orphanage. 

L. R. Carroll read the report on Ministerial Relief. 

The report on Woman's W T ork was read by J. M. Alderman. 

The organization of Young People's Unions was again discouraged. 

The Committee on Finance reported: Receipts, $53.74. 

Ordained ministers. N. B. Cobb, J. M. Alderman, W. N. Johnson, .). T. 
Albritton, J. L. S'tewart, J. D. Larkins, L. M. Hobbs, C. T. Tew, C. F. Hop^ 
per, W. B. Rivenbark, W. A. Melvin, J. N. Tolar, N. A. Shelly, R. C. Said- 
ling, T. J. Baker L. R. Carroll, J. A. Smith. 

32 churches; members 2,669. 

The tables show three Woman's Missionary Societies, as follows: Cliaton, 
Johnsons, Warsaw. 

Sunday School pupils, 1,083. 

There were the usual representatives of the Baptist Institutions. 

— 47 — 

1904— NEW HOPE— OCT. 4-6. 

J. L. Stewart, Moderator; A. F. Robinson, Clerk; C. E. Daniel, Treasurer. 

Executive Committee: C. E. Daniel, W. H. Murry, W. H. Middleton, J. A. 
Powell, L. Middleton. 

Finance Committee: W. J. Fryar, James Carlton, and Maury Ward. 

Reading Clerks: C. M. Beach and J. H. Booth. 

Delway, a new church, was received. 

The minutes contain a valuable Historical summary of history. It is val- 
uable so far as it goes. There are many facts which Bro. J. T. Albritton 
had collected about the churches. For a moment he lifts the veil and we see 
conditions as they existed among the churches in 1844 when the name 
Goshen was changed to Union. The names connected with each church sug. 
gest real and valuable material for history. His paper should have a perma- 
nent place in the records. 

Very little work was done at that session of the Association. The His- 
torical Sketch by J. T. Albritton was the only important item for preserva- 

There was an effort to dispose of the High School, but the proposition was 
promptly tabled. 

The reports on the usual topics were presented and discussed. 

Sermons were preached and speeches on the various subjects. 

1905— MOUNT OLIVE— OCT. 3-6. 

Moderator— €. E. Daniel. Clerk — A. F. Robinson, Treasurer — Maury Ward. 

Executive Committee: C. E. Daniel, W. H. Middleton, W. H. Murry, J. A. 
Powell, L. Middleton. 

Finance Committee: Maury Ward, W. F. Fryar, J. D. Roberts. 

Reading Clerks: C. M. Beach, and Thad Jones. 

A new church, Cedar Fork, was received. 

Rev. J. T. Albritton, the Historian, read a most valuable Historical Sketch 
of Bear Marsh Church. 

C. E. Daniel, the retiring Treasurer, reported receipts and disbursements, 

Several visiting brethren came in: Hight Moore, Mayor J. E. Peterson, 
Arch Johnson, J. M. Page, Rev. B. F. DeLoatch (Methodist). 

R. C. S'andling read report on Orphanage; collection, $40.17. 

Report on State Missions. C. M. Rock. J. C. Hines, J. A. Powell. 

Finance Committee: Receipts $816.56. 

Periodicals: J. M. Alderman, J. E. Highsmith, W. H. Hagwood. 

Home Missions: J. T. Albritton, B. Matthews. 

Ministerial Education: T. L. Brown, E. M. Johnson, J. L. Carlton. 

Sunday Schools: J. H. Booth, E. C. Herring, J. E. Boyette. 

Foreign Missions: L. R. Carroll, C. M. Beach, L. Middleton. 

Ministers' Relief: W. B. Rivenbark, T. Middleton, S. A. Strickland. 

Education: I. D. Johnson, C. M. Beach, W. A. Moore. 

— 48 — 

Woman's Work: A. T. Britt, Thad Jones, I. D. Johnson. 

Tnere were Woman's Societies at Delway, Johnsons, Mount Olive, Mag- 
nolia, Kenansville, Corinth, Clinton, and Warsaw. They had raised $158.27. 

Mrs. W. B. Stewart was Associational President. 

On motion the "B.Y.P.U." was stricken from the list of topics. 

34 churches, 149 baptisms, 3,169 members. 

Nine churches with no Sunday S'chools. 

A' resolution to sell Warsaw School property was voted down. 

General PROHIBITION was advocated. 

Contributed and used for Ministers' Relief, $74.35. 

Names of Ministers: J. T. Albritton, .7. L. Stewart, C. M. Rock, R. C. hand- 
ling, L. M. Hobbs. C. T. Tew, C. F. Hopper, W. B. Rivenbark, W. A. Melvin, 
J M. Alderman, T. L. Brown. 

1906— LISBON— OCT. 9-11. 

Moderator — C. E. Daniel, Clerk — A. F. Robinson, Treasurer — Maury Ward. 

Executive Committee: C. E. Daniel, W. H. Middleton, W. H. Murry, J- A. 
Powell, L. Middleton. 

Finance Committee. J. A. Gavin. Jr., I. D. Johnson, W. H. Brown. 

Reading Clerks: C. M. Beach and C M. Rock. 

New churches: Alpine, Center, and Beulah Chapel were received. 

The plan to appoint writers on the topics and report the next year was 
voted down. 

By motion the B.Y.P.U. was stricken (the third time) from the list of 

Visitors: Dr. H. C. Herring. Ed. Herring, J. W. Bailey, S. H. Averitt, J. 
B Newton. 

Repoits were read and discussed by: 

State Missions: J. M. Alderman. J. A Powell, W. W. Hobbs. 

Sunday Schools: D. S. Kennedy, C. Bradshaw, S. S. Bostic. 

Foreign Missions: T. L. Brown, C. M. Rock. 

Periodicals: W. B. Rivenbark. W. H. Hagwood, H. M. Swinson. 

Orphanage: S'. H. Averitt, J. H. Booth, J. J. Kelly, R. Matthews, 

Education: C. M. Beach, H. L. Stewart, Frank Bell. 

Home Missions. J. L. Stewart, W. H. Brown, W. J. Mathis. 

Ministerial Education: R. G. Kendrick, N. Brock, W. J. Fryar. 

Womans Work: J. M. Page, C. H. Bronson, I. D. Johnscn. 

Ministerial Relief: J. B. Ritter, D. H. Marshburn, Maury Ward. 

Warsaw High School: By the Trustees. 

$106.58 was collected to assist Alum Springs in building. 

29 churches 'reported Sunday Schools; total enrollment 2,090. 

Total expenditures, $510.66. 

Cash collection for Orphanage, $21.69. 

Woman's Missionary Societies: Clinton W.M.S'.; Clinton Y.L.M.S.; Clinton 
Sunbeams; Warsaw W.M.S. ; Mount Olive W.M.S. ; Johnsons Sunbeams; 
Magnolia W.M.S.; Kenansville W.M.S, 

— 49 

Warsaw school property was sold as directed last yeai. 

Ministers: J. T. Albritton, J. L. Stewart, R. C. handling, J. M. Page, J. M. 
Alderman, T. L. Brown, R. G. Kendrick, C. F. Hopper, W. A. Melvin, W. B. 
Rivenbark, C. M. Rock, J. H. Booth, D. S. Kennedy. 

Churches 33; baptized 243; membership 3,351. 

1907— CLINTON— OCT. 8-10. 

Moderator — C. E. Daniel, Clerk — A. F. Robinson, Treasurer — Maury Ward. 

Executive Committee: C. E. Daniel, J. A. Powell, W. H. Middleton, W. H. 
Murry, L. Middleton. 

Finance Committee: Thad Jones, G. D. Herring, A. J. Matthews. 

Reading Clerks: C. M. Beach, and V. N. Seawell. 

Committee for Digest of Letters: A. R. Herring, C. C. Corbett, E. C. Her. 

The Treasurer reported as follows: 

Receipts $ 757 . 89 


To Walters Durham $317.28 

To Executive Committee . 306 . 54 

To Orphanage 78 . 94 

For other items 55.13—$ 757.89 

Among the visitors were: Prof. J. B. Carlyle, Braxton Craig, Arch Johnson, 
Rev. A. S. Barnes,, Methodist Pastor, and others. 

$97.50 had been collected for ministerial relief. 

Mrs. W. B. S'tewart was the Associational President for the Woman's 
Work; but the report was made by a committee of men. There were 12 
Societies. They had raised $231.07. 

About sixty years ago there had been organized under a charter a "So- 
ciety for the Relief of Old Ministers and their Families." For many years 
it had been defunct, all the old members having died. There was left of its 
funds about $500.00. Rev. J. L. Stewart who had for some years held the 
money and notes belonging to the Society asked for instruction from the 
Association what to do with the funds. The Assciation instructed him to 
collect all notes possible and to turn all the proceeds over to the Board for 
the Relief of Old and Infirm Ministers of the Baptist State Convention. Bro. 
Stewart exhibtied a receipt from T. E. Cheek, Treasurer, for the said $500. Q0. 

The Committee on Digest of Letters reported: 

Amount of money churches spent on themselves, $5,782.55; amount paid 
for all missionary purposes $2 814.00. Baptized during the year 327; Church 
membership 3,598. Six churches had no Sunday Schools. 

The reports on the usual topics were fine and spoken to by many of the 

— 50 

1908— WARSAW— OCT. 6-8. 

Moderator — C. E. Daniel, Clerk — H. L. Stewart, Treasurer — W. H. Mid- 

Executive Committee: C. E. Daniel, W. H. Middleton, J. A. Powell, L. Mid- 
dleton, W. H. Murry. 

Finance Committee: W. J. Fryar, W. H. H'agwood, Maury Ward. 

Reading Clerks. C. M. Beach and C. F. Carroll. 

Beulaville and Calypso, new churches, were received. 

Ivanhoe received a letter to join Wilmington Association. 

Mount Zion secured a letter to join the Bladen. 

Visitors: L. Johnson, H. C. Moore, M. L. Kesler, W. C. Tyree. C. H. Utley, 
R. J. Bateman, of Norfolk; E. L. Middleton. 

There was a fine obituary of Elder John T. Albritton. 

Treasurer's report: Receipts, $588.51; disbursements $588.51. 

Finance Committee's report, $787.94. 

C. M. Beach was appointed Sunday School Secretary for the Association 
and when possible to co-operate with E. L. Middleton, the Sunday School 
Secretary for the North Carolina Baptist State Convention. 

The Woman's Work still held a subordinate place among the brethren. 
The sisters were not allowed to read their own reports. There were about 
the same Missionary Societies as the year before. The collections from 
the Societies were $495.41. 

There had been a fund to pay the expense of the delegate to the Southern 
Baptist Convention. There was a balance of $8.00 on hand. A collection 
of $8.50 was taken and paid to Elder J. M. Alderman to assist in paying 
his expenses to the Convention. 

The digest of letters showed: 

Amount spent for home current expenses $6,635.59; Amount spent for 
Missions $2,968.28 

Churches 38, membership 3,847, Sunday School pupils and teachers 2,740, 
Baptisms 268. 

1909— CORINTH— OCT. 5-7. 

Moderator — C. E. Daniel, Clerk A. R. Herring, Treasurer, C." M. Beach. 

Executive Committee: C. E. Daniel, W. H. Middleton, D. W. Fussell, W. 
H. Hagwood, J. R. Peterson. 

Finance Committee. C. L. Herring, J. R. Peterson, F. M. Southerlnnd. 

Reading Clerks: C. M. Beach and W. B. Rivenbark. 

A new church at Turkey was received. 

The Warsaw High School no longer claims attention. About the year 1850 
tBe Association felt the necessity for a good High School and for many 
years made extensive effort to establish and maintain the Warsaw Associs*- 
ti©nal School. Great good was accomplished and many men and women 
went out from the Institution to serve the denomination as well as 
the public generally most acceptably. But as the State began to establish 

51 — 

public high schools it was found impossible to keep up the denominational 
private schools. The Warsaw S'chool passed away about 1906. 

The regular reports were read and discussed, purely as a matter of his- 
tory, showing those who took part. It is well to name those reading or speak- 
ing. Among them were: J. H. Booth, D. S. Ray, M. Ward. C. M. Beach, B. 
G. Early, A. L. Betts, Arch Johnson, Braxton Craig, J. B. Ntewton, J. M. 
Page, W. B. Lamb, E. L. Middleton, W. L. Britt, D. W. Pussell, J R Peterson, 
E. Lee Fox, D. S. Kennedy, J. A. Powell, J. M. Alderman, R. C. S'andling, 
George Highsmith, J. F. Williams, C. L. Herring, C. E. Shipp, I. W. Powell, 
B. F. Fussell, G Kelly, C. J. Bradshaw, D. T. Johnson, Dr. V. N. Seawell, 
Lee Carlton, J. G. Bostic, J. W. Blanchard. S. A. Strickland, C. C. Everett, 
J. T. Wilkins, J. C. Boone. 

Collection for Sunday School Missions $73.25. 

Pledges for Ministerial Relief $106.00. 

A collection was taken for State Missions, $17.00. 

There was a notice of the death of Rev. W. A. Melvin. 

Treasurer reported having received and disbursed $941.78 

Arrangements were made for a campaign for Sunday Schools and Chris- 
tian Education. 

Individuals were appointed to write on each of the subjects and be ready 
to read them at the Association next year. 

1910— BETHEL— OCT. 4-6. 

Moderator — C. E. Daniel, Clerk — A. R. Herring, Treasurer — C. M. Beach. 

Executive Committee. (Same as last year.) 

Finance: M. Ward, D. T. Peterson, Lee Carlton. 

Reading Clerks: C. M. Beach and C. L. Herring. 

Sermon by Elder P. A. Anthony. 

M. L. Kesler, J. S. Farmer, E. L. Middletcn and Geo. W. Green missionary 
to China, were visitors. 

$150.00 was raised to help Beulaville church. 

J. L. Stewart had been able to collect only a small portion of the money 
on notes to the Old Relief Society. He had paid the amount collected over 
to the State Relief Fund and exhibited a receipt in full for the amount from 
R. H. Rigsbee, Treasurer of said Board. 

Rev. B. F. DeLoatch made the report on Woman's Work. Miss Macy Cox, 
Associational Vice-President, then took charge. Several of the local Presi- 
dents were present and made reports. Twenty ladies took part in the dis- 
cussion. Twenty-four Societies were in good and active standing. $65S.59 
had been collected in them. 

The good the ladies were accomplishing caused the brethren to tone up 
and they passed a resolution highly commending the work of the women 
and urged all the churches to organize Societies. 

Writers of reports for next year were appointed. This is mentioned be- 
cause it had not been done before. 

Digest of letters show: Five churches with no Sunday schooi; 17 Sunday 
Schools had collected $430.00 for the Orphanage 

— 52 — 

Per-capita amount for all objects in the churches was reported. 
That was perhaps an average Association; the writers and speakers vere 
about the same as heretofore, there were seme new names. 

1911— ROWAN— OCT. 3-5. 

At the session of the Association for 1911 at Old Rowan church but l ; ttle 
except routine work was done. 

C. E. Daniel was Moderator; A. R. Herring was Clerk; C. M. Beach was 

There was practically the same Executive Committee. 

The Committee on Finance: J. M. Marshburn, M. H. Oates, Addie Black- 

Reading Clerks: C. M. Beach and J. C. Powell. 

Elder B. F. DeLoatch preached the Missionary sPrnion. 

Visitors: C. M. Hall, R. L. Rogers. John E. Ray, and Arch Johnson. 

R. L. Rogers preached at the stand 

E. J. Harrell preached at the Clinton Baptist church at night. 

J. H. Booth read the report on "Woman's Work. In his report he said it 
was good to stimulate the women and children in contributing to the objects 
of the Lord's cause. 

Thirty-five Woman's Missionary Societies had been doing work in 'lie 
Association. There were 909 members of the Societies. They had coiUr b- 
uted $811.74. 

Miss Macy Cox was Vice-President. 

In close proximity to that report is another — very suggestive — "Report 
on Lawmen's Movement." Did the sisters object 1 ? 

Treasurer's Report, $446.00. 

"Gospel Missions" 

In order to keep history straight, it may be well to give in a brief space 
the movement that was known as the "Gospel Mission" plan. Several of the 
churches and Associations desired to have and support their own Foreign Mis- 
sionaries and not through the organized Convention Boards. Funds were 
sent direct to the missionaries on the fields in China and eisewbc-rr! The 
plan did not last many years. 

37 churches; 216 baptisms; 3.915 members. 

Fine reports were read and discussed by the brethren, just about the 
same personnel as last year. 

1912— BEAR MARSH— OCT. 7-9. 

C. E. Daniel, Moderator; A. R. Herring, Clerk; I,. J. Teachey Treasurer. 
Executive Committee: C. E. Daniel, W. H. Middleton, E. M. Teachey, W. 
H. Hagwood, J. R. Peterson. 
W. B. Rivenbark preached the Introductory sermon. 

— 53 — 

Finance Committee: Thad Jones, Bernard Alderman, and Frank Faulk. 

Reading Clerks: C. M. Beach and J. B. Newton. 

Visitors: Dr. L. Johnson, Arch Johnson, G. E. Lineberry, Dr. T. O. Kelly, 
W. N. Johnson. 

Miss Macy Cox made an excellent showing for the work of the women of 
the Association. 

23 Woman's Missionary Unions. 

14 Sunbeam Bands; 2 Royal Ambassador Bands. 

The amount collected for the year by Woman's Societies $1,037.22. 

The brethren did not do as well. The Treasurer reported $423. bO. Of 
course all they raised was not shown in the Treasurer's report. 

Rev. J. L. Stewart had served as Moderator of the Eastern Association for 
29 years. He was absent at that session on account of sickness. A resolu- 
tion was passed to send greetings and love to our beloved brother who could 
not be present. 

The Digest of Letters showed. Churches, 36; baptisms, 204; membership, 

Three churches report no Sunday School. 

Ministers of the Association for 1912: W. B. Oliver, W. M. Kelly, C. H. 
Cashwell, J. M. Page, J. B. Newton, C. D. Peterson, B. G. Early, J. M. Al- 
derman, L. L. Hudson, J. L. Stewart, B. F. DeLoatch, J. W. Bell, J. H. Booth. 
R. C. S'andling, E. J. Harrell, Henry Carter, W. B. Rivenbark. 

All the reports were readable and were well discussed. The minutes do 
not show any great enthusiasm except for the, interest in Woman's Work. 

1913— BEULAVILLE.— OCT. 7-9. 

The Association met in 1913 at Beulaville, a new church in lower Duplin. 

C. E. Daniel, Moderator; A. R. Herring, Clerk; L. Middleton, Treasurer. 

Trustees of Dell Stehool Loan Fund: C. E. Daniel, Ex. of H. L. Stewart, 
Chairman, A. R. Herring, Secretary, J. H. Booth. 

Finance Committee: T. Jones, G. Kelly, and S. E. Johnson. 

New Churches were: Oakdale, Springfield, and Garland. 

Elder J. B. Newton preached. Elder J H. Booth preached at night. 
V committee was appointed to apportion among the churches the amount 
to be raised with an increase of 10 per cent over last year. 

The title of one of the reports was "Baptist Education." 

The only evidence of real constructive work at that session of the Asso- 
ciation was what the women had done. The brethren during all the past 
history of the churches had relegated the sisters to silence and meekness. 
When the Association relapsed into a form of reading reports and discuss- 
ing them, and formally adopting them, the good women stepped to the front 
and organized for work. During the last five years the women had raised 

They had done a greater service by enlisting the women in reaching out 
and putting in line of work others who held great possibilities hitherto un- 
recognized. While the Association had declined to report on the work- of 

54 — 

the Young People, those women organized them into bands and put them 
to work. 

At the Association in 1913 the women reported having raised $1,205.62. 

There were 1116 members in the societies. 

The Treasurer of the Association reported $414.02. 

A motion was adopted to raise $500.00 for the Wake Forest church and to 
apportion that amount among the churches. 

C. M. Beach was elected Associational Sunday School Secretary. 

40 churches; 224 baptisms; 4,193 members. 

New preachers: A. O. Moore, S. B. Wilson, R. B. Duckett, and J. A. Snow. 

The reports were fine and no doubt were enjoyed. 

1914 — OAKVALE— OCT. 6-8. 

Moderator, C. E. Daniel; Clerk, A. R. Herring; Treasurer, J. L. Carlton. 

Finance Committee: W. B. Lamb. Theo. Middletcn, and T. B. Summerlin. 

Executive Committee: C. E. Daniel, W. H. Middleton, H. L. Stewart, J. R. 
Peterson, D. H.-Marshburn. 

Reading Clerks: J. M. Alderman, C. H'. Cashwell. 

Finance Committee reported $276.72. 

Visitors: T. B. Hamrick, J. H. Gorrell, E. L. Middleton, D. W. Herring r 
W. N. Johnson. 

The success of the Woman's "Movement" seems to have stirred up the 
men to start a LAYMAN'S' MOVEMENT. As the years pass by we shall 
see if they ever caught up with the women. It was easy to say "We ought — " 
The women were up and doing. 

The reports on the various subjects were fine and no doubt were well dis- 
cussed. Among those who appeared were: J. M. Page, W. B. Lamb. O. F. 
Herring, F. B. Hamrick, W. H. Hagwood. J. F. Wallace, H. J. Brinson. S. 
B Wilson, II . L. Stewart, T. B. Summerlin, J. M. Alderman, D. W. Herring, 
C. H. Cashwell, F. D. Collins, J. H. Gorrell, J. L. Carlton, B. G. Early, E L. 
Middleton, D. H. Marshburn, J. A. Beaman, F. B. DeLoatch, J. R. Peterson, 
Thad Jones, A. O. Moore, J. H. Booth, D. J. Bradshaw, R. P. Holt. W. H. 
Brown, H. M. Swinson, and Miss Macy Cox. 

New ministers: F. D. Collins. C. V. Brooks. T. J. Hood. 

There is a notice of the death of- Rev. R. C. Sandling. 

Miss Cox let it be known that she needed a typewriter for the work of 
her department. The pastors and two brethren, J. R. Peterson and John A. 
Beaman gave assurance that it would be provided. 

1915— JOHNSONS— OCT. 5-7. 

Moderator. C. E. Daniel: Clerk. A. R. Herring; Treasurer, J. L. Carlton. 
Executive Committee: J. R. Peterson, L. Middleton, J. C Williams, C. I. 
Robinson, J. T. Albritton. 

Introductory sermon was preached by Elder C. H. Cashwell. 
Finance Committee: McD. Davis, J. E. Foster. J. F. Wallace. 

— 55 

Reading Clerks: B. G. Early and F. M. Southerland. 

Committee to Digest Letters: R. H. Herring, C. I. Robinson, Thad. Jones. 

Visitors: Arch Johnson, C. J. Thompson, N. H. Shepherd, E. L. Middle- 
ton, T. J. Hood, H. Pipkin, Elder George Matthews (Presbyterian), C. E. 
Brewer. T. W. Lee (Methodist). 

Report on Orphanage was read by B. G. Early. 

Report on State Missions, by J. M. Alderman. 

Report on Executive Committee, C. H. CashWell. 

Report on Woman's Work, A. O. Moore. 

Report on Home Missions, S. B. Wilson. 

Report on Christian Education, L. B. Olive. 

Report on Trustees of Dell S'chool, A. R. Herring. 

Report on Biblical Recorder. J. H. Booth. 

Report on Dell School "Loan Fund ', A. R. Herring. 

Report on Digest of Letters, R. H. Herring. 

Report on Obituaries, S. B. Wilson. 

Report on Laymen's Movement, B. G. Early (a preacher). 

Report on Foreign Missions, R. H. Herring. 

Report on Ministers' Relief, C. H. Cashwell (a preacher). 

Report on Temperance, J. R. Peterson. 

Report on Treasurer's Account, J. L. Carlton. 

Report on Order of Business, J. M. Alderman. 

For seventy-five years the Executive Committee of the Association has 
been a dynamo in the activities of the body. From its beginning the work 
of the committee deserves special mention, but a write-up that would do the 
committee justice would be too long for these brief sketches. 

The report on Woman's Work deserves special attention. Miss Macy Cox 
brought new life into the Association by enlisting the women in lines of 
activity which had been neglected. 

In the month of August the Woman's Societies had held a great meeting 
in Kenansville. It was full of inspiration and encouragement. At that time 
they had 28 Missionary Socities; 11 Y.W.A.'s; 25 S"unbeam Societies, all in 
active work. The work cannot be estimated in dollars and cents; yet they 
raised $1,365.58. 

The Baptist Ministers' Relief Board was organized in 1890. A historic 
sketch is given in the minutes for 1915 — very interesting. 

Churches; 40; baptisms, 178; membership, 4,116. 

1916— CALYPSO— OCT. 3-4. 

Moderator, C. E. Daniel; Clerk, A. R. Herring; Treasurer, J. L. Carlton. 

Introductory sermon by Elder W. N. Johnson. 

Maple Hill secured a letter to join Wilmington Association. 

Finance Committee: R. C. S"eawell, J. C. Robinson, C. L. Herring. 

Reading Clerks: Eugene Bryant and C. H. Cashwell. 

The minutes were read through carefully. The reports were all very fine 

— 56 — 

O t - I -1 <T1 _ l\-± 7_ 

and instructive. The discussions were, no doubt, helpful and inspiring. But 
we fail to find arty business of a constructive nature except the school pro- 
ject at Dell and the report from the Woman's organizations. 

There were 41 churches; 172 baptisms; 4,218 members. 

For the times the churches were liberal, not cnly in local affairs, but in 
the work of missions. They were rather weak on the educational program. 

A box containing records of the Eastern Association, by request of the 
late Rev. J. T. Albritton, was presented to the Association and was placed 
in the hands of the Moderator, C. E. Daniel. 

The report of the Woman's Department showed that that half of the 
Association was alive and pressing forward in their work. 

Miss Cox made an excellent leader and evidently had strong backing ana* 
support in every quarter. 

It is fortunate that the minutes of the Association published the proceed- 
ings of the annual meeting of the Woman's Missionary Union. 

They reported 30 W.M.U.'s; 12 Y.W.A.'s; 28 Sunbeams. The memberbilip 
was 1,395. Amount of money raised $1,313.29. Miss Cox had done a prodig- 
ious amount of work, traveling from one church to another, writing a great 
number of letters, and in every way pressing the work committed to her 

Ministers of the Association at that time: J. L.. Stewart, R. H. Herring, 
J. H. Booth, J. M. Alderman, C. H. Cashwell, B. G. Early, A. O. Moore, S'. 
B. Wilson, F. T. Collins, J. W. Bell. C. D. Peterson, C. V. Brooks, W. B. 
Rivenbark, T. J Baker. H. Pipkin, W. A. Elam. 

1917— PINEY GROVE— OCT. 9-10. 

Moderator, C. E. Daniel; Clerk, A. L. Carlton; Treasurer, L. Middleton. 

Executive Committee: J. R. Peterson, L. Middleton, J. C. Williams, C. I. 
Robinson, J. T. Albritton. 

The opening sermon was preached by Rev. R. H'. Herring. 

Finance Committee. T. Middleton, L. M. Sanderson, and D. S'. Ray. 

Reading Clerks: A. O. Moore and A. L. Carlton. 

"Visitors: Three Johnsons, Arch, Livingston, and Walter, and Dr. W. R. 

Union Grove, a new church, was received. 

A resolution was adopted asking the Moderator to appoint a committee 
to arrange with the Executive Committee for meetings for three days at 
each recurring fifth Sunday; and that a prepared program be sent to each 
church asking for co-operation. 

A motion was passed to ask the State Board of Education to appropriate 
four-fifths of the money paid by the Eastern Association for Christian Edu- 
cation to Dell School. 

A motion was adopted to pay Miss Macy Cox $300.00 instead of $200.00 
as heretofore. 

A resolution was adopted that an effort be made to divide the churches 
up into fields for pastoral services and more efficient work. 

— 57 — 

The minutes contain a notice of the death of Rev. J. B. Newton. 

Report on Woman's Missionary Union: 

The Ninth Annual Session met with the Baptist Church in Clinton in 
August, 1917. Miss Macy Cox presided at all the meeeings. Miss Elizabeth 
Briggs of Raleigh (later Mrs. T. M. Pittman, of Henderson), was present 
and was very helpful in many ways. 

There were 26 W. M. Unions; 9 Y. W. Auxiliaries; 23 Sunbeam Societies. 
2 Royal Ambassadors; Total membership, 1,228. 

The Superintendent traveled 752 miles in her work, wrote 780 letters and 
cards, and visited personally nearly all of the societies. The funds from 
the Societies amounted to $1,481.45. 

A resume of the reports would be interesting but space forbids. 

New pastors: P. A. Hicks, J. D. Howell, W. M. Huggins, C. V. Stevens, 
E. L. Weston. 

42 churches; 220 baptisms; membership 4,325. 

1918— CONCORD— OCT. 29. 

On account of the epidemic of influenza which was prevailing extensively, 
the meeting of the Eastern Association had been postponed for some weeks. 

The Moderator, Hon. C. E. Daniel, along with so many others, had been 
called from life's activities. New officers filled the places made vacant. 

Moderator, H. L. Stewart; Clerk, A. L. Carlton, Treasurer, L. Middleton. 

The Introductory sermon was dispensed with. Dr. R. T. Vann conducted 
a short opening service. 

It was decided to continue the meeting for one day only. 

Finance Committee: D. Matthews, T. Middleton, J. F. Williams. 

Reading Clerks: K. W. Cawthon, J. M. Alderman. 

The various reports were read and adopted without discussion. 

Dr. Vann addressed the Association on Christian Education. 

Treasurer's Report: $815.31. 

Miss Macy Mox made an excellent report on Woman's Work. 

?ome new Societies had been formed. 

W. M. Unions, 31; Y.W.A., 13; Sunbeams, 28; G. A., 2; R. A., 5; Total 
enrollment 1,435. Funds collected, $2,001.17. 

Their annual meeting was at Magnolia. 

The Moderator appointed chairmen of committees to have reports ready 
for the next year. 

A motion was carried to add $100.00 to the amount paid Miss Cox for next 
year, provided it should be in the treasury. 

Finance Committee reported $551.28. 

1919— HALLSVILLE— OCT. 7-8. 

Moderator, H. L. Stewart; Clerk, E. P. Blanchard; Treasurer, L. Middleton. 
Executive Committee: J. R. Peterson, L. Middleton, J. C. Williams, A. R. 
Herring, J. T. Albritton. 

— 58 — 

Finance Committee: T. Middleton, H. Carlton, F. M. Southerland. 

Digest Letters: L. L«. Johnson, M. E. Britt, E C. Robinson. 

Reading Clerks. R. H. Herring and C. I. Robinson. 

An effort was made to arrange for an Associational S'ecretary. 

The 75 million campaign was endorsed and by resolution the Eastern 
Association assumed $120,000.00 as its portion of the amount to be raised. 
That amount was apportioned out among the various churches. 

The Finance Committee reported $765.97. 

Report of the Treasurer, $548.78. 

Report on Woman's Work: Miss Cox made her report which was most in- 
teresting and well received by the brethren. 

They held their eleventh annual meeting in the Baptist church at Mount 
Olive in August. She reported 29 W. M. S'.; 13 Y. W. A.; 26 Sunbeams; 2 
G. A.; and 5 R. A. Total membership 1,522. Amount raised, $3,739.73. 

They had visitors: Miss Bertha Carroll, Raleigh; there were others from 
the state. Miss Carroll paid beautiful tribute to the Eastern Association 
by presenting for the second time the State Banner. 

The Union voted to give next year $5,000.00 to the Convention objects. 

Officers for the Union for 1920 were: Miss Macy Cox, Superintendent; 
Mrs. J. R. Peterson, Assistant; Mrs. M. J. Herring, Secretary and Treasurer- 

The Association heard all the usual reports and had pleasure in the in- 
terested discussions. By means of strong speeches succeeded in having the 
reports adopted. 

The full list of ministers was: J. L. Stewart, R. H. Herring, J. H. Booth, 
J. M. Alderman, S'. B. Wilson, J. W. Bell, C. D. Peterson, T. J. Baker, 
H. Pipkin, G. W. White, A. L. Carlton, W. M. Huggins, E. L. Weston, I. T. 
Stroud, K. W. Cawthon, L. L. Johnson, Alex Peterson, J. M. Duncan, B. R. 
Page, D. E. Hill, D. P. Harris, J. F. Colstcn. 

1920— CLINTON— OCT. 5-6- 

Moderator, H. L. Stewart; Clerk, E. P. Blanchard; Treasurer, J. L. Carlton. 

Executive Committee: J. R. Peterson, L. Middleton, J. C. Williams, A. R~. 
Herring, J. T. Albritton. 

Finance Committee: J. T. Albritton, A. R. Herring, Dr. A. A. Maynard. 

K. W. Cawthon preached the Introductory sermon. 

The minutes contain a brief but excellent memorial of the late Modera- 
tor. C. E. Daniel. 

Report of the Finance Committee showed $650.48; The Treasurer's report, 

The Report on S'unday Schools by Dr. A. A. Maynard is worth repeating. 

All the_ reports were fine. The reports and the discussions occupied 
pretty nearly all the time of the Association. There was nothing of a na- 
ture calling for new enterprise except the work which was in the hands of 
the women. 

The report of Miss Macy Cox is full of interest and shows intensive work 
and endurance. The, session of their Associational Union was held with the 
Johnscns church, in August, 1920. 

— 59 — 

Number of Societies, 33; Y. W. A'., 16; Girls' Auxiliaries, 2; Royal Am- 
bassadors, 8; Sunbeams, 30; Total membership, 1,823; Total money raised 
by them, $5,481.29. 

Miss Cox was presented the S'tate Banuer which her Association had won 
for the third successive year. 

The officers were Miss Macy Cox, Superintendent; Miss Annie Lee Best, 
Assistant; Mrs. J. R. Peterson, Secretary and Treasurer; Miss Beatie Hub- 
bard, Mission Study Leader. 

They had a strong Executive Committee: Mrs. Fannie Byrd, Mrs. Abb 
Pickett, Mrs. W. W. Cox, Mrs. Jim Albritton, Mrs. Thad Jones, Mrs. Clar- 
ence Brown, Mrs. M. J. Herring, Mrs. C, S. Parker, and Miss Emma Mid- 

There was the same list of ministers as last year. 

Men (and women) make history and it is well to preserve the work done 
by those who attend the Association. Space does not permit all that we 
want inserted in these sketches. 

S'ome, of the actors were: J. E. Boyette, A. A. Peterson, J. G. Malpass, W. 
H. Brown, J. T. Kennedy, J. P. McLamb, F. Rich. B. SI Peterson, R. J. 
Whaley, C. T. Bell, H. M. Swinson, E. L. Croom, L. A. Byrd, R. Carlton, 
H. K. Darden, H. J. Batts, C. E. Ship, E. T. Lamb, J. T. Hudson, G. W. 
White, W. W. Cook. W. D. Wilkins, H. L. Swain, W. D. Henderson. 

1921— SI LOAM— OCT. 4-5. 

Moderator, H. L. Stewart; Clerk, E. P. Blanchard, Treasurer. J. L. Carlton. 

Executive Committee: J. R. Peterson, L. Middleton, J. C. Williams, A. R. 
Herring, J. T. Albritton. 

Finance: T. Summerlin. G. D. Herring, Z. V. Blount. 

Reading Clerks. McD. Davis. W. M. Kelly. 

Digest of Letters: F. M. Southerland, B. S. Peterson, G. P. Britt. 

Introductory sermon was preached by Elder L. R. O'Brian. 

On motion the delegates were asked to take up collection on returning 
to their churches to pay off a debt on the Board. 

Report on Dell School Loan Fund. Cash in Clinton Bank $463.42; notes 
for loans, $130.00. 

In July of 1921 there was held a great Sunday School Convention in Ke- 
nansville. The minutes indicate that there was great interest in the work 
before the body and that all went away full of new zeal in the cause. 

The report on Woman's Work was full of inspiration and encouragement. 
The Missionary Union met in their thirteenth annual session with the Ca- 
lypso Baotist church. Miss Macy Cox presided. 

33 Missionary Societies., 15 Young Woman's 'Societies, 10 Girls Auxiliaries? 
11 Royal Ambassadors. 31 Sunbeam Bands. Total membership, 1,992. 

Total amount paid in by this department $6,031.88. 

The above figures represent but a small portion of the good which comes 
from the great work they are doing. They are training young people for 
future leadership. 

— 60 — 

A few years back a motion was adopted to strike from the list of subjects 
the discussion of the "B.Y.P.U." 

A. L. Brown read a report on B.Y.P.U. The report was adopted, and Bro. 
Brown was elected President of the work. 

The several reports were well prepared and made excellent reading. The 
discussions were fine, but we cannot reproduce either for lack of space. 

The new ministers were: T. R. O'Bryan, A. L. Brown, Z. T. Batts. W. R. 
Stevens, A. D. Carter, Henry Carter. 


The Eastern Association was called to meet in special session on the above 
date to take under advisement the financial conditions of Dell School. 

Moderator, H. L. Stewart; Clerk, E. P. Blanchard. 

Devotional exercises were conducted by A. L. Brown. 

The object of the special call was stated by A. R. Herring. 

Adjournment was taken till 2 P. M. 

On re-assembling Dr. E. T. Carter opened with prayer. 

A resolution was adopted endorsing and recommending the Dell S'chcol 
to the churches and Associations. 

A committee composed of H. L. Stewart, L. Middletcn, and L. R. O'Bririn 
was appointed to look into the situation and formulate plans for relieving 
the situation. 

A resolution was adopted that the Executive Committee of the Sunday 
School Convention be instructed to accept the offer of E. L. Middleton, 
State Sunday School Director, of five Institutes in this Association and to 
notify him of their acceptance. 

Resolved, That the Committee on Christian Education ask the churches !o 
respond immediately with an amount oqual to one dollar per member of the 
church to help Dell School. 

H. L. STEWART, Moderator. 

E. P. BLANCHARD, Clerk. 

1922— SHARON— OCT. 3-4. 

Moderator, H. L. Stewart; Clerk, E. P. Blanchard; Treasurer, J. L. Carlton. 
Executive Committee:: J. R. Peterson, L. Middleton, J. C. Wliliams, A. R. 
Herring, J. T. Albritton. 

Dr. R. T. Vann preached an Introductory sermon. 

Finance Committee: J. T. Kennedy, G. D. Herring, F. M. Southerland. 

Reports were read: 

Associational Missions, by G. W. White. 

State Missions, W. M. Kelly and J. T. Drew. 

Home Missions, by Z. T. Batts and B. S. Peterson. 

Foreign Missions, by W. R. Stevens. 

Temperance, by J. R. Peterson. 

— 61 

Sunday Schools, by A. L. Turner, Dr. V. N. Seawell, J. D. Carter. 

Religious Education, by L. R. O'Brian, T. B. S'ummerlin. 

Orphanage — L. Middleton and J. L. Burch. 

Biblical Recorder, J. W. Bell, M. J. Tucker. 

Old Minister's Relief, by C. D. Peterson, N. H. Carlton, J. W. Stokes. 

Change in Constitution: K. W. Cawthon, J. R. Peterson, Maury Ward. 

Report of Committee on Dell School: We recommend that the school be 
discontinued after the present school year. Also that a committee be ap- 
pointed to make the final arrangements and adjustments and that should 
there be any surplus after the indebtedness shall be met that such surplus 
be turned over to the Baptist State Education Board for such use as may 
be deemed best. Committee: L. R. O'Brian, B. £?. Peterson, J. T. Albritton, 
D. J. Middleton, W. D. Andersen. 

Report on Woman's Work: The Superintendent, Miss Macy Cox, made a 
most interesting report. 

33 W. M. S.; 14 Y.W.A., 10 Girl's Auxiliaries, 10 Royal Ambassadors, 33 
Sunbeam Bands, Total enrollment 1,931. 

Total gifts $5,221.84. 

The officers were: Miss Macy Cox, Superintendent; Mrs. M. J. Herring, 
Assistant Superintendent; Miss Eunice Vause, Secretary and Treasurer, 
Mrs. Henry Carlton, Supt. Mission Study; Mrs. Fannie Byrd, Mrs. Abb 
Pickett, Mrs. Willie Cook, Mrs. Jim Albritton, Mrs. C. S 1 . Parker, Mrs. C. J. 
Brown, and Miss Emma Middleton were added to form the Executive Com- 
mittee. Miss Kathleen Mallory and Miss Elizabeth Briggs were the honored 
guests. 156 delegates present. 

Within ten years the personnel of the ministry had almost entirely chang- 
ed. S. B. Wilson, C. D. Peterson, J. W. Bell, H. Pipkin, G. W White, I. T. 
Stround, K. W. Cawthon, Alex. Peterson, J. M. Duncan, A. L. Turner, W. M. 
Kelly, L. R. O'Brian, A. L, Brown, W. R. Stevens. A. D. Carter, Henry Car- 
ter, Z. T. Batts. 

A motion was adopted to invite the Goldsboro church to become a member 
of the Eastern Association, 

A fine report was made on the B. Y. P. U. 

1923— CORINTH— OCT. 9-10. 

Moderator, H. L, Stewart; Clerk, D. J. Middleton; Treasurer, J. L. Carlton 

Executive Committee. J. R. Peterson, C. I. Robinson, J. C. Williams, W. 
B. Murry, J. T. Albritton. 

Introductory sermon was preached by Elder J. M. Duncan. 

Finance Committee: A. Johnson, A. T. Maynard, W. D. Kelly. 

Visitors: Dr. C. E. Maddry, Dr. Zeno Wall, C. W. Blanchard, B. G. Earley. 

On motion Dr. Zeno Wall was given 45 minutes to speak. 

Dr. C. E. Maddry, State Secretary, made a great speech on the 75-million 
campaign - before the people. 

Report on State Missions: F. M. Sbuiherland, J. T. Hudson, and B. A. 

— 62 

Foreign Missions: W. R. S'tevens, T. Middleton, Dr. V. N. Seawell. 

Associational Missions: George W. White. 

Home Missions: T. Middleton, S. R. Hairr, D. M. Pussell. 

Christian Education: T. H. King, W. W. Cook, G. T. Britt. 

SHinday Schools: K. W. Cawthon, C. H. Horton, J. C. Williams. 

Temperance: J. W. Bell, J. C. Williams, J. R. Brock. 

Obituaries: H. J. Batts, S. T. Wallace. 

Biblical Recorder: J. R. Petersen, R. E. Fryar, J. R. Wilson. 

Orphanage: T. H. King. 

B. Y. P. XL— A. L. Brown, J. T. Hudson, C. H, Holland. 

Woman's Work: Miss Macy Cox, Superintendent. 

The Annual Union of that body was held at Bear Marsh church in Au- 
gust. This report made material for ? full copied minute in itself. There 
were net quite so many societies, nor were there as many members as last 
year. But the outlay of the work done and the plans for the future excite 
our admiration. "Mission Study," "Stewardship", ''Personal Service," and 
''Memorial", entrance the eye of the historian. 

From 1909 \o 192H the Woman's Department contributed in money $37,- 
171.72. This was done without show or the sounding of trumpets. 

The Union gave to the Baptist Hospital at Winston a bed and equipments 
as a memorial of their love and esteem for their beloved President, Miss 
Macy Cox, for her fifteen years of faithful service. 

Officers: Miss Macy Cox. President: Mrs. M. J. Herring, Assistant Super. 
intendent: Miss Eunice Vance. Secretary and Treasurer: Mrs. Henry Carl- 
ton. Mission ■ Study Superintendent: Mrs. U. Middleton. Personal Service 
Chairman. Mesdames Fannie Byrd. Abb Pickett. Willie Ccok, J. Albritton. 
C. S. Prrker, C. J. Brown, and Miss Smma Middleton, with the offievs form- 
ed the Executive Committee. 

Report on Finance: 

From last year $ US . 57 

Biought in this year f192.">) . . . . . . 770.00 

Paid Miss Macy Cox 600 . 00 

Paid G. W. W r bite 100 . 00 

Paid R. M. Floyd 75.00 

1924— DOBSON'S CHAPEL— OCT. 7-8 

Moderator, H. I,. Stewart: Clerk, n. J. Middleton: Treasurer. J. L. Carlton 

Sermon by G. W. Rollins. 

Finance Committee: L. A. Byrd, L. D. Rogers, E. H. Lewis. 

Two new pastors were present: G. W. Rollins and X. D. Blackman. 

Several talks- wore made concerning the completion of the 75-million funds- 
All agree to try again in the home churches. 

A motion was adopted that a committee be appointed to apportion the 1925 
program among the churches. The committee was: C. I. Robinson, J. R. 
Peterson. L. R. O'Brian, T. H. King, and J. C. Williams. 

Reports were adopted as follows 

— 63 — 

Religious Literature. K. W Cawthon, Miss Betty Loftin, R. D. Canady. 

Orphanage: G. W. Rollins, J. M. Boone, C. J. Lewis. 

Sunday Schools. W. N. Bostic, N, D. Blackman, J. D. McLamb. 

State Missions, Home Missions and Foreign Missions: T. H. King, C. H. 
Holland, Mrs. W. J. Middleton. 

Associational Missions: J. R. Peterson, I. L. Haws, Mossette Iiobbs. 

Christian Education: Miss Lucile Kelly, W. W. Cook, C. I. Robinson. 

Obituaries: J. W. Bell, W. A. Smith, W. A. Everett. 

W. R. Beach made an appeal for the Recorder. 

R. F. Hough represented the Kennedy Home. 

A vote of thanks was given to the committee on Missions for such a splen- 
did report. 

Missionary sermon was preached by 'Llder L. R. O'Brian. 

Miss Macy Cox presented an elaborate and splendid report on Woman's 
Work. It is worthy of the space of three pages. It enumerates Lhe work 
in a way that is very readable. 

The Annual Union met with the Rose Hill Church in August. 172 dele- 
gates were enrolled. The items mentioned in her report were: "Organiza- 
tion," "Membership", "Literature", "Stewardship", "Seasons of Prayer" 
"Personal Service", "Mission Study", 'Finance", "Expenses". 

Total gifts for the year $6,822.50. 

Miss Cox expressed an impression that she should retire. 

Elder T. H. King offered a resolution in the As c ctiation as3U"ing Miss 
Cox of the hearty co-operation of the Association and tbeir high anpreciation 
of her work. 

Report on B. Y. P. IT.: A. L. Brown, F. W. McGowen. 

38 churches, baptisms 210, 5,080 members. 

Ministers: I. D. Johnson, J. W. Bell, G. W. White, W. W. Kelly, K. W. 
Cawthon, J. M. Duncan, L. R. O'Brian, A. L. Brown, A. D. Cart is, Henry 
Carter. L. L. Johnson, M. B'< Holt. G. W. Rollins, N. D. Blackm^n. 

1925— TURKEY— OCT. 8-" 

Moderator, H. L. Stewart; Clerk, D. J. Middleton: Treasurer, J. L. Carlton 

An Introductory sermon was preached by Elder T. H. King. 

Finance Committee: H. Hair, C. H. Holland, C. f Robinson. 

Visitors: Br. W. L. Poteat, Dr. Hover of China. \Y. M. Gilmore, C A. Up- 
tburch, L B. Pagett, F. B. Hamrick. 

J. M. Alderman had returned to the Association. Elder S. L. N:\ff is th»j 
new pastor at Mount Olive 

Dr. Poteat addressed the Association on Christian Education. 

C. A. ITpchurch spoke on religious literature. 

Elder N. D. Blackburn preached the Missionary Sermon. 

W. M. Gilmore spoke on Missions. 

The usual reports were read and discussed. Some of those who spoke to 
the reports were: S. L. Naff, G. P. Britt, T. H'. King, D. S. Matthews, W. R. 
Herring, A. D. Carter, J. M. Diinean, J. G. Boone, C. I. Robinson, H. J. 

— 64 — 

Hines, J. R. Peterson, D. W. Pussell. E. L. Croom, C. A. Upchuroli, G. \\. 
Rollins, J. E. Highsmith, W. M. Gilmore, X. D. Blackmail, Tyson Dobson, 
Vara Phillips, A. L. Brown, M. J. Herring, G. W. H'obbs, J. M. Alderman, 
Miss Macy Cox, Mrs. A. L. Byrd, Miss Bettie Loftin, J. C. Williams. G. 
W. White. J. L. Carlton, C. H. Holland, S. H. Hair, J. W. Bell, L. H. Lamb, 
L. D. Rogers, H. L. Stewart, D. J. Middleton. 

The report of the Executive Committee showed that they had paid the 
Superintendent of Woman's Work $600. 00. Also that they had 'iaid pastoral 
supplies for several weaker churches. 

The Woman's Missionary Union held their last session at Clinton in 
August. There was a total membership of 1,403. The enrollment showed 
quite a falling off. Total fund or gifts was $4,000.00. Miss Cox had don e 
a prodigious amount of work. Nearly 1.000 miles traveled, over a thou- 
sand letters and cards written. 

The officers of the Union were about ihe same as the year before. 

The number of ministers had been greatly diminished. Was ther? a 
cause for the lack in the number of preachers? Many years ago the Eastern 
Association was noted for its strong ministry. Those who serve the churchps 
now are strong men, but the number is small. 

1926— ISLAND CREEK— OCT. 5-6. 

Moderator. T. H. King; Clerk. C. T. Robinson. 

Executive Committee: J. R. Peterson. C. I. Robinson. \V. B. Murry. J. T. 
Albritton. J. C. Williams. 

Finance Committee: O. H. James. P. Rivenbark. R W. Rlanchard. 

Ingold. nominally a new church was enrolled. The name Lisbon was 
dropped from the roll. Consolidation of weak churches is a wise thing, but 
it is painful to the historian to see the old churches which have been promi- 
nent so long lose their identity. Lisbon was organized in 1S23 by Elder 
George Fennell and was a center of culture and influence. 

The raising of funds required for the ro-operativp program was appor. 
tioned among the churches for them to collect. 

The Introductory sermon was preached by Elder ?'. L. Xaff. 

Visitors: Rev. W. M. Gilmore, Dr. J. H. Gorrell. B. O Early. F. B. Ham- 
rjck. Rev. J. L. Hodges. 

Dr. Gorrell spoke on Christian Education. 

The report on B.Y.P.U. was well received. 

As 1927 will be the Centennial year of the Eastern Association, a resolu- 
tion was passed that the next meeting be held at Peulah where the Asso- 
ciation was organized October 2fi. 1S27: and that a committee composed of 
H. L. Stewart. J. R. Peterson and T. H'. King be appointed to make all ar- 
rangements for that meeting. 

The present Executive Committee, like its predecessors for 75 years had 
been busy during the year. It is unfortunate that more cannot be recorded 
of their work, but with a hundred other matters of importance must pass 
with a bare mention. 

— 65 — 

Another successful and busy year had passed with the Woman's Mission- 
ary Union. That was during a period of financial depression, but the women 
held up bravely and made a fine showing. Mere figures will never reveal the 
good accomplished by that band of faithful women. Their enrollment was 
about 1400. Notwithstanding discouraging conditions, their gifts were $3,- 

Nearly all of the older people have passed away; new men and women 
yre at the helm. Well trained, consecrated men and women, whose hearts 
are in the great work they have in hand will accomplish wonderful things 
with the Lord's guidance and help. 

The unwritten history of the Old Eastern Association is full of interest. 
There were giants in those days: Hufham, Fennell, Wells, Stewart, Kennedy, 
Best, McAlpin, McDaniel, Carroll, Oliver, Albritton, Wallace, Biddle, Wil- 
liams, Faison, and a host of others. Those "who follow have a godly heri- 
tage and are making a good showing in their great task. 

In 1850 the brethren determined to establish a school of high order to serve 
the people. For about half a century it strove for an existence, but Warsaw 
could not compete against the public High Schools with the State's treasury 
behind them. Dell School had the same experience. There were other en- 
terprises, Book Depositories for Bibles, and other religious and denomina- 
tional literature. There was the "Ministers Relief Society" which served 
well for many years to assist the aged ministers. 

The Association will soon turn toward a new century. 

66 — 

1927 - 1977 

by Reverend Waldo D. Early 


1927 - 1977 

This is the year 1977, the date is July 14. 

Nearly 50 years ago the Eastern Baptist Association met at Beulah Church, 
near Turkey to celebrate the Centennial-100 years of Baptist fellowship and 
work in this section of North Carolina. 

On October 4th, the first of three days the Association met, 36 of the 38 
churches were represented by 95 registered messengers. One church had no 
messengers that day, while another was represented by letter only. Five of the 
messengers were women. I find no record of the number or names of persons 
registered for the remaining two days. 

There were twenty-six ministers present, many of whom were not pastors in 
the Association. Of the ministers present, N. D. Blackman, is the only one that I 
know of who is now living. A recent letter tells us he is in Hampton, Virginia, 86 
years old. 

The Eastern Association adjourned its one hundredth Annual Session, looking 
toward the next 100 years. Fifty of these years are almost history. We are 
meeting this year, 1977, with the Kenansville and Corinth churches. Both were 
member churches and have continued on for this another half century. 

We find that five of the 38 churches are now extinct or combined with other 
bodies, while three are in another Association, namely: Beulahville, Hallsville 
and Cedar Fork. The three withdrew to help form the New River Association 
some years ago. 

While we have lost eight churches, we have gained ten, making our present 
number 40. As you follow these sketches of the years 1928-1977 perhaps you can 
figure the ones lost and the ones added. 

And so we take up the story of the on going Eastern Baptist Association. Join 

1928 BEAR MARSH — October 9th and 10th 

H. L. Steward served his 9th term as Moderator, though not consecutive 
years. C. I. Robinson was Clerk for his third term with twenty consecutive terms 
to follow. Sixteen ministers were present. Thirty-four churches were represented 
by 65 delegates (messengers). W. R. Beach preached on John 20:21, Garners 
Chapel and Mount Vernon requested membership in the Association. Garners 
Chapel was accepted. When there arose a division concerning the orthodoxy of 
one. Rev. Howard Pipkin, Mount Vernon withdrew their request for membership, 
they were given their letter and the $2.00 minute fund they had given. The 
brother in question refused to meet the appointed Committee. The next day 
there was some debate. The question on unseating the brother was voted on by 
35 persons. Twenty-two voted to dismiss him, while 13 voted to retain. In this 
manner the matter was settled. See the 1928 Minute, pages 16-20 for full 
discussion. Resolutions in memory of John R. Peterson, long time chairman of 
the Executive Committee of the Association were approved. 

- 67 - 

1929 INGOLD — October 8th and 9th 

Each year the Covenant, the Constitution for both the Association and the 
Woman's Missionary Union are carried in the Minutes. This is important as we 
see the fine way in which the work of the women has gone hand in hand with the 
whole associational program. 

G. W. Rollins, the appointee for the annual sermon, was sick. C. V. Brooks 
preached using as his theme "Lord, What Would Thou Have Me To Be"? 

Thirty-nine churches reported by letter, and/or messengers. One church had 
not functioned for two years. One other church had no Sunday School. Woman's 
Missionary Union was reported in good condition with a total of 51 Organizations 
under the leadership of Miss Macy Cox, Superintendent. For the first time, a 
map of the Association was included. Thirty-eight churches were served by 17 
pastors. One church had no pastor that year. There were 130 baptisms; 10 short 
from the previous year. Mount Olive and Garland were the respective leaders in 
baptisms for the year. 

1930 HALLSVILLE - October 7th and 8th 

This year two mnisters answered the higher call. Resolutions of Respect were 
voted on and carried in the Minutes for G. W. Rollins, Warsaw and J. W. Bell, 
Poplar Grove. 

The Associational Officers: 

H. L. Stewart, Moderator-J. M. Alderman, Vice Moderator-C. I. Robinson, 
Clerk-Treasurer. Tables with statistics were an important part of the yearly 
minutes. It was surprising to find that prior to 1924 the Historical Table had not 
been printed each year. Since then it has been a part of each minute. This table 
carries the meeting place (or places) of the sessions, the Officers and the one who 
preached the Annual or Introductory Sermon. This makes for interesting history. 

That year Mount Vernon became a member of the Association. For some 
years Miss Macy Cox had been very active in the leadership of the work of the 
women and the organizations they sponsor. Good records are shown by the six 
pages that were in this year's Minutes. 

1931 NEW HOPE — October 6th and 7th 

F. W. McGowen, Moderator, joined C. I. Robinson, Clerk-Treasurer, as a two 
laymen team lead the Association for a number of years. T. H. King was Vice 
Moderator. R. C. Foster preached the Introductory Sermon, text Matthew 5:20. 

Visitors recognized included C. E. Maddry, L. E. M. Freeman, J. A. Boyd, C. 
H. Cashwell, J. A. Campbell and Mrs. Campbell, L. R. O'Brian and Mrs. O'Brian. 

Thirty -eight churches were represented by 15 pastors while two churches 
reported no pastor. Thirty-nine churches reported 6,251 members. There were 
248 baptisms. Twelve churches had no baptisms. Thirty-seven churches had 
4,924 enrolled in Sunday School with an average attendance of 2,552. 

A vote of thanks was given to H. L. Stewart in appreciation for his many 
years of service as Moderator for the Eastern Association. 

The Every Member Canvass was stressed as was the Cooperative Program. 
The financial pinch was being felt to the extent that the clerk was asked to seek 
ways of reducing the cost of the Associational Minutes. 

Sharon reported the death of a minister, G. W. White. The deaths of three 
deacons and one treasurer were also reported. 

1932 KENANSVILLE - October 4th and 5th 

Local ministers present: T. H. King; J. H. Barnes; R. C. Foster; L. M. Hollo- 
way; J. H. Booth; T. H. Williams; E. N. Johnson; W. R. Beach; T. W. Siler; C. 
V. Books; J. E. Lanier; W. D. Morris; J. C. Powell, and C. D. Peterson. 

Visiting ministers: A. J. Barton, B. W. Spilman, I. M. Mercer, A. C. Reid, J. 

— 68 — 

C. Huff, S. L. Morgan, W. R. Stephens, B. G. Early, L. R. O'Brian, C. R. Taylor, 

C. H. Cashwell, T. E. Walters, J. M. Kester. 

T. H. Williams used Matthew 11:28-30 in preaching the Introductory Sermon. 
Upon notice that W. L. Bilbrow, a former pastor in the Association had died on 
the day the Association was meeting, a message of love and sympathy was sent 
to the family in Greenville. 

A special Call Session of the Association was held at Johnson Church on 
March 24, 1932. The purpose of the Call was for "A Spiritual Awakening". Sixty 
Messengers and many visitors were present. A. J. Barton, J. S. Snyder, A. J. 
Smith, and Perry Morgan made addresses. 

1933 MT. GILEAD — October 3rd and 4th 

These ministers were present: E. N. Johnson, J. H. Barnes, W. R. Beach, A. 

D. Carter, C. D. Peterson, L. M. Holloway, T. W. Siler, W. R. Stephens, R. C. 
Foster, J. H. Booth, R. F. Marshburn, T. H. King, T. H. Williams, W. T. 
Campbell, J. E. Lanier, Boyce Brooks, A. J. Smith, A. L. Brown and A. L. 
Benton. The last four were visiting. 

Springfield Church, not having reported to the Association for a number of 
years, was dropped from the list. This church constituted in 1912, either consoli- 
dated or disbanded after a brief history. I find no reason given for disbanding. 

A Special Committee brought a report concerning a pastor, T. W. Siler. The 
recommendation was to the effect that the Association withdraw fellowship 
from the said, Mr. Siler. Prayer was requested by R. F. Marshburn and led by 
J. E. Lanier. After some discussion and a few words by Mr. Siler on the 
Associational floor, the motion to accept the report of the Committee was 
passed unanimously. 

This is not all that took place during this Session, but it seemed proper to 
make it plain that all the matters of the Association were not smooth and easy. 
The truth needs to be told for the good it can do others. However, let me add 
that for the most part our association is a well ordered and a very good Organiz- 

1934 CONCORD — October 9th and 10th 

The Sketches that were related by Dr. Alderman as he gathered them from 
the Minutes of the first 100 years of the Eastern Association 1 1827-1926, tell of 
the noble leadership of many useful lay persons. Many of these were a part of 
the Executive Committee from year to year. Much responsibility for the operation 
of the Association between sessions was placed upon these members, even as in 
the present time, 1977. We would like to name some of these lay members who 
served long and well. Some of these named, served in both the first century of 
the Eastern and continued on past the 1927 Session where this story begins. 
Some of the faithful: C. I. Robinson, W. B. Murray, J. T. Albritton, and J. C. 
Williams. These were soon joined by Lester Lamb, J. G. Bostic, F. W. McGowan 
and then Mrs. A. G. Cook was named as the first female to serve on the Execu- 
tive Committee. This was 1931. She was succeeded in 1933 by Miss Elizabeth 
Middleton, E. G. Murray, Sr., H. L. Stewart and many other good and useful 
laypersons have served on this comittee from year to year. Yes, ministers were 
and are on this committee also. Here we speak particularly of the laity. 

This year L. L. Johnson became the second member of a two-brother team to 
serve as pastors in the Eastern. His brother, E. N. Johnson, had been pastor 
here for a number of years. Other ministers present included J. H. Barnes, A. D. 
Carter, L. M. Holloway, W. R. Stephens, R. C. Foster, J. H. Booth, R. F. 
Marshburn, T. H. King, T. H. Williams, J. E. Lanier, W. P. Page and visiting 
ministers B. W. Spilman, C. R. Taylor, Fred N. Day and Clay I. Hudson. 

This is the second year the group designated as The Promotion Committee is 

— 69 — 

given. It consists of one lay person from each church. No mention is made of 
ministers being on this committee. However, the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 
was still active. 

R. F. Marshburn preached the Introductory Sermon. He used Matt. 16:13-18 
and Eph. 5:25. Upon recommendation of appointed committee, the name 
"Springfield Church" was officially stricken from the record. The Church had 

1935 MAGNOLIA — October 8th and 9th 

F. W. McGowan and C. I. Robinson continue to serve as Moderator and 
Clerk-Treasurer, respectively. Each officer is elected for a one year term without 
regard to the number of years he may succeed himself. In years to come this was 

Among the newer pastors this year are J. L. Powers, H. G. Bryant and W. P. 
Page. L. L. Johnson preached the Introductory Sermon. Text was Eph 2:19. I 
call attention to the fact that two other Johnson brothers had preached the 
Introductory (Annual) Sermon in previous years. W. N. preached in 1916 and E. 
N. in 1930. If this is not a record, certainly a near record for any Association. 
These were home-grown "boys". 

Once again the Executive Committee had a busy year. A full report is given 
on pages 31-33 of the minutes for 1935. The tables tell the following story in 
figures: Church members 6,215; baptisms, 282; Baptist State paper (Recorder) 
159; Sunday School 4,461, with an average attendance of 2,418. 

A special vote of thanks was given to Miss Macy Cox for her more than 27 
years of faithful leadership among the women of the Association. She retired 
from the office this year. 

1936 ROWAN - October 6th and 7th 

In its 109th Annual Session, the Eastern met with Rowan for the third time. 
In the next 40 years it met there three more times. The Association was honored 
to have four Missionaries who were now serving or had served on Foreign 
Fields. They were Miss Katie Murray, Miss Mary Herring, D. W. Herring and J. 
C. Powell. 

It was agreed to put the picture of the entertaining church in the minutes each 
year, provided the church furnished the cut for said purpose. For the next 
several years we find only two to comply: Rowan for that year and Beulaville in 

J. C. Powell preached the Missionary Sermon. The Introductory Sermon was 
given by W. P. Page who preached on "Who Is Jesus"? Elder Redden Honeycutt, 
a visiting 90 year old minister gave thanks for the noon meal. 

L. A. Beasley was elected "Historian Commissioner". He was to name other 
members of the Committee. J. L. Powers, Missionary pastor of the Beulaville 
Field of Churches reported a successful Vacation Bible School at Beulaville. 

In the Obituary list we note that seven deacons died during the year. That 
was more than average. The year before five deacons and one minister were 
reported. The Minister was Rev. C. D. Peterson of the Clinton Church. 

1937 WARSAW - October 5th and 6th 

An interesting statement: "Congregation of 500 present". 

J. L. Powers preached the Introductory Sermon. He used I Kings 8:18. 

R. C. Foster had moved from the Association but sent a wire expressing 
greetings from his home in Leaksville. Moderator McGowan sent greetings in 
return. There was a report from Secretary Huggins in regard to the 100,000 
Club. Many of you now can recall this financial effort. 

Joel Snyder of Fayetteville preached the Missionary Sermon. A. J. Barton of 

— 70 — 

Wilmington was often in the Associational meetings and spoke on various occa- 

Some new pastors were: E. C. Chamblee, J. P. Gulley, H. G. Bryant, R. A. 
Cadle, W. R. Stphens, J. B. Sessoms and perhaps others. Not all these were new 
that year. The only pastors who were there ten years ago and are still there are 
J. E. Lanier, T. H. King, J. H. Booth and J. H. Barnes. Some of these had 
changed fields of service. The obituary list notes the passing of L. M. Holloway, 
former Pastor on the Beulaville Field, three or more deacons and a host of other 

The gifts for all missions during the year amounted to $7,784.00. 

1938 BEULAVILLE — October 4th and 5th 

Ministers do like to come to the Eastern Association meeting. This year there 
was a total of twenty-eight, though only ten of these were pastors in the 
Association. The Annual Sermon (often called the Introductory) was preached 
by W. R. Stephens. Text was Revelation 2:7. Sometimes we find the term 
"Messengers" used. Again it is "delegates". MESSENGER IS MORE APPRO- 
PRIATE, in that those who go to the meetings are not delegated with authority. 
They are to carry a message from the local church and return with a message 
from the Association to their church. 

The Missionary Sermon was by Sankey Blanton, a visitor from Wilmington. 
His Text was I Thessalonians 2:4. 

The Sunday Schools had a loss of 106. The B. T. U.s gained 230, about 50% 
gain over the previous year. Church membership had a net gain of 324 and there 
were 348 baptisms. This was the largest number of baptisms for years, if not for 
all time. Gifts for local work rose by $4,000.00. Mission gifts were down by 

Mrs. Grover Britt is the new Superintendent of W. M. U. She followed Mrs. 
R. C. Foster. 

A nice picture and write-up of the Beulaville Church is in the 1938 minutes. 

1939 ROSE HILL - October 3rd and 4th 

If someone thinks that these sketches are too brief, let the writer agree that 
they are. But remember that these highlights are taken from minutes that have 
40 or more printed pages for each year. 

The Executive Committee: 
F. W. McGowan H. L. Stewart R. A. Cadle C. I. Robinson 

J. P. Gulley W. L. Beach J. G. Bostic 

Mrs. F. G. Britt was W. M. U. Superintendent. Twenty-five churches had 
some W. M. U. work. 

E. C. Chamblee was Training Union Director. Thirteen churches reported a 
total of thirty-five units with 667 enrolled. 

Each of the 39 churches reported a Sunday School with 4,248 enrolled. There 
were eight Vacation Bible Schools, with 905 enrolled. 

Twenty-five ministers were present, including several visitors. 

J. P. Gulley preached the Annual Sermon, text was II Corinthians 9:15. In the 
afternoon C. P. Herring addressed the Association on Missions. 

It was agreed to pay the clerk $40.00 a year for services rendered. 

S. Lewis Morgan preached using as his Theme, "The Urge to Repentance". 
There was an unusual number of speeches. Some who addressed the Body were: 
M. O. Alexander, Kale Burgess, R. F. Terrell, R. F. Marshburn, J. L. Carrick, 
Mrs. J. L. Powers, A. J. Smith and I. G. Greer. 

It was voted to have 2,000 minutes printed, that there might be one for each 
home. Did you save the one in your home? The work that goes into the preparing 
and printing of an Associational Minute, the expense involved, is too much for 

— 71 — 

the one receiving them to treat them lightly and carelessly. A short speech, but 
one the reader should observe. 

T. N. Cooper was the new Pastor at Calypso and Bear Marsh. 

An interesting account of Simultaneous Revivals was recorded on pages 32 
and 33 of the 1939 minutes. Look it up. You will enjoy it. Suggested plans for a 
like effort the following year were offered. 

1940 CLINTON — October 7th and 8th 

The same Officers served again that year. 

Shiloh Church was received as a new member of the Association. This brought 
the Eastern back to a strength of 40 churches, for the first time in some years. 
Previously, it was voted to leave off all titles of all names printed. This year the 
"Rev." and "Dr." was used. Perhaps the Clerk forgot, or it may have been an 
official act. 

S. Lewis Morgan, Jr., preached the Annual Sermon. He spoke from Luke, 
chapter 7. 

E. A. Walker was the new Pastor serving Piney Grove, New Hope, Turkey 
and Rowan. 

The obituary column told of the death of J. H. Booth, long time pastor in the 
Eastern Association. 

With Mrs. Grover Britt as leader, the Associational W. M. U. reported 82 
societies which was made up of W. M. S., Y. W. A., G. A., R. A., and Sunbeam 
Bands. There was a total of 2,126 involved in Mission Study and action. This 
was the report for 1939. Where do we stand now in the year 1977? 

Visiting ministers present included a father and his son. B. G. Early was a 
former pastor in the Association. Waldo Early was a pastor at Broadway, N. C. 
G. N. Ashley was also a visiting minister from Salemburg. 

Visitors on the program were L. H. Campbell, R. D. covington, M. A. Huggins, 
Smith Hagaman, J. D. Johnson, Sr., Mayor of Garland. 

There was a good attendance for trie day. 

A new organization was formed. It was called "The Sunday School — Baptist 
Training Union Association". It was to be held each fifth Sunday at 2:30 p. m. 

1941 BEAR MARSH — October 7th and 8th 
(Organized 1763) 

This is the second oldest organization in the Eastern Association. Rowan was 
organized fourteen years earlier, in 1749. The host church had entertained the 
Association seven times previously. Wells Chapel was not a member at this 
time. Apparently churches were in and out of the Eastern from time to time, 
usually for geographical reasons (helping to form new associations). 

Only eleven pastors were present at the roll call. G. Van Stephens and D. G. 
Myers were new pastors. Visiting ministers were M. O. Alenander, E. L. Parker, 
(a former pastor), Luther James Matthews. L. L. Johnson, pastor at Concord, 
had held pastorates in and near the Eastern for lo these many years. He is still 
(in 1977) a pastor and is going strong. 

It was voted to replace the map with one that was more up to date. However, 
the new map did not appear until 1946. There was no map for a few years. 

J. B. Sessoms preached the Annual Sermon. D. G. Myers preached the 
Missionary Sermon. H. G. Early of Mills Home, Thomasville, discussed the 
report of the Orphanage work. 

The forming of Fields of Churches and request from the State Mission Board 
for aid for these Fields, was discussed in the Executive Meetings held in October 
and December. The Fields under discussion were to be known as the Magnolia 
(with five churches), the Corinth (with four churches), and a third known as the 
Beulaville (with five churches). 

— 72 — 

The deaths of three elderly persons was reported: G. M. Cooper of Kenansville, 
age 91; Mrs. Mary Chestnutt, age 85; and J. A. Pollock, age 78, both of New 

1942 JOHNSON — October 6th 

This was a one day meeting of the Association, with three sessions. It was 
likely due to travel restrictions because of the War. According to Clerk Robinson 
there were no restrictions when it came to eating. The good ladies at Johnson 
had seen to that. Observe these two quotes: "Lunch-here we found a huge table 
loaded down with good things to eat, flavored with iced tea and coffee sweetened 
with pure sugar." "Supper — These two spreads were characteristic of the 
Johnson Church folks." Yes, Baptists do eat! 

The Theme of this 115th Annual Session of the Eastern Association was 
"Victory Through Faith". The Annual Sermon was preached by J. L. Jones. It 
was based on Romans 8:37. Other speakers at this Session were: J. C. Hough of 
Kennedy Home, M. A. Huggins, State Secretary, and Charles A. Leonard, a 
returned Missionary from China. 

The matter of employing an Associational Missionary was tabled until the 
next Annual Meeting. A committee was named to visit Oak Vale Church. This 
church had not reported for some years. Another effort to curtail travel was to 
plan correlating the work by combining meetings. Total church membership had 
reached 7,161. Sunday School enrollment was 4,635, B. T. U. had reached 951, 
while W. M. U. reported 1,340. 

Fifty -one deaths were recorded. Six of these were deacons. Among these was 
J. G. Bostic, a long-time member of the Executive Committee. 

J. L. Jones preached the Annual Sermon. 

Ways of assisting our Servicemen were discussed. 

1943 TURKEY - October 5th 

Again there was only a one day (and night) session of the Association. 

T. N. Cooper preached the Annual Sermon. He used II Peter 23:11. 

George M. Kelly, a former missionary for the Free Will Baptist was present. 
Mr. Kelly had recently united with the Magnolia Baptist Church. He was warmly 
received into the fellowship of the Association. The Baptist State Convention 
was informed of this action. Later in the day, the said Mr. Kelly was called upon 
the preach the Missionary Sermon. 

New ministers in the Association this year were: J. Bryan Dosher, C. H. 
Hornsby, E. C. Watson, and N. E. Gresham. 

There were eleven ministers from within the Association present, and seven 
visiting ministers. 

Total salaries was $18,373. Grand total for all local expenses reached $48,243. 
The total for missions and benevolences was $18,825. 

1944 MOUNT OLIVE - October 3rd 

There were six new pastors in the Eastern Association this year. They were: 
Rufus Potts, R. W. Fitzgerald, J. V. Case, J. W. Lambert, O. W. Pulley and G. 
M. Kelly. 

The Beulaville Field and the Chinquapin Field each asked for aid in supple- 
menting their pastor's salary. This request went to the State Mission Board. A 
like request for $1,000 came from the Mount Vernon Church. Their building had 
been destroyed by fire. 

Twelve ministers in the Association were present. There were also eight visiting 
ministers, several of whom were speakers. Among the visitors were Charles B. 
Howard of Campbell College and J. W. Kincheloe of Rocky Moung. L. L. 
Carpenter represented the Recorder for the first time in our Association. 

— 73 — 

The preacher for the Annual Sermon was G. Van Stephens. His text was 
Matthew 16:18. 

It was voted that the Executive Committee recommend a plan to put a full 
time worker in the field to stimulate B. T. U. work. 

The Clerk, Brother C. I. Robinson, continues to refer to the wonderful meals 
each year. The writer has been going to Associations for nearly 50 years and I 
can say a big AMEN. Better still the Clerk gives this summary: "Reports and 
all contributions proved this to be one of the most successful years in the 
advancement of His cause this Association has ever experienced." We can praise 
Him, even now. 

1945 INGOLD - October 9th 

There were twenty-two ministers present, many of whom were visitors or 
Agency Representatives. 

More women were named to the Promotion Committee. There were three, the 
same as in 1944. Some of the men were gone to war. Thirty-six churches were 

J. V. Case was the preacher for the Annual Sermon. He used Collossians 1:9- 

Gilmer Beck, a minister, was elected to serve as the first Field Worker. His 
Salary was $2,500. 

D. Calhoun Johnson was approved as a student for the ministry and recom- 
mended for aid at Furman University. 

G. N. Ashley of Salemburg preached the Missionary Sermon. He used Matthew 

There were 72 names on the Obituary page. Three of these were military 
personnel who had given their lives in the service of their country. 

There were 316 baptisms during the year. S. S. enrollment went above 4,800. 
B. T. U. enrolled 885. Mission giving by the churches was $25,000. 

New pastors were: C. E. Crawford, Fulton Bryan, J. F. Warren, and E. S. 

1946 NEW HOPE - October 8th 
MOUNT VERNON - October 9th 

Changes were in the beginning. There was a change in Associational leadership. 
G. Van Stephens, as Vice Moderator, presided in the absence of F. W. McGowen 
who was sick. The new Officers for next year were Stephens, Moderator and 
Mack Herring, Vice Moderator. Another change was that the Association went 
back to the two day meeting, with the 2nd day at a different church. The war 
was over. The "boys" were coming home. There was much rejoicing. There was 
sadness, too, for some did not come home. Mr. McGowen had served faithfully 
for 15 years and had been elected for his 16th term. His tenure of office had been 
surpassed only by J. L. Stewart who served a total of 27 years. The third longest 
period was served by C. E. Daniel, 13 years. H. L. Stewart served 11 years. This 
was not continuously. These were the last of the long time moderators. Others 
served seven or a lesser number of years. Faithful gentlemen, these were. To 
quote others, "there were giants in those days." But by no means were they 
limited to the moderators of the Association. Who could preside without followers 
and helpers? 

After an absence of some years, a new map was printed. This should have 
helped the four new pastors and others to find their way around. 

J. W. Lambert preached the Annual Sermon. 

Due to heavy rain, the group was forced to make tables of the pews and eat a 
very appetizing dinner in the church building. 

On the 9th, according to schedule, the Association convened with Mt. Vernon 

— 74 — 

Church. This was the first two day session for some years. Having employed 
their first Associational Missionary, and having heard his first report, the group 
voted to pay $100.00 for one month for a trained person to work among the 
Negro Churches. 

Visitors recognized were Sankey Blanton, W. K. McGee, J. B. Dosher. A. L. 
Brown gave the Missionary address. 

For the second day in a row, rain forced the people to eat inside. 

Afternoon addresses were made by Sankey Blanton, W. K. McGee, and W. C. 

Among the ladies who have given much time and performed their duties well, 
were Miss Macy Cox, Mrs. Grover Britt, and Mrs. H. S. Hood. To these could be 
added dozens of other names. There were "giant" ladies, too. 

1947 ISLAND CREEK — October 7th 
CORINTH — October 8th 

The office of Clerk-Treasurer was divided this year. Robinson retained the 
office of clerk. F. W. McGowen was elected as treasurer. The other officers 
remained the same as last year. 

Ellis Pope and A. R. Teachey were elected members of the Executive Com- 
mittee. These two later became active and useful pastors in North Carolina. 

New pastors this year were Lowell Soderman, A. L. Benton, and T. L. Rich, 
Jr. Visiting guests introduced were: A. R. Brothers, J. M. Duncan, W. C. Reed, 
Lowell Spivey, Carlyle Campbell, Claude White, and L. J. Newton, representing 
the State B. T. U. Department. 

The following statistics were given: 

Brotherhood 111 members. Church members 7,622, Recorders in Church 
Budgets ten, W. M. U. members 1,682, Sunday School members 5,500, V. B. S. 
enrollment 2,470, Baptisms 316, paid for all local church work $116,921, and 
Missions $31,436. 

Gilmer Beck gave a good report on response from the people concerning his 
work in the Association. 

Gilmer Beck preached the Annual Sermon. Subject "Doctrine of Baptists." 

The Session closed with the preaching of the Missionary Sermon by Lowell 
Soderman. He had for his theme "The Great Command." 

1948 GARLAND — October 5th 
CEDAR FORK — October 6th 

The following new pastors were welcomed: L. L. Barnes, Lauren Sharpe, E. N. 
Teague, J. C. Conley, T. K. Woody, T. W. McKneely and Roy R. McCulloch. 

G. Van Stephens served his last year as Moderator. An additional office was 
created. Paul Cashwell was elected as Associate Clerk. 

In addition to the new pastors, twelve other resident preachers were present. 
Also there were twelve visiting preachers - thirty-one in all. How did the lay 
people get to the table to eat? Oh, yes, there was plenty for all. 

When Lauren Sharpe became pastor at Kenansville in 1947 or 1948, and, as I 
think, continued until the present time, September 1977, he has become the 
Senior pastor in the Eastern Association, having served longer in one church 
than any other pastor in recent years. I do not have the records prior to 1900. 

A. L. Benton used John 9:4 in preaching the Introductory Sermon. His theme 
was "The Urgency of Christian Service." 

Later in the day Louis S. Gaines brought an inspirational address on "Giving". 

The second day the body moved to Cedar Fork Church in Duplin County. It 
seems that this was the only time the Association met with this Church. 

It was voted that the map should be up-dated, as some churches are not 


Carlyle Powell, Missionary to Nigeria brought the Missionary Message. 

There was no Promotion Committee named this year. For some reason this 
Committee seems to have been discontinued. 

In 1933 the Association in session, withdrew fellowship from one, T. W. Siler. 
The reason was given in the 1933 Minutes. At his request, by letter, and by the 
recommendation of a committee appointed to investigate the matter, it was 
voted that he should be restored to membership were this possible. It was 
understood that to be restored to membership he would need to be living within 
the territory covered by the restoring body. The Association in 1948 thought 
that was as fair as possible. 

1949 ROSE HILL - October 4th 
CLINTON - October 5th 

J. Peyton Royal was the new Pastor for the Magnolia Field. C. H. Trueblood 
was the new Associational Missionary. M. A. Huggins was honored by the 
singing of the "Happy Birthday" song. 

Rowan's 200th Anniversary was announced for the last Sunday in October 

Oak Vale Church had faded from the sscene and by vote of the body was 
eliminated from the Association's roll. This brought the number down to 38 
churches. Perhaps due to population shifting, some small churches were disap- 

The G. Van Stephens had moved from the Association. They were recognized 
as visitors. 

A new feature was the reporting of special events that had taken place in 
twelve of the churches during the year. Some were good, others had a sad note, 
namely: Dobsons Chapel lost their building by fire. Mt. Vernon dedicated their 
building. Piney Grove had entered their new building. Other churches had made 
improvements on their buildings and grounds. Some had added space, others 
had painted or installed better heating and lighting. One had chimes put in, 
another new furniture. The Association was looking forward to the building of a 
home (house) for the Missionary. 

C. I. Robinson was warmly commended for his 24 years of faithful work as 
Clerk. No other had served the Eastern as clerk, for so long. Much of the time he 
also had the duty of the Treasurer, as well. 

Paul Cashwell became the new Clerk. A. L. Benton, Associate Clerk, and 
Garland King was Treasurer, succeeding F. W. McGowen. 

It was reported that there were 528 present on the first day. I find no day in 
which the attendance was larger. There were many visitors. 

1950 MAGNOLIA — October 3rd 
MT. GILEAD - October 4th 

Moderator Rich had moved from the Association. Vice Moderator Mack Herr- 
ing presided and was elected for the present term. This good layman was called 
upon to guide the Association several times in the next few years. Roy McCulloch 
was Vice Moderator. 

Alton Greenlaw was the new Pastor at Warsaw. W. I. Terrell was Pastor at 
Mt. Olive. 

Miss Macy Cox announced that there was a History of the W. M. U. of The 
Eastern Association. This is more history that needs to be in the hands of your 
Historical Committee. Do you have a copy to donate? 

The theme for this Annual Session was "Christ Is The Answer." 

J. C. Conley preached the Introductory Sermon. The attendance on the second 
day was 344. "Old Timers" were agreed that this was a record in being higher 
than first day. 

— 76 — 

Isaac Terrell preached the Missionary Sermon. 

J. C. Canipe addressed the Body on Evangelism. This was an "East of the 
Mississippi Crusade" year. 

An invitation was extended to all to attend the Mt. Gilead Church dedication 
on the last Sunday in October, 1950. 

Some special events during the year, were listed: 

Alum Springs spent $2,500 on an addition to their building. 
Jones Chapel (later named Albertson) improved their facilities. 
Rowan reached its 200th Birthday. Only Bear Marsh is real near. Their's 
comes in '63. 

Sharon had improved house and grounds. 
Warsaw put in new chimes last year. 
The Associational Missionary pled for greater cooperation among all in 
carrying on "Big Business" for the Lord in the Eatern. 

Special announcement was made of the absence of H. L. Stewart, who was 
kept away, due to illness. 

1951 PINEY GROVE — October 9th 
WARSAW - October 10th 

Mrs. R. W. Blanchard had been Superintendent of the W. M. U. since 1949. 
She had succeeded Mrs. Grover Britt. 

New pastors are: J. D. Buerer, Eliot B. Stewart, W. P. Milne, M. M. Turner, 
Paul Mull, and J. R. Bene. 

The Theme for this year was "Christ Supreme" Philippians 2:9-11. 

For a few years now the written reports have for the most part been omitted. 

Thirty-seven churches were represented by 90 Messengers, 12 resident pastors 
and many visitors. The first day had a total attendance of 331. 

Visitors recognized were: J. M. Duncan, and John A. Oats, formerly a member 
of Piney Grove. 

The Introductory Sermon came just before the noon hour. J. P. Royal spoke 
on Adequate Christianity. 

Attention was called to the absence of C. I. Robinson. 

Mrs. W. R. Blanchard called attention to the fact that there were five churches 
without W. M. U. work. 

W. P. Milne preached the Missionary Sermon. 

Several Special Events Items were listed, involving eleven churches. 

1952 SILOAM — Ocxtober 7th 
DOBSON CHAPEL - October 8th 

The inside cover of the 1952 minute was a tribute to Newton Ernest Gresham, 
long time pastor in the Eastern and other Associations. At the time of his death, 
July 31, 1952, he was pastor of the Chinquapin Field of four churches. Earlier he 
had served four other churches in the Eastern, in addition to twelve others, not 
in the Eastern. The 1952 minutes were dedicated to his memory. 

Moderator Mack Herring presided, Cashwell was the clerk. Five churches 
reported no pastor, but there were five new pastors. They were: E. F. Knight, M. 
M. Johnson, J. L. Powers, Wade H. James, and Van Murrell. 

Following the plan of some years past the program, in detail was printed 
before the start of the report of the proceedings for the sessions. 
Teachy Church applied and was received as a member of the Association. This 
church had gone with the Wilmington Association when it was formed in 1900. 

Former moderator was recognized. Sickness had prevented his attendance for 
the past two years. 

Elliot B. Stewart preached the Introductory Sermon, using as his subject 
"The Pillar and Ground of the Truth." 


Mrs. Blanchard announced that $3,014.70 had been given to the Lottie Moon 
Christmas Offering. Not so many years ago, the whole Association gave $6,000 
for all missions and benevolences. 

J. V. Case made some strong recommendations regarding strengthening the 
Associational Missions Committee, and helping smaller churches to have a 
resident pastor, by forming fields of work. These recommendations were adopted. 

A question and answer period was conducted. The leading questions were 
concerning The Baptist Hospital, The Home for Aging, and The Orphanage. 

J. C. Powell gave a strong missionary address. 

Seventeen churches had special events to report. Two men were licensed, and 
two others were ordained for the ministry. There were nine students for the 

The office of the Missionary became vacant, January 10, Mr. Trueblood had 

1953 MOUNT OLIVE — October 6th 
TURKEY - October 7th 

The minutes for this year were very attractive. Some new features were added. 
It was a well prepared book. The officers were: A. W. Greenlaw, Moderator; 
Mack Herring, Vice Moderator; Paul Cashwell, Clerk; Paul Mull, Assoc. Clerk; 
Garland King, Treasurer; Marvin Spry, Chorister. There was a full slate of 
Associational officers for: Sunday School, Woman's Missionary Union, and 
Training Union. 

There was a directory of the churches with the names of pastors serving them, 
(five reported no pastor). During the year two were licensed for the ministry and' 
two were ordained. There were eight students for the ministry. There were five 
other ministers members of member churches, but not pastors in the Eastern. 

Clinton reported 80 baptisms. Others with a large number of baptisms were: 
Warsaw 28, Island Creek 20, Sharon and Turkey 18 each, Bear Marsh and Mt. 
Olive 16 each. There were a total of 344 baptisms. 

There were directories of church music or choir directors, pianist or organiist, 
chairman of deacons and librarians. All 39 churches were represented. 

The new ministers were Marvin Spry (music), Bob Melvin, E. B. Hager, J. C. 
Mitchell, J. D. Everett, T. W. Williams, and L. H. Knott. 

Reports showed growth among the organizations of the Association. There 
was one new church. E. F. Knight preached the Introductory Sermon using Isa. 

There was one new feature. The back outside cover has a chart of Christian 
growth, as quoted from CHRISTIAN HERALD. Look it up. It is interesting. 

1954 ROWAN - October 5th 
JOHNSON - October 6th 

Do you remember the slogan "A Million More in '54"? We are in 1954. 

A new term was used this year. Some years ago there was The Promotion 
Committee. This year it was the Executive Council made up of one lay person 
from each church, plus the pastors and certain others as provided for in the 1954 
Constitution. This was the forerunner of our current (1977) Quarterly Council. 

Mack Herring persided over the Sessions. Paul Cashwell was Clerk. The 
reported business of the Association began on page 22. All space up to this was 
given to Officers, Committees, Constitution (2), list of ministers, etc. This seems 

Ted Williams preached the Introductory Sermon. He read Romans 12 and 
spoke on the Theme "That Ye Present". 

New pastors were Julian Motley, J. W. Mears, Bob Melvin, and U. A,. Mc- 
Manus. Grove Park, formerly a Mission of Clinton First, petitioned the Associa- 

— 78 — 

tion for membership. Evidently they were accepted for they were listed in the 
Minutes as a member Church. I would say they have done well, for as of now 
(August 1, 1977) they are in their third building program. 

Immanuel Baptist Mission was also a growing unit, mentioned at this Session. 
There was a large attendance each of the two days, 350 and 367. 

The first mention of "M" Night was the attendance of 361 when it was held 
with the Mt. Olive Baptist Church this year. 

A budget of $5,910 was set up, looking toward the resumption of employing 
another Associational Missionary. 

1955 SHARON - October 4th 
BEULAVILLE - October 5th 

The Minutes for this year are dedicated to the memory of C. I. Robinson. He 
had been a leading spirit in his church, community and county for many years. 
He was Clerk of this Association for 23 years. He passed away in December after 
the close of the 1954 Eastern Association. 

Paul Cashwell was Moderator. Paul Mull, Clerk. New pastors were: H. M. 
Baker, John Durham, Grady McKeithan, David Johnson, and James Tate. 

Julian Motley gave the Introductory Sermon, speaking on Ezekiel 47:1-9. 

J. B. Hipps spoke for the Southeastern Seminary, located on the old campus 
of Wake Forest College which institution was soon to move to Winston Salem. 

J'. Clyde Turner brought a Missionary Message. Other speakers making 
addresses were L. L. Carpenter, W. P. Biggerstaff, A. Douglas Aldrich, and M. 
A. Huggins. 

Much time had been given this year, both in the Executive Council and in the 
Annual Meeting, to the matter of selecting a Missionary. The office was not 
filled as the Association came to a close. 

1956 WARSAW - October 9th 
BEAR MARSH - October 10th 

J. C. Mitchell was Moderator. H. M. Baker serving as Clerk, was renominated 
but at his request, his name was withdrawn and Hager the Associate Clerk was 

Immanuel Church applied and was accepted as a new member church. This 
brought the total number to 40 for the first time in some years. The council, 
having been given the power to act had employed W. L. Crumpler as the 
Missionary. After having served for only a few months, he resigned to accept a 
position with the Home Mission Board. 

Jerry DeBell was introduced as pastor of Beulaville Church. Robert Melvin 
preached the Introductory Sermon. He used Acts 1:8. 

The following reports were made and adopted. 

S. S. and V. B. S. by Clarence Shipp; T. U., U. A. McManus; W. M. IL, Mrs. 
Lula Parker; Brotherhood, T. W. Williams, for E. J. Bundy. 

A. L. Brown, a former pastor on two fields of work in the Association, was 
recognized for 41 years as a preacher and pastor. 

J. S. Hopkins addressed the Association on Evangelism. H. M. Baker intro- 
duced a friend from Brazil who spoke to the group in Portuguese, Baker inter- 

Other visitors addressing us were W. K. McGee, W. C. Reed, Earle Bradley, 
and J. C. Powell. 

1957 IMMANUEL - October 8th 
KENANSVILLE - October 9th 

Good workers come into the Association, do their work and move on to other 
fields. Others come and carry on where these left off. The lay persons change, 

79 - 

too. They may not leave, but some stay and work much longer than their 
neighbors. Names appear a few times, and then no more. In these sketches of 50 
years I have tried to name all the pastors, though I may have left out some, not 
intentionally. Some names that I do not believe have appeared are Dennis 
Hewett, long time Pastor at Alpine, James O. Hathorn, Russell L. Hinton, 
Norman Aycock, Paul Curry, Ted Adkins, and Fred Hall. 

At the last Association the Council had recommended U. A. McManus for 
Missionary. He declined the appointment. On December 2, 1956, Mr. McManus 
was again offered the Position. He was soon on the field and at work. The 
Minutes for the year 1957 showed many of the proposed plans of work. A house 
and lot were purchased in Warsaw to provide living space for the Missionary. 

The Officers for the year were T. W. Williams, Moderator; Clarence Shipp, 
Vice Moderator; Eugene Hager, Clerk; Amos Brinson, Treasurer; and Mary 
Honeycutt, Music Director. M. M. Turner preached the Annual Sermon (often 
called Introductory Sermon). He used luke 15 and Luke 19:10. 

Several changes in the Constitution were made. 

E. L. Spivey spoke on "Investments That Abide.." 

Thirty -nine churches were represented each day. A budget of $6,966.00 was 
presented and adopted. This did not include the purchase or expenses of the 
house that was bought. This was done by special gifts from the churches as 
arranged by a Finance Committee. 

The Reports were well prepared, well received and spoken to by various visiting 

1958 ROSE HILL — October 7th and 8th 

A change in the Constitution limited the Moderator to two successive terms, 
or years. He is to assume office at the close of the Annual Session at which he is 

The Officers this year were: Clarence Shipp, Moderator; J. B. Boone, Vice 
Moderator; Eugene Hager, Clerk; Paul Mill, Associate Clerk; Amos Q. Brinson, 
Treasurer; and U. A. McManus, Missionary. 

The Associational Council and the Committee have much work to do between 
the Annual Sessions. This year the Association was divided into five groups. 
The centers were: Beulaville, Garland, Clinton, Mt. Olive, and Warsaw. Each 
group had seven to nine churches. 

A schedule of entertaining churches for Associational meetings was adopted. 

New pastors were: Maurice Norman, D. E. Parkerson, Boyd Lambert, Aubrey 
Quakenbush, Bill Seaton, and Bill Wallace. 

M. M. Johnson, preached the Annual Sermon. He spoke on "The Progress of 
Jesus Christ", text Luke 4:18. 

For a change the Association met both days with the same church, Rose Hill. 

There were visitors from Raleigh and Wilmington, as well as visiting friends 
from other denominations. 

Mrs. Lula Parker, Superintendent, gave the W. M. U. Report. It was a good 

Miss Macy Cox presented the Association with a complete set of the Associa- 
tional Minutes from the year 1900 to 1957. I am so glad she had preserved these, 
for the writer is using them to prepare these sketches. 

The reports were filled with information, and well prepared. It was a good 
session of the Association. Churches assisting in serving meals were Concord, 
Corinth, Island Creek, Magnolia, and Teachey. Good help, yes, and good food. I 
would say a bit of good neighborliness". 

80 — 

1959 CALYPSO — October 6th 
INGOLD — October 7th 

Moderator Clarence Shipp, presided for his second year. 

Changes in Organizational Leadership takes place ever so often. Surely we 
have failed to catch some of the changes. This year we have the following: 
Brotherhood, Jeff Honeycutt; Sunday School, Jerry DeBell; Training Union, W. 
A. Wallace; W. M. U., Mrs. P. E. Thigpen. Then there are the many faithful 
workers in each church. There was a change in the Office of the Associational 
Missionary during the year. On November, 1958, U. A. McManus resigned. In 
January, E. B. Hager was elected and began his work. 

Calvary Church was voted in as a new Church. 

New pastors were: Bruce Dellinger, R. H. Kelly, Charles Murray, Willie 
Shepherd, Milton Boone, Dorris Norman, and Claude Marshall. 

Lauren Sharpe preached the Annual Sermon. He used Exodus 4. 

Some active lay persons had been very useful in those days. Let us mention: 
John Flake, John A. Johnson, Rudolph Massey, Charles Lee Pope, Phillip Pierce, 
Eddie Wetherington, Robert Hill, Lonnie J. Bass, C. O. Whitley, Mrs. Lula 
Parker, Mrs. Grover Britt, Miss Frankie Martin, and Mrs. R. W. Blanchard. 
This last was not for that year alone, but over a period of years. Some of these 
are now in 1977 quite active. Some became pastors, one a United States Con- 
gressman, one a Clerk of Court and in other useful occupations. Why so few 
women mentioned? The churches appoint men for Council members, and most of 
the Committee members came from the council. 

1960 ISLAND CREEK - October 4th 
GROVE PARK - October 5th 

Del Parkerson was Moderator. Paul Mull was Clerk. Not always, but of recent 
years, Trustees have been elected. Amos Brinson was elected Treasurer for the 
third time. This year there were changes in member churches. Wells Chapel, 
formerly a member of the Eastern Association and one of the ten founders of the 
Eastern was welcomed back after a period of 58 years in the Washington 
Association. On the loss side Hallsville, Beulaville and Cedar Fork were given 
letters to help form a new Association (New River) in the Jacksonville area. 
Each church expressed appreciation for the fellowship of the Eastern Associa- 

Jerry DeBell preached the Annual Sermon. Subject "What is Your Life?" J. C. 
Mitchell, a former pastor in the Association spoke on the Doctrine of Sanctifica- 

An effort was made to make Clinton the center of the Association, in order to 
induce churches of the New South River that were nearer Clinton than Fayette- 
ville, to become members of the Eastern. This was part of the plan that resulted 
in the three churches going to the New River organization. Some few churches 
did try it but the effort was not a real success. 

These were new pastors: C. E. Price, Jack Mansfield, Claud Asbury, R. D. 
Riggins, Herman Lineberger, and Ed Carroll. Four churches were without 

1961 CLINTON - October 3rd 
MAGNOLIA — October 4th 

I offer a personal word at this point in the history. In June, 1961, my wife and 
I moved to Clinton, and as Eleanor said "to make it our home 'til we go to 
Heaven." Up to now the sketches have been what I could glean from the Annual 
Minutes. From now on the remarks will be more personal as I was "there". 

Editor's note. Waldo D. Early. 

— 81 

D. E. Parkerson served his second year as Moderator. Paul Mull was Clerk. 
Mrs. J. B. Sutton was President of W. M. U., Jeff Honeycutt lead Brotherhood 
Work. The W. M. U. had a revised Constitution. 

L. H. Knott preached on "Building A Church For Our Day", Acts. 2:41-47. 

Parkersburg was admitted as a new member church. 228 persons were present, 
representing 38 churches. 

John Lewis of Raleigh preached on "The Master's Warning". 

Eugene Hager had revised the map early in 1962, but got it in the Minutes for 
this Annual Session. 

Ebenezer Church had disbanded late in 1960. 

Alphine was not carried in the Minutes in 1961. No explanation given. So 
after 49 years this Church is no longer a part of Eastern Administration. 

John Bunn preached the Doctrinal Sermon. His subject: "The Church." 

1962 MT. OLIVE - October 9th 
MT. GILEAD - October 10th 

If you look at the Associational Directory you will find the Officers for the 
following year. Often these are not the Officers serving for the current session. It 
may be a bit confusing at times. Mack Herring and Paul Mull were Moderator 
and Clerk, respectively. 

Twenty-seven churches constituted the Body for the Opening Session. There 
were two changes in membership. Poston was received as a new member. 
Parkersburg requested and was given a letter of dismission to return to the New 
South River. New pastors present were Leonard Quick, Harold Ingram, Arnold 
Keaton, Alfred Gibson, T. N. Cooper, and Charles Tanner. The Annual Sermon 
was by Aubrey Quakenbush. He spoke on "The Church of Jesus Christ in the 
Modern Day." 

Visiting representatives of our work were: Bertis Fair, for The Home Mission 
Board; L. H. Hollingsworth, for Baptist Schools; Marse Grant, for the Recorder; 
Richard Smith, for The Baptist State Convention; and James Blackmore serving 
in the Ministry of Writing. 

On the second day the Clerk announced 35 churches represented. Visiting 
speakers this day were: Bill Poole, W. K. McGee, and W. R. Wagoner. 

Announcement of the Bear Marsh Centennial Celebration on March 31st, 
1963, was made. 

Mrs. Edwin Peterson, new Superintendent, gave her first report of W. M. U. 

Gordon Weekly of Charlotte brought the Missionary Address. 

Guy Cain spoke, representing the Annuity Board. John Kincheloe brought 
the Doctrinal Message. Hager continued to serve the Association as Missionary. 

1963 SILOAM — October 8th 
TURKEY - October 9tb 

The officers were: Milton Boone, Moderator; M. M. Johnson, Vice Moderator; 
Paul Mull, Clerk; and E. B. Hager was the Associational Missionary. 

New pastors present were: B. C. Lamb, M. S. McLain, and Ernest Whelchel. 

Tom Greene spoke on Christian Education. Hugh Ross Williams, the preacher 
of the annual sermon, spoke on Christian Committment. R. A. Thompson, a new 
pastor, was recognized. 

The record of attendance for the first day was: 37 churches, 79 messengers, 21 
alternates, 23 pastors and 58 visitors. Cleve Wilkie represented the North 
Carolina Baptist State Convention. W. A. Smith of the Kennedy Home told of 
the work in our Children's Homes. 

The total attendance for the second day was 258. M. O. Owens, of Gastonia, 
brought the Doctrinal Message, "The Doctrine of Evangelism." Jubilee Revivals 

- 82 - 

were planned for March 8-22, 1964. 

From the obituary list which carried many deaths — each important to some- 
one — I call special attention to the home going of Miss Macy Cox, long time 
leader of Women's Work in the Eastern Association. 

In my check of the minutes I failed to find in what year the missionary's home 
became debt free. Surely it did or we would have found out. 

Some pastors that have not been mentioned previously were: Carlyle Franks, 
(Alum Springs and Garners Chapel), Billy Washburn (New Hope, Beulah, and 
Poplar Grove), James L. Morris (Dobsons Chapel), Wayne Wheeler (Garland), 
E. D. Butler (Jones Chapel), M. A. Conrad (Magnolia), and William M. Jones 
(Clinton, First). 

1964 PINEY GROVE - October 6th 
SHARON — October 7th 

Milton Boone was in his second year as Moderator. New pastors were Norman 
Aycock (returning after some years), and E. Lamar Eiland. 

Thirty-six churches were represented and 210 persons were present, (plus a 
host of workers from the entertaining churches). Many of the churches are not 
listed as host churches, partly due to being smaller in space and membership. 
However, these churches are called upon to assist the church hosting the 
association. That year Mt. Vernon was to assist Piney Grove. 

Plans were made for a Youth Camp to be held at Pineland College in the 
summer of 1964. 

Mr. Hager brought to the attention of the association that we had some 
churches in our association that were active in the 1700's. 

Joe Stroud of the State Convention spoke on the importance of music in 

On the second day, at Sharon (assisted by Dobson's Chapel), there were 38 
churches represented by the 209 people who registered. 

The records show that there were 351 baptisms and 238 who came by letter 
into the churches of the association. This is a total of 589 new members in 1964. 

Some of the visiting speakers were: John Roberts for Children's Homes; 
Gordon Maddrey for Baptist Fountation; Herbert Cockburn with the missionary 
message; and James Blackmore who spoke on "The Holy Spirit". 

D. E. Parkerson, in bringing the Annual Sermon, spoke on "If I Were A 

Nineteen hundred sixty-four was another good year for the Eastern Association. 
1965 ROWAN — October 5th 
WELLS CHAPEL - October 6th 

There were new persons in many positions in the Association. M. M. Johnson 
was Moderator, E. Lamar Eiland was elected Clerk, and J. Henry Simpson, Jr., 
began a ten year period as missionary. Some new pastors were presented: Jasper 
Hinson, Millard Bounds, Waldo Early, Graham Elmore, James Kirstein, David 
Cox, and Kenneth Nixon. 

Wayne Wheeler, in preaching the Introductory Sermon, spoke on I John 1:1- 
4. His topic was "The Christian Search For Realism." 

Changes in the Associational Constitution were noted, with special regard to 
the Camp Committee. Woman's Missionary Union had a revised constitution. 

Visiting speakers were Harold White, Horace Barefoot, Millard Brown, and 
E. C. Wilkie. 

The opening day session had thirty-seven churches and two hundred and 
seventy -one registered. 

Poston assisted Wells Chapel on the second day. There were two hundred and 
fifty present and thirty-seven churches represented. J. N. Beatty brought the 


missionary message on "The Field is the World." Randolph Gregory, of Wilming- 
ton, preached on "Finding a Faith to Live By." 

1966 WARSAW - October 4th 
BEAR MARSH - October 5th 

M. M. Johnson was in his second term as Moderator. M. S. McLain was 
elected Clerk. Norman Ay cock headed Sunday School work. Charles Lee Pope 
was Training Union Director. Mrs. Edwin Peterson was president of Association- 
al W. M. U. James Kirstein headed Brotherhood work. 

New pastors recognized were: H. O. Lanning, Tommy Deese, and Glen Holt. 

The attendance for the first day was two hundred and sixty-three, representing 
thirty-nine churches. 

R. H. Kelly preached on "The Greatest Business in the World." 

On the second day, at Bear Marsh, thirty-five churches were represented by 
two hundred and ten people. Visiting speakers included Bill Poole, Julian Hopkins 
and Guy Cain. William Jones, in speaking on Christian Maturity, used II Peter 
2:18. This was the doctrinal message. A love offering was given to the Wayne 
Wheeler family who were leaving for Foreign Mission work. A successful 
Youth Camp was reported with two hundred and thirty-four youth and a faculty 
of twenty. 

A school of Missions (now called World Missions Conference) was planned for 
October, 1967. 

An omission from the minutes this year was the Historical table which usually 
appeared annually. 

1967 KENANSVILLE - October 3rd 
CORINTH - October 4th 

Page seven of the minutes this year carried a list of sixteen ministers who 
were members of churches in the association, yet not serving as pastor of any 
church. Two of these were serving as Minister of Music and three were retired. 

Vice Moderator John A. Johnson presided on the first day. M. S. McLain was 

There was a constant change in organization leadership in the association. 
Brotherhood, Sunday School, and Woman's Missionary Union each had new 
directors. New pastors presented were: J. H. Dixon, Vernon Braswell, Edwin 
Carroll, and J. N. McFadden (associate). 

R. A. Thompson preached on "The Need for Revival." Visiting speakers on 
the first day were Marse Grant and Howard Ford. 

The host church was assisted by Jones Chapel. Thirty-seven churches were 
represented by two hundred and thirty-eight people. 

Moderator Hugh Ross Williams presided over the session held at Corinth on 
October 4. Teachey Church assisted in serving the noon meal. 

Some of the visitors were: Bill Poole, Roger Williams, and Ben Fisher, each of 
whom spoke to reports. Another visitor, Frank P. Lide brought the Missionary 

There were one hundred and five who were listed as "Our Beloved Dead" 
during the year 1967. Five of those listed were Deacons. 

In spite of the above mentioned losses, the total membership had gone beyond 
ten thousand. 

1968 ROSE HILL - October 8th 
IMMANUEL - October 9th 

John A. Johnson was in his first year as Moderator. M. S. McLain and E. F. 
Knight served as Clerk and Associate Clerk; Amos Brinson continued as Treas- 

— 84 

Two of the five reports of activity during the year were the Youth Camp and 
the School of Missions. 

The Minutes of the year were dedicated to Pastor H. O. Lanning, who passed 
away in April, 1968. 

Some of the elected Associational Direcetors were: Phillip Pierce, Training 
Union; Vernon Braswell, Sunday School; and Mrs. H. O. Lanning, Woman's 
Missionary Union. 

Once again, we look back and see the names of some lay persons who have 
served long periods of time on the associational level. A partial list includes: S. 
J. Waller, John Flake, C. R. Shine, Milton Creech, R. W. Blanchard, Sr., R. C. 
Knowles, Phillip Pierce, Robert Southerland, David English, Albert Pope, Mack 
Herring, Garland King, W. K. Lewis, Lonnie J. Bass, Garland Britt, and John 
A. Johnson. Many of these were elected, by their churches, to serve as Council 
Members for many years. For several years there had been no lady elected by 
her church to serve on the Associational Council. Some ladies who have served 
long in other Association positions are: Mrs. Charles West, Mrs. J. Henry 
Simpson, Mrs. Edwin Peterson, Mrs. Waldo D. Early, Mrs. B. C. Lamb, and 
Mrs. Grover Britt. Again, the writer reminds you that this is only a partial list 
of faithful servants to the Lord's work in Eastern Association. 

New pastors were: Charles Hinson, C. A. Overton, Kenneth Pittman, Oscar 
Hartis, Blair Little, Eddie Wetherington, and J. D. Eddins. 

Brown's Church was admitted as a new member, by transfer from the South 
River Association. This addition brought the number of churches in the Associa- 
tion to forty. Thirty-seven churches were represented by the two hundred and 
fifty-four in attendance. 

Glen Holt preached the Introductory Sermon. A feature, which became a 
special in years to come was "The Singing Preachers" who sang, "To The Work." 

Harold White, of Baptist Headquarters in Raleigh, spoke to the report on the 
Baptist State Convention. 

The second day many reports were given concerning our work in the State. 
Responding were W. K. McGee, Bill Poole, Gordon Maddrey, John Hiott, and 
others. Robert Culpepper brought a Missionary message and Carroll Trotter 
delivered the Doctrinal Message. 

A special committee brought a Constitutional Change which was adopted: "It 
shall be the duty of the Ordination Committee to examine the candidates who 
have been called as pastors of churches or church-related vocations." 

1969 CALYPSO — October 7th 
GARLAND — October 8th 

The one hundred and forty-second session of the Eastern Baptist Association 
began a new custom with this session: the first day began at 3:30 p. m. with 
supper served at 5:45 p. m. The evening session began at 7:00 p. m. The second 
day began at 9:45 a. m. and adjourned for lunch, served by the hosts, at 12:15 p. 
m. This custom has been followed to the present time, with some slight changes 
in hours to begin the sessions. 

New pastors in the Association this year were: Ralph Culler, Raul Rose, Bruce 
Wilson, J. W. Allen, D. W. Branch, Kenneth Thornton, Charles Hulin, III, and 
Willie Carr. Still there were five churches without a pastor. The minutes report 
that "the youth camp was cancelled because of lack of interest." 

The Pastors Choir sang. Norman Aycock preached the Associational Sermon, 
and O. T. Brinkley brought the Doctrinal Message. 

Poplar Grove Church and Faison Church assisted the host church with a 
bountiful meal for the 225 in attendance. 

Ingold assisted with hosting on the second day. 

— 85 — 

Various committee Chair persons gave reports, and several visitors spoke to 
the reports. The Missionary Message was brought by Calhoun Johnson, former 
Missionary to Chile. 

A directory of Churches and Officers was prepared in an unusually fine way. 
The eight pages had a lot of valuable information regarding key people in each 
church in the Association. 

1970 ISLAND CREEK — October 6th 
GROVE PARK - October 7th 

John A. Johnson was Moderator. Vice Moderator, Vernon Braswell, presided 
for the afternoon session. M. S. McLain and Bruce Wilson were the Clerks. 
Various reports were heard, spoken to and adopted. Usually the reports carried 
no particular recommendations that would require action. They are chiefly for 

A retired pastor, Waldo Early, preached the Annual Sermon. His subject was, 
"This I Believe And Practice". The Editor of the Biblical Recorder was present. 
He secured a copy of the sermon and printed parts of it in the Recorder. Later 
the Baptist Paper in Denver, Colorado, carried the message as a Guest Editorial. 

Following a number of reports in the evening session, there was special music, 
and a final doctrinal message by James L. White. 

Shiloh Church had assisted in preparing an abundant meal. The Association 
adjourned for the day. 

The second day of the Association was filled with reports and comments by 
many visiting representatives. 

Seven churches were without pastors at the time of this report. C. E. Thomas, 
new pastor at Garland was presented. 

Mrs. H. O. Lanning gave the Missionary Message. She told of her experiences 
in Hawaii last summer as she visited our Mission \tfork there. 

The Clerk reported 172 present for the day. 

Some of our faithful are answering the roll call from above. Mrs. Grover F. 
Britt died during the year. She was a long-time leader of Women's Work in the 
Association, and in her home church. Four deacons also were listed on the 
obituary page. 

1971 CLINTON, FIRST - October 5th 
MAGNOLIA - October 6th 

New ministers were: J. D. Tucker, J. G. Knox, H. T. Baumgardner, Wint 
Hale, L. D. Munn, A. Z. Gurganus, James Bock, Larry Blount, J. Boyce Brooks, 
and J. L. Allen. None had been presented to the Association previously. 

Norman Aycock was Moderator. The other Officers were the same as last 

Two hundred twenty-one in attendance represeented 36 churches the first 
day. Reports concerning the work were given and adopted. There were two 
Messages the first day. 

John Bunn spoke on "The Lost Sense Of The Holy Spirit". In the evening 
session Mr. Gurganus brought the Annual Sermon the subject of "A Glorious 
Church", text from Ephesians 3:5. 

A letter of concern was to be sent to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Marshburn, he being 

On the second day, what could have been important additions or deletions to 
the work were started: 1. a report by a Librarian was to be given at the Annual 
Meeting the next year; 2. a motion was made to ammend the report of the 
Constitution Committee, that a Historical Committee be named to gather and 
present matters of historical value concerning the churches, to the Annual Asso- 
ciation; 3. that since interest in the Youth Camp had declined, that the part of 

— 86 — 

the Constitution dealing with this matter be stricken, and that the youth be 
encouraged to attend the Baptist State Camp(s). All three motions carried. 

A closing missionary challenge was given by Wayne Wheeler, a former pastor 
at Garland, but now serving as Missionary in Honduras. 

The Council meetings during the year were dealing with a property matter. A 
piece of property in Warsaw, where the Warsaw Academy once stood, and was 
later the location of a public school, now abandoned, was often discussed. The 
Warsaw Church sought to secure the property. The decision of the Council was 
to give the church any rights we had as an Association to the property in 
question. The beautiful Warsaw Baptist Church now stands on the lot in 
question. An Association office is maintained, rent free, in the building. 

1972 PINEY GROVE - October 3rd 
MOUNT GILEAD - October 4th 

Norman Aycock, the elected Moderator, having moved away, Vernon Braswell 
moved up to Moderator. John Flake was elected Vice Moderator. Blair Little 
became Clerk. M. S. McLain had moved from the Association. 

This was the first year the host churches histories and their pictures had 
appeared in the Associational Minutes. Appreciation is offered by the Historian 
to those who have helped in these efforts through the years. 

All 40 churches are represented on the first day by 215 persons. New pastors 
presented were: W. B. Shipp, David Bays, and Robert Hill. 

On the obituary page we note the passing of J. D. Tucker, Pastor of Bear 
Marsh, Mrs. W. M. Jones (wife of Pastor Jones, Clinton First) and many others 
including three deacons. 

The revised map was the work of James Ezzell and his committee. The last 
revision was in 1962. 

Eugene Poston, President of Gardner Webb College, brought a Message on 
the doctrine of "Eternity". 

Those who made reports that day were: David English, Garland King, Charles 
Hulin, Henry Simpson, Mrs. H. O. Lanning, Anthony Gurganus, Vernon Bras- 
well, Robert Hill and James Bock. 

J. Boyce Brooks took as his theme "Missions", in preaching the Annual 

On the 2nd day Lindy Long gave the report of the Resolutions Committee. 
Mrs. Waldo Early gave the report on the work of the Library Committee. 

Mr. Simpson reported that 212 deacons and pastors were present for the 
Deacons School held late in 1971. Another school was scheduled for January of 
1973. A World Missions Conference was scheduled for the week following the 

1973 SILOAM — October 9th 
TURKEY - October 10th 

Occasionally it becomes necessary to revise the Constitution. This year it was 
given a general revision. 

New pastors were: Leon Bizzell, Ed Carroll and Robert Campbell. Willie O. 
Carr has been elected as Associate Clerk. 

Visitors speaking to the Reports were: Sam O'Neil for the Annuity Board and 
Marse Grant for Christian Literature. Others speaking were Bill Poole, Horace 
Hawes and J. V. Watterson. 

James Blackmore brought the Doctrinal Sermon. Subject: "The Unsearchable 
Riches of Christ." 

Evergreen Church assisted with the evening meal. By the time of the Evening 
Session, all 40 churches were represented by a total of 242 in attendance. 

William M. Jones brought the Annual Sermon. Adjournment followed. 

— 87 - 

The second day the Association met at Turkey, as scheduled. The Minutes for 
1973 show this, however, the Historical Table in the years that followed, left off 
Turkey, reporting only Siloam as the entertaining church. Beulah and New 
Hope assisted with the noon meal. 

Since we were again in a campaign against the liquor forces, an offering was 
taken to support the Christian Action League, and did we lick 'em! 

Treasurer Brinson presented the Budget, with the suggestion that we add 
$500 to the salary of the Missionary. Revised Budget was adopted. 

The Missionary Message by Ralph Calcote of Japan brought the Session to 
lunch time, and adjournment. 

At the Council Meeting in April, Mrs. Lanning introduced Mrs. Leonard 
Yancey the new W. M. U. President. Mrs. Lanning had served faithfully for five 

Good results were achieved during the Lay Witnessing School, and the World 
Mission Conference, according to the report of Missionary Simpson. 

One of our retired Pastors, Brother E. L. Anderson died during the year. 
There were also three deacon's deaths and a host of other members. 

1974 MOUNT OLIVE - October 8th 
DOBSONS CHAPEL - October 9th 

Ninety -eight years ago, in 1876, the Eastern met with Mt. Olive Church. The 
organization was then thirteen years old. What a change and growth in these 

By completing the remainder of the previous moderator's term, Vernon 
Braswell was presiding over his third annual session. Other officers were: John 
Flake, Vice Moderator; Blair Little and Willie Car, Clerks; Amos Q. Brinson, 
Treasurer; and J. Henry Simpson, Jr., Associational Missionary. These made a 
fine team. 

The purpose in writing history is to keep the present in touch with the past 
and to challenge the present to pass on its best to the future. 

Here we make known an incident that took place recently (1973 — 1974). The 
grave stones of one of the elderly saints, and his family, were discovered after a 
field tractor uncovered them at an abandoned grave site. These were the earthly 
memorials of the George Fennell family, they were considered worth preserving. 
The Historical Committee encouraged friends of Wells Chapel Church to make a 
proper disposition of these broken stones. George Fennell served this church 
and several others in the Eastern Association in the early days of its organization. 
He had been moderator, preached the annual sermon three or more times, was a 
staunch supporter of the work for many years. Wells Chapel embedded the 
stones in a plot in the front yard of the church. When you are there, you should 
observe the results of this loving deed of these friends. How many other great 
Christians are buried in forgotten graves? 

New pastors introduced to the Association were: Floyd Helms, Luther J. 
Matthews, Robert Phipps, Bob Callaway, and Phillip Denton. 

Bruce Whitaker in bringing the Doctrinal Sermon spoke on "The Appeal of 
the Cross." 

Special music was an enjoyable part of this and many other Associational 

Special mentions was made of Millard Johnson retiring from a long and 
fruitful pastorate at Rowan Church. 

An attendance of three hundred seventy-one was reported at the evening 
session. This was more than usual. 

Hubert Dixon used as his text II Timothy 3:14 — 4:9, for the annual sermon. 
This brought the first day's session to a close. 

The attendance on the second day was three hundred. 

- 88 - 

Mrs. W. D. Early gave the report of the Library Committee. Leon Bizzell 
urged greater interest in church libraries. 

Gene Phillips brought the missionary message. 

Sharon Church assisted in preparation of the noon meal. 

In a council meeting the matter of selling the house, in which the Associational 
Missionary lives, and giving him housing allowance, was discussed but tabled 
for further study. 

Again that year, death called at the home of one of our pastors. Mrs. Millard 
Bounds died in a car accident. Also Freddie Eddens, son of a former past 
Eddens, died in a car accident. J. C. Powell, long time a missionary to Africa, 
died. The minutes for the following year were dedicated to him and carried his 

1975 ROWAN - October 7th 
SHILOH — October 8th 

John Flake, the new Moderator, presided at these sessions. 

Each year a new trustee is elected, as the senior member rotates off. Serving 
this year were: James Ezzell, George Rackley, and S. J. Waller. Robert Hill 
continued as Brotherhood Director. 

On the first day thirty -seven churches were represented by an attendance of 
309 persons. 

Waldo D. Early made a motion that the Association begin making definite 
plans for the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary which comes in 1977. The 
Historical Committee to be enlarged for the purpose of gathering historical data. 
The motion was approved. 

Woodrow Hill, of the Biblical Recorder staff, was present. He spoke to the 
report on Christian Literature. 

David Gordon and Dana Scrivner were recognized as new pastors. Only those 
present are presented to the Association. 

Mrs. J. C. Powell and daughter, Mary Hester, former missionaries to Africa, 
were recognized. 

The passing of R. F. Marshburn, long-time pastor in the Eastern, was noted. 
A motion was made and passed that the 1976 minutes be dedicated to him. This 
was done. 

Once again, we had a sermon on the "Doctrine of The Holy Spirit". John 
Eddins of Southeastern Seminary was the preacher. 

There was a motion and discussion about the Association becoming self sup- 
porting and freeing the State Convention of its aid to the Eastern. This matter 
was sent to the Budget Committee for more study and report later. 

R. Blair Little preached the Annual Sermon. 

The second day was given chiefly to reports, visiting representatives speaking 
to the reports. 

Dr. Alton Hood, a minister of the Gospel, and a medical doctor, surgeon, who 
was a member of Clinton First Baptist Church as a boy, and is now an active 
Medical Missionary in Thailand, was present and brought the Missionary Mess- 

As agreed last year, the Minutes for 1975 were dedicated to the memory and 
appreciation of J. C. Powell, long-time Missionary to Nigeria. His picture is also 
carried in this minute. 

1976 WARSAW - October 5th 
BEAR MARSH — October 6th 

We approach the end of the first half of our second century. In 1977 we 
celebrate our Sesquicentennial. 

This year marks a change in the office of the Associational Missionary. The 

— 89 — 

Simpsons, Henry and Vivian, have led us, helped us and challenged us for ten 
years. This is the longest period of service of any Missionary up to the present. 
Mr. Simpson resigned in January, effective March 1, 1976. He moved to Lilling- 
ton to become Director of Missions for the Little River Association. 

On July 1, 1976, Clyde L. Davis, Sr., began as our Director. He came from the 
pastorate of the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, N. C. 

The Association sold the house where the former Missionaries lived. The 
money was put on deposit. The interest will help pay the housing allowance of 
the Director. 

As agreed last year, the Minutes for 1976 carried the likeness of R. Frank 
Marshburn, formerly pastor of several of the churches in the Eastern. He was 
lovingly known to many of us as "Dr. Marshburn". The Minutes were dedicated 
to him, also. 

Mrs. Marse Grant was recognized, along with her husband. He spoke to the 
report on Christian Literature. 

New pastors recognized were: Steve Smith, John Allen, W. B. Shipp, Mack 
Thompson and Joe Willis. 

Howard Ford preached the Doctrinal Sermon. He read Eph. 1:15-23. His 
subject was "Jesus Christ". Reports took up the greater part of the" afternoon, 
then we adjourned for supper. Calvary assisted Warsaw in preparing the meal. 

There were 318 persons present. All forty churches were represented. Clyde 
Davis, Sr., was recognized for remarks. 

Special music by the Warsaw Choir was followed by the Annual Sermon by 
Willie O. Carr. He read Ephesians 5:22 and following verses. 

The second day the Association convened with Bear Marsh Church. The large 
attendance was royally cared for by the provisions made by the host church, 
along with Alum Springs and Garners Chapel. This statement reminds the 
writer of the way some messengers report the Association to their home Church 
— "big crowd and lots of eats". Well, to you who have never attended the 
Annual Meeting of the Association, wherever it is held, it is far more than that. 
You should have heard the Missionary Message of R. Edward Gordon as he told 
of his work in the Philippines. 

This brought adjournment, lunch and going home to put resolves into action. 

The story of the past 49 years has been partially told. I knew it would not be a 
full story. I was not writing a full story of the great old Eastern for the years 
1928 — 1976. Like my predecessor of fifty years ago, Dr. J. T. Alderman, I was 
only writing sketches of the years. These, added to his of the first one hundred 
years, will tell something of the first 150 years of work and ways of the people of 
the Eastern Baptist Association in Eastern North Carolina. "To God Be The 

Names and events — I have missed many of them. These were errors of the 
mind, not of the heart. 

Today is September the 6th, 1977. The Clerk will tell the story of 1977 in the 
Minutes he gets out for this year. 

Then, we look forward to the second half of our Second Century. God grant 
that it may be a good one. Some of you will be around for a good bit of it. But 
others of us will be watching from the other side. Don't let Him or us down. 

Many thanks to all who have helped make, preserve and record these 

90 — 


- 91 — 


— 92 —